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  • In the spirit of peace this project is an olive branch to all the disparate "Truth Movement" factions to put down our differences and work together but so far very few camps have thrown their hats in the ring.

    The intent of this test is to raise awareness that an aluminum jet cannot cut through a steel skyscraper like a hot knife through butter, but if we can't agree to work together on a project that can only benefit us all, we're worse-off than I thought.

  • There was a 9/11 court case (Dr. Wood's qui tam case). She completed a forensic investigation. Haven't you read her book ? Wake up ! There is a cover up in place. Haven't you figured out who the gatekeeper's are? Haven't you figured out who supported her case and who didn't ? and Why?

  • Why would anyone petition for justice the same court system that put Bush in office? Isn't that a lot like demanding the Nazis investigate the Reichstag fire?

    Judy Wood is dead set against this test. She has proclaimed her work to be "forensic" but she can't prove any of it because all of the proof is locked behind the guise of national security. Her work lowers the 9/11 criminal investigation to the level of science-fiction and elevates the power of the military to that of a god.

  • Woods case was thrown out of court with prejudice for "wasting the courts time".

  • The planes are a distraction away from the truth. Richard Hall has an excellent video "9/11 Video and Radar Analysis " on RichPlanet TV(and Youtube). Beware of those trying to muddle up the truth. They are ops.

  • Halls analysis is debunked easily as seen on my channel...

  • I hope the comments don't degenerate into a fight about the different beliefs of each person. The only questions and comments should be about the test being proposed - Will it work, if not why not.

  • Thank you.


  • Able Irato has a new podcast and was gracious enough to invite me to discuss the 9/11 Crash Test project and all things 9/11 at 9:30 EST, 6:30 PST, tonight on talkshoe, details on my blog or at the crash test site.

    talkshoe.c o m/tc/123030

  • not my best effort

  • The issue or argument is the inability of metals to do what they did that morning of 9/11: Metals disobeyed known physical laws on impact and beyond, without any evidence of high heat. NO new investigation is needed! The New Investigation has already been accomplished. The only complete forensic investigation has been delivered to us, and it speaks to the issue of impossible plane silhouettes on the Twin Towers. It needs to be disseminated NOW: "Where Did the Towers Go?" by Dr. Judy Wood.

  • I disagree, and it was my idea so please stop making this a Judy Wood book tour.  She is vehemently against the project.

    Steve De'ak

  • "forensic investigation" - a silly claim:

    Woods book is unscientific. It does NOT follow any scientific method.

    It is not and never will be peer reviewed.

    It is NOT supported by a single scientist anywhere in the world.

    Woods claims have been debunked and her lunatic theories have ALL been shown to have other, more reasonable, down to Earth explanations...

  • What you said.

  • I'VE sold over 2000 dvds of dr judy wood's research on ebay...100% positive feedback...looks like the real 911 truth will soon become mainstream

  • 2000 ignorant and ill informed fantasists is a result for common sense, truth and reason!

    Given the billions of people out there... LOL!

  • WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? by Dr. Judy Wood, contains overwhelming, conclusive, and indisputable forensic evidence that leads to the conclusion of a Directed Energy Weapon "dustifing" the whole World Trade Center complex. After Charlie Pound of the U. K. read her book he wrote WAKE UP THIS YOUR ALARM !


    music, lyrics, and vocals by Charlie Pound © 2012


  • Stay focused please. This project is about the impact of the jets, not how the towers were destroyed.

  • I am very focused. Dr. Judy Wood has done the investigation. What you propose is a distraction. All you have to do is read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? and get other people you know to do the same. It's that simple. ;-)

  • Wood is debunked and discredited. 

  • It wouldn't matter if the plane made it through or not because the building was still standing a long time after. They designed them to withstand being hit from airliners with a full tank of fuel. They obviously wouldnt be empty blowing in the wind. The building had a cleather design where it would allways share the weight with the remaining building. I spent the time looking at how the buildings were designed. They didn't fall with the bombing in 1993, nor did they collapse with the 3 hour fire

  • It has already been established that the government's story was false. Your efforts would be more effective if you read the book, purchased 10 copies for your friends and then (with both feet hitting the ground and running) tell everyone that you know about the book. My guess is that you already have funding for your project (especially if you are chums with Jim Fetzer). Your crash test is just a distraction designed to muddle up the truth. I see right through it.

  • You're a shrewd one, for sure.


  • @ Yankee451 : Have you read "Where Did the Towers Go ? by Dr. Judy Wood?

  • I am not sure what that has to do with this test.

  • Another twoof tard...I PHYSICALLY saw 175 hit the twin towers from the corner of West and Chambers across the street from St.Johns. You're an idiot. Isaac Newton's laws were not broken. Go back to school, you don't have clue.

  • This test will prove you are lying.


    Steve De'ak

  • Steve, I live in NY. I know dozens who saw the same thing. I know two people who happened to witness the first impact. You are lying and you're pissing on the graves of the thousands who died, including several who I knew. You're not making peace, you're making people angry. You're insensitive and your theories are insulting their memories. Aside from that, your bias alone says that you should be the last person to design or carry out this sort of test. I see several problems already technically

  • Either I'm wrong (and so is Sir Isaac Newton) or you and your "dozens" of witnesses are. It's worth it to me to prove it one way or another. I can't see how learning the truth would anger anyone except those who profit from the lies.

  • Stop falsely appealing to Newton. No laws were broken. I would like to see this experiment too. But your CAD drawing has issues. Primarily with the fact you only have one section and you have it set up to hit the spandrel plate. Some box columns were cut and some sections were knocked in off of their mountings. You really need a section to do it right. Great idea but your bias worries me that you'll set it up to get the results you want and it wont reflect what happened in reality.Pass the torch

  • My bias will be checked by people like you. Everything will be available for public scrutiny so no parties should have anything to complain about.

    The graphics in the video were meant for demonstration purposes.

  • No nukes you say. Please explain the 1000x normal background tritium levels found on site.

    Explain 1600 degree temps underground for 6 weeks.

    Please tell me an easier solution.

  • I'd like to keep this conversation focused on the Crash Test. If you want to know my views on how they did it, I am happy to discuss it on my blog at yankee451.c o m.

  • Is this nuclear evidence you speak of been verified and submitted into an investigative document and court case? No evidence of either 1600 deg. temps or nukes. Keeping the lie alive eh.

  • So sad the blind leading the blind.

    Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement:

    edwardmd.wordpress com

  • This project is about the jet impacts, not about how the buildings were destroyed.

  • As if the evidence presented by Dr Judy is 'blind'. You know it, but you have to perpetuate the lie to keep the DEW's knowledge hidden. 'Proven 9-11 nukes' totally unproven and not even submitted into a legal scientific case-how stupid do you think people are? Stop blaming the government until you can prove what happened!

  • actually, at the 79-82 floor of the south tower, where the "plane" impacted, the columns were much thicker than 1/4 inch. I believe they were more like 3/4 inch-- pretty damn strong.

  • Even at a quarter-inch they were pretty damn strong, with each spandrel laterally reinforced with an acre of concrete.

    The test will settle it. Either I'm wrong or I'm right; either way I can live with it, but I'm laying odds I'm right. I'm so sure of it I'm signing my name to it.

  • As water is denser than aviation fuel the test you propose would give a false result. You would have to use avgas, or an inert fluid of equal density, to get an accurate result.

    The biggest problem is people being lazy. They KNOW 9/11 was bullshit, but to admit it means they will have to DO something and that is what riles them - and makes them angry..... They just want everyone to shut up so they can live in LALA Land. That's the problem.

  • Sounds a lot like Kevin Spacey.

    " Let me tell you something, Mark. You humans, most of you, subscribe to this policy of an eye for an eye, a life for a life, which is known throughout the universe for its... stupidity. Even your Buddha and your Christ had quite a different vision, but nobody's paid much attention to them, not even the Buddhists or the Christians. You humans. Sometimes its hard to imagine how you've made it this far. "

  • This makes sense, but then a thought occurred to me. If according to the laws of physics everything in this video is true, then how can it be explained a very light seemingly harmless object becomes a deadly object in a tornado? Just about everyone has seen pictures of a piece of straw pierced through a telephone pole or other object much harder with no damage to the straw. with this in mind, I think there should have been more of the plane left. But according to some survivors inside there was.

  • A: You’re correct, there are confirmed reports of straws penetrating trees or boards in tornadoes. The air pressure inside a tornado is lower than the surrounding pressure, but is far from a perfect vacuum. The most generally accepted theory about what happens is that the winds bend trees or boards enough to open up the grains, a straw flies in and the tree straightens up when the tornado moves on.

    See Video description for more explanations and links.

  • Comment removed

  • Like the idea but can't see your project making much impact - totally agree that to end the war an investigation of 911 is called for - the problem I think is making ppl realise how it (911/war/gradual poverty & less freedoms) affects them & what they can do about it. I don't think u have to do anymore to prove 911 a fraud. Try convincing me that the Iraq war was legal ? ?

  • What would you suggest?

  • I wish I knew - there are Refuseniks in Israel, there are hunger strikers in Palestine, parents should stop their kids from enlisting? I just read Peter Dale Scot's latest: Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars, look it up on Infowars - a good read imho but don't let me stop u, anything that increases awareness is no bad thing & every little helps as they say.

  • Here's another good read imho: 8 Ways to Improve Society Without the Political Process

    By J.G. Vibes

  • Why when it's already been done and the result been published? No, I'm not talking about the fake NIST report - I'm talking about Dr Judy Wood's investigation. Still, if you like more people to do the same work (check they are not fakers first) and pay for it - go ahead. She did it with her own money and published it herself. I'm amazed how many willfully ignorant people there are who refuse to aknowledge her work, since I've known about it for atleast 5 years, if not more, and I'm from EU.

  • Good Idea.But you'll probobly get hit by lightning or a car wreck maybe slip in the shower,or suddenly hang yourself before the experiment takes place on the air.So I suggest Arming yourself 24-7 unfortunatey.

  • The only people I have a beef with have known who I am and where I live for a long time, so I think it's safer to be out in the open.

    I'm tired of war without end and I honestly believe this project can make an impact; I'm willing to risk my reputation, freedom or worse to do something to stop it.

  • I hear you,People are waking up.Friends of mine who once were skeptical now see it. But people are afraid to even look at the evidence. And Unfortunately the media is completely controlled. One of the best proofs is the cab driver outside the pentagon who all but admitted the downed poles and damage to his cab was staged. Watch my vid- 911 hoodwink part 2 ( this young guy questions the cabby about the location of his cab that day)

  • Judy Wood's unverifiable hypothesis of directed energy weapons pales in comparison to the many proofs of the explosive (controlled) demolition THEORY which is promoted by AE911TRUTH. Remember, a hypothesis becomes a theory when enough proofs exist to support the hypothesis and the hypothesis continues to withstand testing.

    But our focus must be on WHO did 9/11.


  • AE911Truth Wanted nothing to do with this test, the purpose of which is to raise awareness in the mainstream, making curious their refusal of an endorsement. I'll post their exact words on the Crash Test Website in the next few days.

    But this project isn't a pitch for Judy Wood either, far from it. It is what it is, and that's a Crash Test.

  • Good idea.

    However, breaking through the thick propaganda machine known as the main stream media is really the barrier.

    Another drop in the bucket will help for sure.

    Why would your website/video penetrate the public consciousness more than those already available?

    I have been at this for years now. Peoples appeal to authority is much higher than their appeal to science. The trivium is lost.

    So you agree then, that what we were shown on TV on 911 was not what was actually occurred?

  • People relate to visual demonstrations, and Americans like explosions.

    All I can say is I have been able to reach even the most steadfast, Fox-watching conservative with this project. After ten years of being laughed at, he stopped laughing when I showed him the plan.

    He got very quiet and then said, "oh that wing would explode against the columns." A few days later he called me up to ask how I deal with being lied-to like that.

    I said, "you see how I deal with it" - and we both laughed.

  • good luck!

  • You ASSUME they were standard passenger planes.  This is a big assumption, considering the unlimited budget the real conspirators had at their disposal to orchestrate 9/11. The admitted $2.3 trillion could easily fund planes with hardened nose, wing leading edges and rigged explosives. Research Rabbi Dov Zakheim and SPC drones.

    First, prove the planes were standard passenger planes.

    AE911TRUTH sticks to their expertise--a credit to them. Take their lead.

  • We were TOLD they were standard passenger planes, this is not an assumption.

    But honestly, what jet could be dense enough to slice steel like butter and still light enough to fly?

    For an operation like 9/11 they wouldn't have relied on anything experimental, they would have used tried and true means. There are easier ways to explain it using conventional explosives and technology.

    The media are exposed, and the faux truth movement shows their true colors by protecting them.

  • IN Real Science a conclusion is based on all available evidence. AE911 grabbed hold on one hypothesis based on inconclusive evidence. Then refuse to entertain any hypothesis. Seems to me that AE911 is acting exactly like NIST.

    Micro-nukes bought down the towers!

  • Nukes? 

    There are easier ways to explain it.

  • There's nothing unverifiable about Dr Wood's evidence and it is not a is FACT! How can you find out who did 9/11 unless you know what happened. Your reasoning is totally illogical...mind you knowing how the cover-up is very significant your comment is no surprise.

  • How can we find out WHO did 9/11?

    Jewish-dominated mass media and Jewish-controlled Hollywood are complicit in the cover-up and their racketeering in covering up 9/11 is a key clue as to WHO did 9/11. Cover-up by FEMA, NIST, FBI also point to gentile conspirators. That's how.


  • Have you considered asking foreign governments for help with the funding? (Especially those being maneuvered into a position of future enemy). Also I hope some experts in the relative fields will come on board so that the results are conclusive either way. Good luck, I will happily donate.

  • No foreign government will save us. Our leaders have more in common with their leaders than they have with us. We're on our own, but I'm fine with that; we outnumber them a million to one.

  • Ok so let me see how this is going to go. You are going to take one piece of the aircraft and test it on a slead. The results you say are going to justify the need for another investigation when no other person or agency has been able to. Now how much money and time we will wasted on this project when the ultimate goal more than likley will not be met. That ultimate goal is to stop A WAR. Not going to happen.

  • The goal is to raise awareness among the people, and then have the people stop the wars; but it certainly won't happen if we follow your lead and do nothing but nay say.

    If you're not willing to work for peace, please don't stand in the way of those who are.

  • Ahh I see how you are with things. My comment was about how you think your little test with accomplish its goal. You say you want to raise awareness then I suggest you do so but wasting money doing this test will not do that. I am willing to work for peace but I do it in ways that are beneficial and not fictional. Either way enjoy.

  • The Crash Test Site registration is fixed, pardon my ineptitude with WordPress

  • Comment removed

  • If anyone can assist with the Crash Test site's registration woes, please let me know.



  • Very good

  • Thanks to all who are interested in donating time and money. I am only asking for help at this point, no money is to be collected. My first order of business is to fix the website registration issues, so please be patient.

    When the fundraising drive commences, all money will be handled by the fundraising site/s. I stand to make ZERO money out of this, all funds will be spent on the project. If the target figure isn't reached then no one will have spent a dime beyond my own investment.

  • Too many logical fallacies to be credible.

  • I wonder how many of the gullible will be suckered into this obvious money scam..

  • It is difficult to trust when one not trustworthy.

  • and i wonder where the 16 million dollars that the NIST report into 9/11 cost and was it value for money?

  • Excellent video. I commend you. I must say, though, that efforts to bring yet more proof that the official story cannot be true will fall on the eyes & ears of the religiously ignorant & obstinant that comprise the vast majority of this pathetic & apathetic country (USA). As both a private person & public citizen, I have learned that for this vast majority, facts (really) do not matter. I wish you well, though.

  • I presume you can use Google. The math for this has already been done.

    Wierzbicki, T. and Teng, X. (2003). “How the airplane wing cut through the exterior columns of the World Trade Center.” J. of Impact Enrg. 28, pp.601–625

  • Right, so this test should either vindicate their paper or expose them as shills.

    Can't wait.

  • Here's the MIT paper with Wierzbicki again saying the impossible is possible if just the right math is applied. I am still working on adding my comments, but you can read them in the link I added to the video description.

  • Comment removed

  • Scott's science scholars were funded by a 'let's prove black is the new white' source...their junk math got them published. Only the insane believe it

    All the Scotts in cyberspace will check your experiment where the wing section is shredded before Youtubers eyes, yet Scott's "research funder" will still demand (and receive) proof that what we saw did not happen OR it was irrelevant OR too tall OR you're insane

    Check the first Pentagon photo

    EITHER (1) the photo was a fake OR (2) Bush lied

  • You are a lucky fellow of whatever society you live in Scott... lucky some of US have a sense of humor still

  • Written on the aerofoil (wing) of an aircraft (this includes a 767) is "no step here" sort of gives you a clue as to the fragility of a wing's material...and Dr M Reynolds has already proved (2007 in a court case too) that a real aircraft could never have hit the towers. Do your research-don't rely on Google.

  • Comment removed

  • An excellent video and a worthy cause indeed. Well done to you.

    It is about time I had another go at sharing the logical fallacies evident in the media's presentation - and now in the public's collective consciousness - of the events of that day.

    Strength and gratitude to you.

  • Thanks. Keep up the good fight and don't let the riff-raff get you down. They know not what they do.

  • Could not agree more

  • Hopefully this project will give folks like you and me a bit more ammunition.

    Your kind words are encouraging. Thank you.


  • You're a moron. Total retard.

  • Good idea for peace. Beware that top peace leaders will try hard to undermine it, though, as they have done their best to distract their gullible followers from 9/11 and have instead sent them on wild goose chases after the wars while forgetting to question 9/11.

    Same for just about all top anti-neocon leaders: green, socialist, human rights, union, Muslim, liberal, etc. All will try to sabotage the project.


  • With the TRILLIONS of dollars allocated to the Pentagon missing, why do you assume the plane was a standard passenger plane? That money could construct a drone with hardened leading edges and nose cone--made to look like a Boeing 757.

    You are wasting your money on a test that ignores the possibility of a "special plane" for the highly scripted and executed control drama.

    This narrator is more an actor than the people on the street who he claims were actors.


  • Why has the Jewish-dominated mass media and a large contingent of reporters, eager to get their Pulitzer prize ignored this if it is so obvious?

    ReDiscover911(dot)com The real terrorists know they are caught--and deception, distraction are use to postpone bringing them to justice.

  • Oy.

  • Um... there was a lot of evidence of airliners. I think someone would have noticed "agents" planting engines on the street in Manhattan... Just sayin'

    Unless you believe those didn't exist.

  • So you do believe Newton's laws should be re-written then?

    Just askin'.

  • Not at all, as they weren't violated.

  • The test will settle this question.

  • No, the test does not cover the possibility of specially reinforced planes--so it will not settle anything. What is most important is that we find WHO did 9/11. Arguing over "how" simply delays turning the world back to the people from the devils who did 9/11. Google "it wasn't muslims" and learn the huge body of evidence proving that muslims could not have pulled off 9/11--and especially the media cover-up.

    Who allowed muslims to rig the Twin Towers and WTC7 from top to bottom w/explosives?

  • Either way it's fraud, because we were told they were regular jetliners.

    You should be happy that there will soon be an end to this lunacy.

  • I see no end to the lunacy until people like you focus energies and communications upon WHO placed the explosives in the Twin Towers--and postpone your quest to answer the "how".

    How are you so certain there will soon be an end to this lunacy? What do you know?

  • If you want the lunacy to end, you'll find a way to help make it happen. What will you do?

  • I already encourage the real perpetrators of 9/11 and other deceptive schemes to repent. It is either repentance or the Samson option that these devils have to choose from. Presently, it seems the devils are choosing the Samson option (chemtrails, Fukushima mini-nukes, GMO seeds, HAARP-induced earthquakes and weather manipulation--a slow genocide of humanity).

    Now answer my question: How are you so certain there will be an end to this lunacy? What do you know?

  • you should really check out Dr Judy WOod's work. She is hands down the best 9el. researcher.

  • I am well aware of Judy Wood, and despite the fact I disagree with much of her work, she is more than welcome to partake in this project. We don't need to agree on anything beyond the test.

  • Disagree with her work? YOu must be joking? What do you disagree with?

  • Once I get the crash test site forum up we can discuss it.

  • No i dont have time for nonsense discussion.  If you want to know the truth get her book. Good day.

  • Such certitude!

    The lack of debris and dust can be explained without relying on top-secret weapons that cannot be verified.

    If you have a genuine interest in learning the truth, you'll continue researching beyond Judy Wood.

  • Is this another sideline to distract away from Dr Wood's real evidence so those genuinely interested in what happened on 9/11 will be given yet another door to look behind wasting time until this so-called test materialises. You seem to be quite sure that New Mexico Tech will give you the testing ground-why is that, who do you know there?

  • If you can't see the benefit of this project, perhaps it isn't for you.


  • Hmm, why would you disagree with her work...on what basis? How can you contest solid evidence which is irrefutable?

  • Let's not make this into another "Truth-Movement" mud-slinging fest.

    I state quite clearly on the Crash Test site the intent of this test is to get the genuine truth movement participants to put down their differences and work together with more mainstream organizations.  Our common goal is Peace, don't lose sight of that.

  • Totally! 

  • If the Towers' destruction did not violate Newton's laws, how long would it take for Tower 1, for example, to completly disappear into its footprint?

  • If it did actually disappear into its one acre footprint as opposed to the 20+ acres they spread themselves over you might have a point. Reality sucks (for you) when your argument is based on falsities put out by fools, retards, and con men. You definition of a "footprint" is pretty liberal. You should go back and double check that. Next time you wont look so foolish when you decide to post bullsh*t.

    Good day sir!

  • Nice attempt at diversion, justin. Per usual, your type needs to divert from the fundamental question, which I'll review for you: How long--how long--would 80-90 floors need to--ok--I'll dispense with the footprint reference for you--& simply ask--how long to reach the ground? Hmm? If that math is too steep for you, how about the Solomon Bros. building--you know, the 47 story building across the street from the WTC Plaza? And how about that woman standing in the alleged airplane strike zone?

  • Diversion? You said it, stupid. It was your argument. Maybe you should drop that stupidity all together not just for me. While your at it go back and review how stupid the rest of your argument is. It takes about 18 seconds or so, apparently. You know the cores survived for a few seconds after the floors collapsed didn't you? When a 47 story building gets hit by 110 story building and has fires unfought for 7 hours, it's doomed, pretty simple. She was trying to escape, she didn't. :(

  • correction for grammar "while you're at it"

    TY :D

  • Oh, hilarious! Thank you for the chuckles, justin.

    Yankee451? Justin I'm sure you know from experience--is what you got. He & his type can actually wrap their minds around 80/90 some odd floors taking a mere point 2 seconds or so each to fall to earth. Hilarious! Oh, & now the story is that Tower 1 made WTC 7 fall straight down. See? Your work is done for you.

    I'm still laughing. Thanks, justin. :) LOL!

  • It's not my fault you're a dumb moron who doesn't understand physics, impacts, fires, etc. The story has always been that debris from the north tower collapse impacted 7 and started the fires that doomed it. Straight down? Tell that to Fitterman Hall the used to be across the street from 7. As for your argument on why things fall. Explosives only initiate collapse. Gravity actually does all of the work. Smart people who understand these things laugh at you everyday, TY for the chuckles, dumbass

  • Oh and BTW, it seems you don't realize that the noses of airliners are fiberglass. Hence the heavy looking damage from bird strikes. 

  • You may not have noticed that one jet was on fire, and two had holes ripped in their wings.

    Wake up, Polly Parrot!

  • great video.

  • Could I use this on my channel? Who's video is it? Let me know.


  • Use it please, spread it around. Mi video su video.

    Steve De'ak

  • Is there WTC dust up inside Judy Wood's ass? Tell us when you pull your head out of it, you aggressively ignorant fuck.

  • I take it you're not ready to work for peace then.

  • If your intelligence fails to say something scintillating, why should anybody pat your back.... let alone your ass?

  • Bloody masterpiece! Well done!

  • RADAR tracked 11 and 175 from takeoff to WTC impact. Evidence you ignore. Why? Ignorance or lack of research.

    If you don't trust RADAR, you should not fly any more, RADAR is what keeps big jets from crashing into each other. RADAR proves your claims wrong, evidence you ignore, or missed.

  • So those who claim the Radar is right, insist Newton is wrong.

    This test will settle things.

  • @iSunTzu

    Did your intelligence track the X-plane that accompanied the UA175 IMAGE up to the point where the point of impact became visibly a case of plain image dissolving harmlessly into unbroken glass building with no debris?

    Check video w w w richplanet net/911 php

    The plane cut-out that appeared when the Hollywood Fireball finally fizzled was an obvious fake.... but we have only the faked footage video effects to remind US of the Crime of the Century

    Virtual effects: real PerpeTraitors

  • Private citizens have video and photos of the gash. The gashes were real, the planes were not.

  • @yankee451

    No argument from me on either score. I'm with you 100% in the principal of establishing your point that the planes were not real, BUT your method (while commendably practicable) will not achieve the desired result.

    Your test could never prove more than that a cut-off wing section slammed into a steel box section takes little imagination to figure an obvious result

    Any scientist or engineer will say the test MUST take a whole lot more into account: more wing, more building sections

  • The strongest part of the wing and a few box columns will suffice.

    With a 30 degree swept-back wing, it would impact the tower in a sawing motion, one column at a time.  The wing between the fuselage and engine would impact first, and then impact columns in a series, not simultaneously. A jet's mass is not contained in the wing, but by all means continue voicing your concerns on the forum.

  • OK... if that best helps the cause

    The issue here has less to do with real-world experimental than with (y)our YT shills getting to have a field-day

    Testing an entire kero-fuelled wing will still give them all the target they'd never dreamed of to shoot stupid arrows at

    Every sane mortal knows aluminum wing gives way to steel box-section... EXCEPT in the rare Manhattan airs where Dubya decrees otherwise

    The problem is one of belief and perception: NOT real-world results

  • @yankee451

    I've twice tried getting my gravatar onto your forum, just spent half an hour typing a masterpiece and then your $%&/(&/( software sez it detected the duplicate post that I never wrote.... so that's the last you need for me to bore you with

    Listen to Daniel Noel on the forum...Dan is THE most accomplished 9/11 observer on the Internet anywhere, period

    Oh, and your registration thingy on WP ain't working either

    Might stick with YT now that we've got this sw more or less tamed....

  • Daniel Noel says (and I could hardly agree more)

    "A more promising way would be to teach 9/11

    starting with the existing overwhelming evidence

    of foul play with Building 7,

    like w w w 911censorship com does"

    WTC7 aka Building 7 aka BuildingWhat com is the Missing Link

    It is the only one of the Three Twin Towers that did NOT need an airplane to ignite no jet fuel.... not that anything more than gelignite is ever needed to Control the Demolition

    No need for any airplane crash test

  • I'm sorry you had such trouble. I'm doing this solo while working two jobs, and with no budget. Seems the forum software is lacking. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Hey, that's OK.... I'm struggling still get 11 out of 10 for trying, don't take anything I say personally.... and Wordpress is WONDERFUL but only after you've tweaked every single button to perfection... :-) Wish I too knew where to find more WP patience myself.

    You might be amused at one puny page I've posted in the quest to spread the No Planes message ... (add a dot after 'pinterest')

    pinterest com/MikeRosePro/9-11-the-wore-­on-terra-y-our-terra-non-firma­/

  • Many thanks.

    I think I'm out of the Word Press woods. Just as long as I don't touch anything - (putting down the mouse and backing away from the keyboard)


  • Comment removed

  • PS Your OTHER self-published books are on whatever topic you choose... smart choice being the operative word... your test-rig idea is one good thought.... but better still the smartest Kindle-sales operations are how to use other people's efforts, scripts, ebooks...

    PM me and I'll forward a stack of related links you can spend hours checking out...most with no affiliation to me, just like to help :-)

  • I have removed the registration requirement to be able to post, but I don't know why your avatar isn't working.

    Please consider giving it another try.

  • When you think you can't find a bigger idiot than the one who did this video! BINGO, you pop up and supply a bigger idiot. RADAR proves your rich planet nut wrong, but you don't do RADAR.

  • Comment removed

  • Hi Yankee451.

    When the mind's eye is so easily fooled, then evidence loses meaning.

    But Good Luck anyway.

    Besides, all media personnel have been vetted and have had to take a 'refresher' course to ensure they will never reveal anything other than that which is allowed to be published:

    (or they lose their livelihood)

    So do not expect your findings to go 'mainstream' !

  • Doing nothing is fruitless.

  • I've not been doing nothing re 9-11 for many years.

    Folks either don't want to know, or are too scared to credit Truth !

  • No worries friend, I wasn't accusing you, and I am in agreement; it is difficult to reach people and becoming alienated from the people I love has been the price I have paid, but the alternative of not doing anything is unacceptable. I believe this project can make an impact.

  • Excellent video, but.............people will still go into denial, they will not even look at the evidence, if you cannot get them to look and see chemtrails, right before their eyes how on earth do we convince them even with the proof of 9/11."They know how we think" this is why they can pull this off, we can see that the whole of 9/11 is part of a global plan of the NWO, but the man in the street thinks that every one has the the same mind set as him self, how wrong can you be?

  • Thanks, Do you mean like Danierbud11's comment below?

    Yes, I am well aware of the denial, but I have an see, I don't care what they think, and the more they go into denial, the more I will redouble my efforts.

    All we can do is try to reach them. What will you do?

  • except there is a lot of physical evidence and many eyewitness -- and no, science does not say that this is an impossible feat

  • Do tell.

  • While those tests will certainly prove the laws of physics. I believe the real "smoking gun" is building Seven. A 47 story building which collapsed at the speed of gravity because it was on fire. Once you come to grips with the fact that Building Seven was an expertly executed controlled demolition then start looking into the other fabricated events. 60% of most Americans do not even know about building seven.

  • Comment removed

  • The proposed test conducted at 550 MPH could be ruled invalid by any armchair lawyer.... the airplane represented by the test-rig is a Boeing which even Boeing themselves can tell you would only ever be capable of 360 MPH VNe +10% before the plane would disintegrate.

    The observed (still-measurable) impossible 550 MPH velocity makes the IMAGE the faked clue to hang a PerpeTraitor. A pilot watching the IMAGE crossing the screen would've known it was way too fast. Video fakers don't fly planes

  • Excellent video - I do wonder if this video itself will have more effect than a crash test though!!

  • Bingo. Not just the video, but the whole project; this is all about raising awareness which is accomplished by simply asking the question.

    I intend to follow through with this as far as it goes though, so stay tuned. If possible I would like to perform several tests, all performed in the open with all parties privy to the details so that no one can deny the results.

  • Nothing wrong with empirical testing. However, the test of the impact of a jetbplane... and it's components can be done with engineering and physics calculations. In fact, calculations are used to DESIGN these structure including ures, planes,. The calculations ARE based on material performance data which HAS BEEN derived by empirical tests such as can be found in the in AISC 360.

    I think physics DOES show that a large plane impact at high speeds could destroy the steel box columns.

  • So then this test will support your premise. I look forward to your donation.


  • I am not donating for doing a test because I don't need to be convinced that a plane loaded with fuels and heavy engines and landing gear would destroy 1/4"- 3/8" steel plate box columns. Only those who don't understand physics and construction of planes and steel frames would require such proof. It's already part *settled science*..

  • No one's asking you for money and if law had anything to do with it our leaders would be in prison. If you knew the construction of jets and buildings as you say, you'd not be saying it.

    A 127 ton jet is only the sum of it's parts but the 127-ton mass is not contained in the wing.

    The test will settle it.

  • so what fundraising site will you be doing?  Where do people donate?

  • We can't start a fundraising drive without having accurate cost estimates, so the next step is to recruit volunteers to help nail down a budget. Morgan Reynolds has agreed to petition the test centers for an estimate, which really is the only big hurdle. The rest is academic; phoning aircraft graveyards for jet parts, travel and lodging costs, insurance and legal, etc.

    Once the costs are verified and a formal project plan is drawn-up, we can then decide which fundraising site will have us.

  • @yankee451

    I suspect no test facility will associate with a project which questions the Higher Authority which by extension supports their very existence.

    What more proof does any rational person need than the famous photo of the Pentagon facade?

    An hour after a plane was s'posed to have hit the Pentagon, only one pane of glass was broken

    WHO still needs persuading that the still-standing, totally intact, building quite unarguably spells "No Plane Hit"?

    The Boeing flew OVER THE ROOF

  • Total agreement

  • America has been hijacked by it's elite and has problems to get rid of it.

  • Thank you so much for this, 9/11 is THE key to this whole mess.

  • the missing Pentagon Trillions

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