It all started back in March of 1997 when I received a phone call from Dr. Steven Greer's personal assistant Ms. Shari Adamiak. She wanted to know if I would be interested in testifying at a Congressional Briefing for CSETI on my experiences at Area 51 back in June of 1971. The briefing was to take place at the Weston Hotel in Washington, DC on Wednesday April 9th 1997 at 7:00 pm.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to testify on these events for I have been silent on the subject for the last twenty six years. At that time not even my parents (I was seventeen at the time) knew what really happened to me when I left home to go to White Sands to launch my rocket.

After several phone calls by Shari checking in to see if I had decided to go, I then got a phone call from Dr. Steven Greer two days before the briefing was to take place. Steven told me he had one hundred and twenty five hard ware contact people signed up and ready to testify to Congress on their part of the reverse engineering of alien spacecraft and hardware. But the thing that convinced me to go was that Dr. Greer asked me. "What if all these people show up and testify and I was invited and did not go. I would miss out and would never learn the rest of the story because it would be a closed door session to the press and the public." Well that did it, that would be one party I just could not turn down and it all made sense to me. Twenty six years ago I had seen scientists and technicians working on crafts and devices that were so far advanced that they could not have been manufactured by our existing technologies. These people would have day to day work experience of thirty to forty years on these devices making my one day experience seem insignificant. I agreed to come to Washington and testify.

Ms. Adamiak mailed my plane ticket and I flew from Atlanta to Washington and arrived at the Weston Hotel on Tuesday April the eighth in the afternoon. At 6:00 pm all of the witnesses met for dinner at Panevino's with Dr. Greer and his staff. It was at this time the itinerary for the next two days was explained.

The next morning at 9:00 am myself and ten other witnesses along with Dr. Greer and his staff met in a large conference room with twelve chairs in a circle in the middle of the room. This is where all the witnesses would relate their stories one at a time for Dr. Greer. As we went around the circle Dr. Greer took notes and the staff made a transcription of what was said. It was at this time when I learned story by story that no one had any hardware contact except for one man named Steve Lovekin. Steve saw a piece of metal about a foot and half long and it had symbols on it and was he told by his superiors that it had come from a crashed alien spacecraft.

I started to feel like a turkey that had been invited to a thanksgiving dinner. Out of the eleven witnesses nine of them had seen either a blip on a radar screen or lights in the sky, and one person saw a piece of metal. Then there was my story, the one where I was standing on an alien engine the size of a Greyhound bus in an underground top secret Air Force base that doesn't officially exist.

I was disappointed that the hardware contact scientists or technicians that Dr. Greer said he had signed up to testify were not present. It was at this time that I seriously considered leaving the proceedings, not testifying and going back home to Atlanta.

At 5:00 pm the pre-screening process had ended and this is where I had expected for Dr. Greer to ask me to produce evidence that would back up my claims. No one, not even Dr. Greer ever asked me for any evidence although I had a brief case full of documents and pictures with me. It was at this point after Dr. Greer had heard my entire story that I expected for him to say to me that my story was just too much for him to bring to the briefings. That would have been fine with me because I know better than anyone how far out this story sounds. Instead, out of the eleven witnesses eight of us were picked to speak at the briefings, I was in that group of eight and I felt Dr. Greer really wanted me to testify, so I decided to do just that. The Congressional Briefings were set to start in two hours and I was ready to tell a story that I had been silent about for the last twenty six years.

At 7:00 pm we all met at the Dupont Room of the Weston Hotel and Dr. Greer presided over the proceedings. There were many congressional offices and various agencies represented there that night. Every witness had about five minutes for their presentation followed by a question and answer period that lasted until 9:30 pm. I did my presentation and there was a sincere interest from the audience of wanting to know more and I could tell they were in deed taking this very seriously. The following evening on April the tenth there would be an educational briefing for select members of the press in which they would be allowed to talk to the witnesses. I was asked by Dr. Greer if I would like to participate in this event and I agreed to do so. All the witnesses retired to their rooms for the night.

At ten o' clock the next morning Dr. Greer had a meeting at the Pentagon. At ten thirty I was in my room when I got a knock on my door by several members of Dr. Greer's staff. They told me that I was being moved to another room as they were going about the room physically gathering up my personal things. We went down stairs to the Cameraman's room and I was told this would be where I would stay until I left for my plane back to Atlanta. I asked, "Where is Dr. Greer?". I was told that he would contact me later in the afternoon. I settled in on one of the beds while the cameraman took up a chair near the door and I turned on the TV to wait to see what would happen next. It was at this point I could have started feeling I was being held against my will, but I was so curious about what would happen next that I did not care.

At four pm the phone rang and the cameraman answered it and then handed the phone to me, it was Dr. Greer. I asked Dr. Greer, "what was this all about?" He said that my story was too much for him to deal with in the briefings. Before I could respond with, "what does that have to do with me being detained in your cameraman's room?" Dr. Greer said, "Some of us have had an experience so strange that you don't dare tell anyone. He then told me of an experience that he had where he was abducted by an alien spacecraft and that they had performed a medical examination on him. He was not scared because of his medical training as an ER physician he had a good understanding of what they were doing. Dr. Greer said, "it was because of this experience that he started CSETI so he could reestablish contact with the ETs . (Sean David Morton told me this was the exact same story that was told to him by Dr. Steven Greer.) Then Dr. Greer wanted to know if I wanted to watch the media briefing that evening and if so he would send me some escorts. And I said "Whatever." I was so stunned by this revelation that I hung up the phone and sat back down on the bed and watched TV until it was time to go down to the media briefing. I had time to think about Dr. Greer's story and it made total sense to me. I had wondered what would cause a medical doctor to leave a very lucrative career and go chase after UFOs which is a job that doesn't pay at all. I felt I was in no immediate harm and the only way I could learn more of who or what was behind this was to go along with it. The Cameraman was relieved so he could go film the media event and was replaced by two men of Dr. Greer's staff and Shari Adamiak who would now be my escorts to the media briefing.

We went down to the Dupont Room and upon entering it, there in the middle of the room was a line of cameras facing the opposite end of the room. All of the witnesses (except for me) who spoke at the Congressional Briefing were sitting in a row of chairs in front of the cameras. I was placed in a chair that was on the far side of the room with my back physically against the wall with a man sitting on each side of me and *Shari sitting right in front of me, I was surrounded.

Dr. Greer came in the room and walked over to me put his foot on the chair in front of me and bent down to tie his shoe and asked me quietly. "How are you doing?" I replied "Fine, how about you? He smiled, turned and walked over to the witnesses and began his media briefing. Shari Adamiak then turned and told me not to speak with anyone until I got back to my room.

The media briefing went very smoothly which surprised me given the subject. I had expected the media to be a lot tougher with their questions, they were quite polite. After about an hour the reporters had asked all the questions they seemed to care to and the meeting ended. My escorts then took me straight back to my room where the cameraman took up his original job of being my roommate. Room service brought dinner and then I settled in for the night listening to the cameraman snore like a chainsaw until 6:00am at which time I got up to catch my plane.

After I returned home I tried several times to call Dr. Greer and left messages for him to call me and I never heard from him. It was Dec. 12th 1998 when I met up with Dr. Greer at the Ghost Wolf conference in Las Vegas where we both were speakers at this function. I tried talking to Steven about what happened in Washington, DC but he said he was too tired and too busy to talk about it then. To be respectful and understanding about it I just let it go and he did not look well at the time.

Two and half years passed and I had given up on ever seeing Dr. Greer again until someone e-mailed me a notice that he was going to be in Los Angeles on Sat. August the 4TH 2001 with his Disclosure Project at the Founders Church of Religious Science. During the question and answer session I was number three in the line up. I noticed that Dr. Greer being up on the stage could not see with the lights in his eyes who was at the microphone, so I introduce myself by saying, "Hi Steven, David Adair here." Dr. Greer replied, "Oh, Hi there David." I then said, "You are looking well Steven. You certainly have come a long ways with this project since those days we testified back in April of 97." He agreed and then explained what Congressional Briefings we were talking about to the audience. I then said that I have just a couple of quick follow up questions and he said, " go ahead." "Do you remember Steven, after I testified you invited me to the media briefing the next evening?" He replied "Yes." "Then the next morning at 10:00am you had a meeting at the Pentagon?" He replied "Yes." " Then at 10:30am several members of your staff knocked on my door and physically moved me out of my room and into the your cameraman's room? Dr. Greer replied, "that was my staff doing that." I then asked, "why did they do that?" He replied, "that the staff had some problems with the details of your story." I then said. "Thirty minutes into the Pentagon meeting and I was taken out of my room, did the Pentagon tell you to do this? He replied. "No, you are confusing two issues. They are unrelated." Then I said, "I find this whole thing particularly annoying, that you would not return my calls and force me to come here today and confront you with this in front of all theses good people." It was at this point that the conversation broke down and it was time to leave. Once again Dr. Greer failed to take this chance to explain or apologize as to why I was treated so rudely at the Congressional Briefings in Washington, DC after he invited me.

One can sit and speculate till the cows come home as to why Dr. Greer invited me to the Congressional Briefings, and after hearing my full story at the pre-screening of the testimonies did not say to me that my story would be too much to deal with. If he had said that to me I would be the first to understand and would have thanked him for dinner and went home. The other odd thing was that during all of this no one had ever asked me to produce any supporting evidence. I would also like to know where are all of these reverse engineering hardware contact witnesses that Dr. Greer says he has signed up to testify. Perhaps the biggest question is why did they feel it was so necessary to restrain me for seventeen hours until the conference was over?

We may never know the answers to these questions and that is fine with me. I did not write this disclosure to derail Dr. Greer or his Project or to bring up wild speculation that could never be verified. I believe that in the overall picture that the Disclosure Project could bring about some really important things in the future. I just hate to see a really good idea get so weighted down by all of the human pettiness that it can't move forward. In my lifetime I have seen far too much of this. The reason I wrote this disclosure is that I would like just a simple apology from Dr. Greer for having treated me so rudely and unprofessionally after being invited by him for this briefing.


I would like for you all to help me apply pressure to Congress and the Senate to grant Dr. Steven Greer and CSETI a Congressional Hearing. Before you think that I have been breathing too many rocket fumes let me explain why I feel this way.

The scenario I am about to run by you is based upon years of experience working in the Untied States Navy and first hand observations of covert operations, it is my personal opinion.

Dr. Steven Greer is not the "Bad Guy" in this story. He may have an arrogant air about him but that often is found in very high powered intellects as that is required for Medical Physicians of which Steven is. I believe that the Disclosure Project, as with all grass roots campaigns started out small and grew in momentum until it got big enough to catch the eye of the powers to be, in this case the Pentagon. It was then that Dr. Greer had a head on collision with the reality of the real covert community of which he was totally naive.

There were two major differences that surfaced in the pre screening between myself and the other witnesses. The first difference was that I had hardware contact inside a top secret Air Force base and the other that I was minor in age when they took me there. Big mistake on the Air Force's part, the Constitution of the United States prohibits signing a minor to a National Security Oath. As one high ranking official refer to me in the Congressional Briefings was that " I was the worst loose cannon on the deck."

When Dr. Greer sequestered me away from everyone, I believe he did not have any choice in the matter. It did not make sense for him to do that when he had worked so hard to get me there.

What did make sense was this was Standard Operating Procedure of the covert community by dividing the force that is coming at them and having it fight amongst it's own, thereby keeping the focus off of them. They were hoping when Dr. Greer sequestered me that I would get mad at him and then start a disruption which would have damaged the proceedings. I believe that the covert community is working with Dr. Greer and is using him and CSETI to get out a disclosure of information, but they control the content and the rate of flow. If you notice the vast majority of witnesses have seen lights in the sky or blips on a radar screen. We have not seen one reverse engineering scientist or technician come forward on tape or in person with their story. The reason according to Dr. Greer why we have not seen this type of witness is because they must have legal immunity from their signing of a National Security Oath. This is where we can apply pressure onto members of Congress to set forth a Congressional Hearing granting full immunity to all who testify.

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