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"Wave Trail" and Chemtrail by Dave Sherlock
A Systematic Attempt to Measure Air Traffic Levels and Trails
Aircraft Trails - FOI Resonses
Announcing “PiSkyTracker”
Book: Climate Change and Global Warming - Exposed: Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans
Borrowash "Sky Cam"!
Case Orange - Belfort Group Report on Contrail Science
CASE STUDY Persistent Contrails 14 Nov 2011 France-Holland
Chemtrail Photo Sequence from Summer 2004
Chemtrail/Cloud Anomaly, Borrowash UK
Chemtrails & Morgellons
Chemtrails - "Turning Point"
Chemtrails Over Britain Ireland, And France From Phil Morris (UK) - 3/4 September 2005
Chemtrails-Press Release 3
Clifford Carnicom on Chemtrails
Cloud/Chemtrail Anomaly in Ireland
Clouds and Contrails in 1943
Dark Lines Near Chemtrails – Dave Ellis – 05 June 2008
Geoengineering and Climate Change - Evidence Ignored?
Interesting Chemtrail Photos
Masonic Chemtrail Pattern?
Press Release 1 (May 2007)
Press Release 2 (July 2007)
Re-Investigating Climate Change
Reading for Brussels “Skyguards”
Report On Royal Society GeoEngineering Meeting 08-09 Nov 2010
Sky Lines and Cloud Busters
Subliminal Chemtrails
Subliminal Trails in 2010 London Marathon Poster
The Green House Conspiracy - 1990
The Railway Children, Virgin Trains and Chemtrails
UK - Another Fall of Webs? 21 Oct 2007
UK - Covert Aerosol Spraying Operations
UK - Fall of Strange Webs - Aug 2007
UK - More Chemtrails in Glos and Herts 24/25 Sep 2009
UK Chemtrail Photos - Taken 28 Feb 1999
UK Covert Aerosol Spraying - Additional Photos
UK Illegal Aerosol Spraying Report - Responses
UK Spray Day 18th Oct 2007
UK- Report on Illegal Aerosol Spraying Operations
Unusual Chemtrail Spotted in Borrowash - 01 May 2009
USAFFEKC10 - What did his "Chemtrail" video show?
Weird Rainbow (Derbyshire) 15 Jun 2009
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