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I have posted this as his name keeps coming up in relation to a certain review he has done. I hope that what I have copied from Field Interference's Channel, below, will make things clear enough for everyone... but if it doesn't then, please just look at this page

Direct quotes from "Myles:" (not his real name) "She says here that World Trade Center 2 fell at 10 seconds and World Trade Center 1 fell at 8 seconds." --"Myles Power" She does not claim this. On page 65 she has a table describing the magnitude and duration of seismic activity. WTC 2 has a magnitude of 2.1 and duration of 10 seconds. WTC 1 has a magnitude of 2.3 and duration of 8 seconds. Myles demonstrates a serious lacking in basic reading comprehension. "Dr. Wood believes the reason why people are taking off their clothes is because they've been exposed to some kind of '*energy beam*' that's making their clothes uncomfortably hot, so they're having to take them off. I'm not making this up." --"Myles Power" Yes, he is making that up. She does not claim this. Again, he demonstrates a lack of basic reading comprehension. "Presumably, the reason why she is so pro-Fair Use is because she doesn't own the copyright to any of the images inside this book." --"Myles Power" This is false. She has a copyright to the picture on page 153 and various other images. The DMCA filed was justified. He has refuted nothing. His diatribe about ADS demonstrates that he is in active denial of comprehending Dr. Wood's work. Who is Myles Power?

Let's talk about HAARP.

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