Sky Lines and Cloud Busters

First Posted Sept 2005

Since I first posted this article, I have completed more research on this subject and have posted it hereChemtrails and Climate Change – 2014

Watch the Skies…

Many people are very much concerned with their lives “at ground level” and so it is quite a rare thing for them to look at the sky. This is not all that surprising when one considers that meteorologists, pilots and astronomers only make up a small proportion of the total population.

It is also not that surprising that people think little or nothing of the pollution of the air – it is an accepted, if unwelcome, part of modern life.

Is it any wonder then, that when people actually notice trails in the sky, they automatically think “oh yeah – those are just aircraft trails”, and carry on doing whatever they were doing. However, when one actually stops, thinks and begins to study these trails more closely, a once clear “black and white” picture quickly fades from view.

Winter Days

If one studies the Physics of the vapour trails of aircraft, the basics would seem to be fairly straightforward. In fact, the basics are something we often personally experience, at least in the United Kingdom, on every cold winter’s day. 

On such days, when we breathe out, we can see our breath. It’s one of those signs that “winter is really here”. What causes our breath to become visible? Very simply, it is that our breath is warm and the winter air is cold. Tiny droplets of water vapour condense out of the warm air to form “clouds of visible breath”, before the warm air quickly cools and the “clouds” disappear again.


It is a very similar process that is happening about 30,000 feet in the air, when hot exhaust gases from jet engines heat the air. Water droplets condense out of the cooler surrounding air and form a contrail – an abbreviation of condensation trail. I used to watch aircraft trails when I was a child and I remember seeing how the almost solid-looking lines of “stuff” would slowly fade into wispy curls, then disappear completely. Being as curious as I was, I probably observed this process through binoculars on more than one occasion. The trails would become invisible after perhaps 1 or 2 minutes.

On the Trail of the Trails

Looking at more recent aircraft trails, there seems to be a general trend that many of the trails no longer disappear in such a short time period. Indeed, in researching a little into these aircraft trails, I came across an observational study, which was done in 2002, by Amy Foy at Lancaster University (UK) (…). Here, a classification of the type of Aircraft Trails observed was used:

  1. “Persistent and Dispersed” (they hang around and spread out).
  2. “Persistent and Non Dispersed” (they hang around but don’t spread out).
  3. “Non Persistent and Dispersed” (they don’t hang around, but they do spread out).
  4. “Non Persistent and Non Dispersed” (they don’t hang around and they don’t spread out).

The Lancaster study does not attempt to explain why some trails should be persistent or seen when dispersed, but it does show that someone else has observed these trails enough to see that some of them do persist for more than 5 minutes.

Aircraft Fuel – Burn, Baby, Burn

Before we explore some of the chemistry of the burning of Kerosene (aircraft fuel), let us stop and think for a moment. If, on a cold day, we breathed out, and our clouds of breath hung around for several 10’s of seconds or even minutes, would we regard this as unusual?

If aircraft trails are visible for several minutes, there must either be some component in them that is visible when cool or some visible compound must be forming in the atmosphere, following a chemical reaction of some kind. Let us explore this idea.

Kerosene is classed as a “Hydrocarbon” – it mainly contains alkanes – which are made up of carbon (approximately 85%) and hydrogen (approximately 12%). There are some other compounds in kerosene which contain nitrogen and sulphur (approximately 1% or 2% each respectively). When Kerosene burns, therefore, it can only form compounds that contain elements that were originally in the Kerosene, or in the air it burns in. Not surprisingly, then, the main compounds that form when Kerosene burns are:

· Carbon Dioxide (the infamous “greenhouse gas”, which we all breathe out)

· Sulphur Dioxide (in small quantities – a toxic, greenhouse gas, which mixes with water to form acid rain – sulphurous and sulphuric acid)

· Carbon Monoxide – a toxic, flammable gas, responsible for some deaths which happen when gas heating equipment is faulty.

· Water.

 When we look at each of these compounds in turn, we find that they are all colourless. So, when kerosene burns, it would seem that the only visible thing we should see in the sky is the condensation – which, like our breath, should disappear in a few tens-of-seconds. Indeed, when a jet takes off, we can see that only colourless compounds come out of back – all that we see is “hot air”. There are no sooty or reflective compounds coming out as the jet races down the runway. Whilst these observations may not be true of all the jet engines that are currently flying, it should be true of all those used on regular flights, otherwise they are faulty.

 So, whenever we see a contrail lasting for more than a few 10’s of seconds, we should, at the very least, be curious, and wonder what is causing this to happen? When we see a lot of these trails together, we should become very concerned. They should not be there in the first place, but accepting the fact they are, we should realise they are a very visible form of pollution, which few people seem to be paying attention to.

I recently started observing these trails more closely and found that, like many of those observed in the Lancaster University study, they persist for quite a few minutes. They seem to be dissipated by air movements rather than just “fading away”. I recently had one of my photos of Contrails posted on a popular website (Figure 3 below) and I received about 30 messages in response to it! A few of these e-mails thought that the pattern in the photo was not that surprising – maybe just coincidence, but the majority of the messages were similar to those shown below:

I live in Nebraska and this has become a familiar scene here. It boggles my mind how few people seem to take any notice.

“In Los Angeles we get them more then 80% of the year. Wish I knew what it was all about because I, like many others, think I know what’s up but it’s like taking a stab in the dark.”

“We get these over our house in Rochester WA several times a year. I’ve taken pictures that look just like yours.”

“Those are chem. trails and you need to understand what they are. Please contact me unless you have already been contacted by the ‘educate yourself’ website.”

The last message in the list above was one of several which referred to “Chemtrails” (presumably an abbreviation of “Chemical Trails”). Whilst some people seem reluctant to call them anything other than “contrails”, the name “Chemtrails” seems to be an appropriate one. Ordinary contrails from modern airliners should, as illustrated with the chemistry and physics outlined above, disappear in less than about 2 minutes, but many of them persist for many minutes. Therefore, there must either be some additive in the Jet fuel or, some compounds are being introduced into the air during the flights of certain planes.

Trails on Trial


Now that is has been deduced that these additional chemicals are being introduced (by accident or design) into air, it then makes sense to try and analyse what these chemicals are. This is rather a difficult task – because it is difficult to collect air from 30,000 feet and even when one has collected some of this air, one needs skill and equipment if you are going to complete an analysis which yields useful data.

One might think that official enquiries could be made about such analyses, either through government organisations or environmental groups. However, as most people are not open to the idea that someone is either accidentally or deliberately spraying something into the atmosphere, those bodies and groups generally do not take such requests seriously – believing the problem to be illusory. The problem is real, as witness testimony tells us:

“We used to routinely have what appeared to be very long single strands of spider web-like material hanging from the phone and electric wires and barb wire fences in the morning. They were everywhere and far too long and numerous to be made by spiders. Besides, you would see them in temperatures too cold for spiders anyway.”

Fortunately, there are certain talented and tenacious individuals who have taken it upon themselves to do the collection and analysis tasks outlined above. Not only have they spent considerable time and money doing this, they have published their findings for all of us to inspect – for free. Clifford Carnicom, a self-employed Computer Consultant, has published voluminous data at His previous employment as a research scientist for the US Department of Defense, the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service, coupled with his technical background in the fields of advanced mathematics and the physical sciences would seem to give him very strong credentials for undertaking such tasks. This seems to be evident on his Website. His analyses have shown that Chemtrails contain particles of Barium (…) and that samples of air from Los Angeles, for example, contain increased levels of Potassium and Calcium (…). Carnicom tries to establish the purpose of the presence of these ions and notes, among other things, the effect of metal ions on human health. Barium, Potassium and Calcium are, in their elemental state, fairly reactive metals, and form compounds easily. Another component of the trails that Carnicom has identified is biological (it grows on agar jelly) – and resembles human red blood cells (erythrocytes – see…).

One instance where spraying of “biologically inert” gases into the air was disclosed in Okalahoma city 2003, in what could be called a "bio-terror simulation experiment" (…). This experiment was conducted using a “combined budget from the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Defense – Defense Threat Reduction Agency and other participating federal agencies” of $6.5M.

A Multi-Purpose Programme?

We have established that someone is spraying something into the atmosphere accidentally or deliberately – this statement is not really one which can be debated, for the reasons given above. So what is the purpose of this spraying? The analyses of Carnicom above seem to suggest there is an attempt to adversely affect human health. This, too, seems difficult to refute when the data has been analysed.

It has been difficult to pin down, but it seems that many people began to notice Chemtrails in the mid-to-late 1990’s.

In the hundreds – possibly thousands – of Websites which feature information about Chemtrails, it is quite common to come across something called HAARP. This is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (…). The programme is described as “… a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.” The site that the HAARP facility is built on is owned by the US Department of Defence and a “2.5 MW diesel generator [which] will be used to power the HF transmitters.” That’s a lot of energy (…).

The reason I mention HAARP is that it is a very large project, whose purpose is to “inject” large quantities of energy into the atmosphere. No official link to Chemtrails is stated (this is obvious – Chemtrails do not officially exist) and maybe it is too easy a link to make between ionising energy and reactive metal ions being deliberately or accidentally introduced into the atmosphere. It is interesting to note, however, “The first HAARP research experiment was conducted in cooperation with the NASA WIND Satellite on November 16-17, 1996. The first comprehensive research campaign was conducted during early March 1997.” (…). These dates seems to match quite well with the time when the trails started to appear.

If the purpose of the Chemtrail programme was just to affect human health, then it would not seem to matter what path the aircraft took relative to one another – they can just “dump the stuff on people”. However, if the purpose was “energy related”, and they were trying to experiment with some kind of “resonance effect” or “field effect” in the atmosphere, then it would make sense that the ion trails might be arranged in a particular manner. This is exactly what I saw – right outside my window – and what prompted me to write this article.

So, we then speculate about energy, resonance and field effects – what could be their purpose? Mind Control? Weather Control? Both? Like many things discussed in articles such as this one, many people dismiss them as a fantasy – usually because they are unaware of the evidence which shows these things are real. Mind Control is not so easy to define, but declassified CIA documents show that it has been employed on many occasions as part of covert programmes (…). Dr Michael Persinger’s (mainstream) research has shown that he can influence what a person experiences when they wear a helmet and he switches on a magnetic field – “Persinger calls one of the common sensations a ‘sensed presence’” (…).

Until quite recently, I myself was not aware of the evidence for weather control, which comes from radar images from weather satellites such as those at:… and those documented by Idaho Weatherman Scott Stevens at Other information about Weather Control and “Scalar Weapons” is documented be ex-US Military Physicist Tom Bearden (

Like all of this sort of information, we cannot make good scientific deductions because in most cases, the exact nature of their use is not disclosed, even though their existence sometimes is. Therefore, we are left to try and make sense of it all by “zooming out” and “joining the dots”, once we have established the validity of the evidence that we do have. Once we have become aware of certain truths, however, it empowers us to act.

 Cloudbusting – “I still dream of Organon”

It is well known that Wilhelm Reich conducted experiments with Weather Control in the 1950’s (this was the inspiration behind Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” song) and Reich discovered something he called “orgone energy”, which has been demonstrated in the laboratory to be real. Some people have taken these ideas and developed them into a Chemtrail Buster, which it is said, can harness and direct orgone energy to dissipate the Chemtrails (…). When I mentioned this to people that e-mailed me, one person said that he had built a small one and it does work.

A Stand-up Comedian


Some years ago, Billy Connolly, a now famous Comedian-turned-actor, was asked in an interview how he came to choose a career in comedy. He said that he had started cracking jokes while working as a welder in Glasgow shipyards, but then said that "well, comedy chooses you", meaning that he did not feel he made the decision by himself. The picture of the Chemtrail grid that I took appeared right outside my window at 9:45 pm on Friday 10th June 2005. For this reason, I felt that I, too, was “chosen” – chosen to write about the issue and get people to look at evidence and facts, and ask their own questions. Only when this process is undertaken are we likely to find out the undisclosed reason – benign or malign – for the deliberate pollution of our atmosphere. In certain ways, however, I found myself agreeing with the sentiments expressed in another e-mail I received:

At first I got really mad and felt like taking aim at the Jets, when I first heard about what they could be spraying us with. But now I don’t pay any attention to them and just affirm to myself ‘nothing can harm me, even the government’. 

Some time lapse videos here:

 See the difference between Contrails and Chemtrails:

 www.checktheevidence… (thanks to Scott Stevens)

 A couple of videos I made here, locally (not especially clear, but you can check roughly how long the Chemtrails linger)



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