Copy of Appeal sent out to regular e-mail contacts

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-07-26 12:55:57

Sorry if you have now got 2 copies of this – please use for your own purposes, should you wish   Thanks.     Hello All,   Apologies for this message, but again, I feel compelled to send something out. You all have a delete button if you don’t wish to read any more.   You may be put off by some of the language in my message here, but it has been carefully and deliberately chosen because we are dealing probably with the most important issue which faces us.   With the story in the Guardian about the Police asking for more powers to combat terrorism, including the power to shut down internet sites, I now feel an added sense of urgency in a campaign which is primarily focused on education – about the truth behind these terrorist stories which are thrust upon us from many directions.   Let’s be clear about this, World Trade Centre building 7 (WTC 7) was demolished at about 5:30pm in New York City on Sept 11th 2001: This 2.5 minute video explains what happened.   www.checktheevidence…   This isn’t some conspiracy theory. It’s real. 3 questions:   1) Who demolished this building? 2) Who demolished the Twin Towers? 3) Who were the London Bombers?   Basic science can be used to prove that New York Buildings were demolished. Information about what really happened in London is still confusing. (Was the bomb underneath 1 of the trains, or in a rucksack?)  We are not being told the truth – Tony Blair accused Al Quaeda of the bombings at 3pm on 7th of July, with no real evidence and no results of a proper investigation. Michael Howard called for a “limited enquiry” in the commons. A man has been shot 6 or 8 times in the head by plain clothes police. What the heck is going on?   The media have not asked the tough questions above – neither have they shown the truth about WTC 7. For example, Channel 4 news has played down the truth that exercises were running on the day of the London bombings. These are just a few of the troubling questions and issues that need to be dealt with by someone.   We now have to redress this issue. So what can you do?   1) You can e-mail this message to as many people as you feel happy to e-mail it to. 2) You can get a free DVD from me, or from here:… or from here: www.checktheevidence… 3) If you have a broadband internet connection, download and watch these videos for free:… The time has come for each of us to make a choice – do we sit and take what the government tell us? Do we continue to believe the conflicting stories and conclusions based on flimsy evidence which is put out? Are we happy to have steadily more and more draconian laws pushed through parliament, based on knee-jerk reactions to circumstances which have been set up in covert operations? Can we now analyse the inconsistencies in all this?   Or do we just either think it’s a “crackpot conspiracy theory” or “it’s all no big deal, the government will do what they want” and “as long as I can carry on with what I enjoy doing”, everything is OK..   As you should now by now, I have made my decision. Have you made yours?   Andrew  

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