Implications of 9-11 Truth – Where Will We End Up?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-07-30 13:57:28

There are now many hundreds – thousands even – of articles published that discuss the many aspects of 9-11 Truth and the history behind it. It takes a while to get a feel for what the evidence really shows and it then takes a bit longer to divorce yourself from the old reality – the one where international terrorism actually is a real threat. Once you have done this, however, and realised the basic truths i.e. that WTC buildings 1,2 & 7 did not collapse as a result of fire and jet impacts alone, it is necessary to consider the wider implications of this. In the early stages of truth acceptance, one seems to be given to ask “Hang on – this is so obviously true, and I’m generally an average sort of person – how on Earth can those who are supposed to have dealt with this issue, have missed a truth as obvious as this one?” This is one of the really key questions – and trying to answer it will, in my opinion, cause a subconscious reaction in some people resulting in a blind rejection of the evidence and truth with which the rest of us have now become familiar. This is one of the central areas of what Jimmy Walter described as the “rude awakening”. It is the point where some people seem to reach out and press the “Snooze” button. Which implies that, after “5 minutes”, the alarm is going to go off again and you are going to have to wake up, get up and “face the day’s work”. Quite quickly, the realisation seems to be that all our institutions have failed us – Government, Media, The Academic Community, the Church, Banks – Big Business. They have all failed to flag the problems with the official story in a significant enough way – they have had almost 4 years to do it, and none of them have. There seem to be 2 reasons for this. Firstly, it shows our views and opinions are influenced so much by what is reported and the way that it is reported in the media. Secondly, some group of people (lets call them “The Control Group”) must be manipulating events at an international level to be able to execute something like 9-11. It is my view that because none (or a number very close to zero) of the institutions have flagged up and presented any of this truth, they have either been manipulated, or they are simply rotten at the core (but not necessarily rotten to the core) and this has served to prevent the truth from coming out. I also feel now that The Control Group have been going around and creating trouble for a fair number of years. Recent revelations that no attack actually took place in the Gulf of Tonkin (the event which precipitated the Vietnam War) are good evidence that this view is basically correct. (…) The Control Group want us to be angry (and confused as much as possible) – it allows them to keep their power over us. They prefer to see us in chaos – and in situations where our intellectual capacities are arrested or diminished. Many people rant and rave at Bush and Blair, but to me it is likely that they are, or will be, the Power Patsies. They may end up getting booted out of office, and possibly accused of War Crimes of one kind or another, but which courts will try them? How would they get a fair trial? Even if they are “locked up”, how much will that help us deal with the 9-11 Truth issue in general? When we have people like Michael Howard, Leader of the Opposition in the UK, calling for a “limited enquiry” into the London Bombings (…), doesn’t this show that the issue is unlikely to be addressed by any of the main political parties? It seems that no one in authority will truly engage with this issue yet – there is too much vested interest at stake. One of the things I feel quite strongly is that we need to engage each person in an individual capacity, rather than an “institutional” capacity. I have a feeling that, as the ripples of 9-11 Truth get bigger, few if any of our institutions will survive (in anything like their current form). The paradox for me is that this is the worst, most horrible truth to deal with and yet if we are angry and scream about it, we will end up being shunned and put in a corner. So I think we have to stay calm and just debate the evidence and what it means and what it proves and trust in a higher force that people really will wake up in time to stop civil war, or something approaching that, from happening. There was another hearing in New York on Sept 9th 2004 (similar to Jimmy Walter’s event). At this hearing, Dr Kahn, a New York MD, also spoke about how the opinion of Peace Activists has been intellectually arrested. I found his remarks particularly appropriate.… You can download all of this hearing here:… I therefore think that, whilst we have to try and educate people, or point them in the direction of information, so that they can educate themselves, we also have think about our final destination and what the journey may be like. We are certainly in for a wild ride and, if we can reveal even wider truths in time, and in the correct way, we could end up living in a world which is utterly and completely transformed in ways few would care to imagine. Andrew Johnson Jul 30th 2005

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