Audio of Dr Mohammed Naseem’s Interview on BBC 5 Live

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-07-30 17:28:28

  www.checktheevidence… 28th July, AM. Send an e-mail to (the interviewer). This is what I sent her:     Dear Victoria,I listened to the interview with Mohammed Nasseem. I have to say, he is right – Al Quaeda does not exist (as an International Terrorist organisation).Whilst your other expert guests seemed think it does, they did not offer any definite evidence nor did they name names apart from Osama Bin laden (whose brother funded George Bush’s Arbusto Oil company in years past). Nor did they seem to realise that the “Ricin” trial in London earlier this year collapsed with the release of the co-conspirators – there was no evidence against them (though the Algerian was convicted of murder). (The link I gave references a mirror, as the original Guardian article has been censored and removed from their web site).When the spin is removed from the Al Qaeda stories, as was shown in the BBC’s BAFTA award winning documentary “The Power of Nightmares”, there is no evidence that Al Qaeda really exists. I would recommend that you view this documentary.Immediately you say “If AQ doesn’t exist, who was responsible for 9-11?” The answer to that can only be determined after a considerable amount of study and a willingness to turn most of your world-view upside down.2.5 minutes of your time, if you please – Did Al Qaeda cause this to happen?www.checktheevidence… don’t think so. Neither was it fire that did this. Why? Because the laws of physics and chemistry do not permit it:www.checktheevidence… this to any physicist or person with a sufficient knowledge and ask them to check it.There is so much evidence that someone else was involved in 9-11 that it’s hard to accept, once you have looked at it, that you could ever have missed this evidence. Indeed, things are starting to change now, what with a former Bush Administration official stating clearly that he thinks the official story is wrong. He is a Professor Emeritus at Texas A & M University. Why not spend 15 minutes listening to what he has to say?… I would be very surprised if the BBC, even though it is not supposed to be forbidden from reporting this story, was able to report on Morgan Reynolds comments or a synopsis of the article he has written, reported on your programme or any similar one. Equally, they will probably not report the similar remarks of a former Reagan Administration Official – Paul Craig Roberts.I wonder if this e-mail will go unanswered, like so many others I have written about this subject. I know that in the future, the truth *will* come out, so that is what keeps me focused on the evidence.Thanks for reading,Andrew JohnsonDerbyshireUK

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