South Tower Exit Wounds Tell 911 Tale

From: Clive

Date: 2005-07-31 08:19:23

South Tower Exit Wounds Tell 911 Tale In the light of the Bush administration attack on Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame for revealing Bush Iraq War lies , it is not surprising that America’s British hero of a few short weeks ago, George Galloway, had his District targeted in the London Blasts by al-CIAda. As the bomb was placed underneath the Tube subway car clearly no suicide bomber was involved.…   Regards, Clive     avast! Antivirus: Outbound message clean. Virus Database (VPS): 0530-3, 29/07/2005Tested on: 31/07/2005 06:57:47avast! – copyright (c) 2000-2004 ALWIL Software.

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