Breaking the Cover-up in Medicine and Pharmeceuticals

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Date: 2005-08-07 22:41:44

For those of us who try to read and research “alternative knowledge” in a number of different areas, a clear pattern seems to emerge; the active suppression of knowledge, by some group of people, whenever it would threaten or undermine the accepted paradigm. Whilst many of us are now aware of this happening with things like 9/11 and the London Bombings, and with the knowledge of UFO’s and ET’s, people sometimes seem less willing to accept that the same tactics have been employed in Science, Religion and Medicine.   I recently recently finished working through a book called “Politics in Healing” (…). It documents how a number of very useful and highly effective cheap, non-toxic and readily available treatments for cancer have been comprehensively suppressed and in one or two cases, crushed out of existence. Visit the websites below for more information about some of these therapies and treatments:   Please forward this important information   On Dr William F. Koch On Hoxsey… The Hoxsey Clinic Centro Biomédico Tijuana, Mexico Tel. 011 52 66 84 9011 On Rife On DMSO PHARMA 21 1363 Shinly, Suite 100 Escondido, CA 92026 On Naessens Centre Experimental de Recherches Biologiques de l’Estrie 5260 Mills St., Rock Forest, Quebec, J1N 3B6 Canada Tel. (819) 564-2195 Email On Hydrazine Sulfate On Electromedicine On Burzynski www.burzynskipatient… S. R. Burzynski Clinic 9432 Old Katy Road, Houston, TX 77055 Tel. (713) 335-5697 On Cesium……   Call me rash, brash, reckless and feckless, but I now feel the time has come to educate ourselves about the reality of non-toxic cheap cures for cancer, free ever-lasting vacuum energy and anti-gravity technology. In doing this, we may just have a chance of “turning things around” sometime during the next few years – which could be very turbulent and even catastrophic, or they could be the beginning of a whole new age for mankind.  

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