Chemtrail Time Lapse movie – by ADJ

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-08-23 22:35:47

I made this today. It’s not all that clear, because it’s only done with the Webcam on my VAIO. I am going to do another one in higher resolution to see if it’s any better.If you watch the 1 minute video (3.2 megs download), it covers about 2 hours of real time.www.checktheevidence… things I noticed:1) Watch the top right of the frame – a trail is present as the playback starts (10:39). It dissipates over a period of about 17 minutes (10:56 am)2) At 11:04 or 11:05, you can see another trail appear – in pretty much the same place.3) This trail gets a little stronger, then dissipates as it moves down the frame and by about 11:35 it has gone. That’s 35 minutes folks.I will upload another video if I can get a better one.Andrew

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