Response from My MP regarding London Bombings & Northcom exercise

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-08-24 11:52:03

Attachments :   I have included some info, then my original letter below, then my MP’s response. Please decide for yourself how much of what I wrote was speculation (and yes, some of it definitely was!) and how much was based on evidence (you will need to download the evidence I sent to make an informed judgement, of course.   In support of statements about the 7-7 bombings, I have sent her this portfolio of evidence (on audio CD plus print outs) : www.checktheevidence… 3 megs In support of Northcom issue, I sent her this: www.checktheevidence… 2.5 megs Letter below: 13 August, 2005 Re: London Bombings and Upcoming/Current US Military Exercise   Dear Ms Blackman, I am writing to express my views about the very troubling events surrounding the July bombings in London, and the way the matter has been reported and handled by official bodies. I am also writing to advise you that a loose association of us have now formed (numbering just over 40 people) and we are now trying to distribute information to the public to allow them to have a better chance of making their own minds up. Events will be taking place in Bristol and in Ireland and possibly London (see… for more details). We now are asking serious questions about what is really behind the London attacks. We share great concern about the current news reports about Iran and also we think a US military exercise could be used as a pretext to certain events unfolding.   London Bombings   I have already written at length and supplied information about why I think the events of 9-11 show a terrible, terrible deception has been perpetrated on the world and I have sent you information regarding the statements of people like Morgan Reynolds and a Reagan Administration Official called Paul Craig Roberts. On 7/7 we were therefore much more vigilant about things that were reported. We have now collected evidence which shows that the Official Story of 7/7, like 9/11 has some question big marks surrounding it. 1)      Terrorist attack Exercises were running at the same time   On both 9/11 and 7/7, simulated terrorist attack exercises were running at the same time as the actual attacks (listen to track 4 on the Audio CD from BBC 5 Live and story from Canada Free Press). On 7/7 later reports tried to downplay or ignore this issue.   2)      Photo shows damage possibly consistent with a bomb under the train   A picture published in the UK Daily Mail on 28th July appears to show metal which has been pushed up through the floor of the train (see attached sheets).   3)      Mark Honigsbaum’s Report is consistent with what the photo shows   This can be heard on track 2 of the CD.   4)      Eyewitness Bruce Lait’s account in Cambridge Evening News also consistent with Photo   Bruce Lait also stated the bomb appeared to be underneath the train (see attached article).   5)      Al Quaeda announced as suspects of attacks before evidence gathered.   Mr Blair announced at 3pm that the attack bore all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda, despite the lack of an investigation. A later news broadcast on BBC Radio 2 (11pm on 7th), effectively confirming this statement, can be heard on track 5 of the CD.   6)      No public enquiry into the bombings has been considered   Both the government and Michael Howard have discouraged a wide enquiry into the events – just as happened with 9-11 (the “Omission Commission” was only set up following pressure from victims’ families).   7)      Lack of CCTV Footage   As far as I am aware, no moving CCTV footage of the bombers has been released, despite the quantity of it that should be available. This is very similar to the lack of footage available of a plane hitting the pentagon. One of the still pictures released of the 21/7 bombers has also been said, by some people, following a detailed analysis, to be faked.   8)      Dr Mohammed Naseem, leader of Birmingham Mosque, expresses mistrust of the Official Story   Also see attached – he does not believe the London Bombings were perpetrated by Al Qaeda.   At about the same time as some of the media were beginning to ask questions about the problems with the official story (e.g. an article in the Daily Mirror on 16th July), the 21/7 attacks happened – reminiscent of the November 2001 plane crash in New York.   Additionally, there are a great number of worrying questions related to the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes – who exactly shot him? Why was he shot multiple times by men in plain clothes? This seems to be a tragedy all round.   With all of the above issues, I am merely presenting you with information which you have probably not got from other sources and, if you have the time or interest to look at it, consider what needs to be done. From a political perspective, it seems to me that the current climate is one of fear, and the agenda seems to be to pass laws which limit certain civil liberties. On the surface, these would not seem to affect “ordinary citizens” and some people therefore feel it is of little or no concern. However, there are 2 problems with this view. Firstly, it is assumed that the laws are being proposed because of “real terrorist attacks” and secondly, important elements of these laws and how they can be applied seem to depend on arbitrary definitions of what a terrorist is. I fundamentally and strongly question both these lines of reasoning and have presented you with considerable evidence which should make anyone question the official stories given for 7/7 and 9/11.   Northcom Military Exercise (USA)   This is due to start about now – a simulated terrorist attack exercise (details attached from Northcom’s own website). You can possibly see why people like us are concerned about this. Also, a 4 star general in the US military has been fired, in the last few days, and he was one person who had some involvement with this exercise.   We are therefore concerned that a covert group might use this exercise as a cover for a real attack and blame it either on Iran or Al Qaeda or some “conjured-up conglomerate” of the two (also similar to what happened on 7/7, where an internet rumour of a splinter Al Qaeda group had supposedly claimed responsibility for the attacks. This internet rumour was reported as main news, in preference to the eyewitness account of Bruce Lait, for example, or the accounts of reporters such as Mark Honigsbaum).   The Northcom Exercise is discussed on track 1 of the CD in a conversation between George Noory and Alex Jones (a US talk show host who has been collecting evidence similar to that which I have included here).   One thing I would therefore ask you to do is consider very carefully how you vote on the new terrorism related bills and laws when they are tabled in The House of Commons. If and when you have the time, please try to undertake an analysis of the evidence for the case I am making. The current political climate where views such as mine are often regarded with scorn, disbelief and ridicule makes it difficult to do anything. However, I present this evidence to you to support the validity and the seriousness of each of these views. Like others of our 40-strong movement, we want to get to the truth and we feel there are serious shortcomings in our media and political bodies in addressing the issues raised by the evidence we present.   I am as ever, grateful for any time you have spent in reading this letter and the supporting evidence I have presented, and I would be happy to supply any further details to you or any other interested person or party, and I would gladly be involved in any open or honest debate in any public forum.   Yours Sincerely,       Andrew Johnson   

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