The Next Strike….

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-08-29 15:02:43… Countdown To Next Bush Terrorist Act By Ted Lang 8-28-5 I have, in many previous efforts, attempted to sound the alarm that a Bush and Cheney-engineered nuclear terrorist act against the people of the United States is being planned and orchestrated for the purpose of inciting a blinding, collective rage amongst Americans. This anger will, once again, be misdirected by the administration towards Israel’s next target: Iran. This Internet-exposed impending horror even has a quick reference: ‘false flag operation.’ There are really only two ways to stop it: one a powerful way, and the other, not nearly as effective. The best way to stop the Bush-Cheney coming Apocalypse is impeachment. The second, a much weaker approach and not nearly as effective, is via the alternative media. AM writers need to continue to elaborate, report on, and predict our government’s next terrorist act against US. And make no mistake – the AM has already made a difference. It should be clear to all who seek the truth, those who put God and country before a politician and his political party, that there is a major difference between government and the country it governs. Bill Clinton tried to offer them as inseparable, much as Bill O’Reilly and his fellow babbaloneyans… are trying to do right now in attacking the patriotism of Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan has shown US the way, and the Bush sycophants are rallying to the growing threat against their “man. As I have previously pointed out, we now live precariously in the darkest and most desperate hours of the Bush administration. Even a normally docile, wild creature, no matter how small, will fight tooth and nail to the death when cornered and fearing for its life. This is now the desperate condition of this out-of-control administration. It is for this reason that our government will soon strike, again! Whether the method of stopping World War III is impeachment, or the AM’s leadership to educate, inform and warn MSM-brainwashed Americans, time is on the enemy’s side. It is they who have their finger on the red button – it is they, not US, who control news events reported on by both the alternative and mainstream media. Impeachment proceedings are difficult, if not impossible to initiate, considering the number of Bush supporters now controlling our government. And even if initiated, impeachment is a lengthy, drawn out process. Impeachment, if attempted, must specifically cite direct Bush administration involvement in 9-11, as well as the planned unjust, illegal, unnecessary and unconstitutional invasion of Iraq. It must focus on Bush’s lies launched by those famous 16 words in his State of the Union address, offering the Downing Street Memo as exhibit A. It needs to show how the Bush regime tricked US into this disaster, so that the second orchestrated event doesn’t happen. Can it now be seen how unlikely it is that impeachment will prevent the next false flag event from happening? The only hope for America, and the world, is if public opinion turns sharply and quickly against the Bush crime machine. And the alternative media is the way. A notable public figure must speak out, and must speak out now! The MSM and its charlatans and blabbermouth phonies must be overpowered in order to inform the American people. Emphasis here again must be placed on the strength of evidence proving the Bush administration’s complicity in the 9-11 terrorist acts, and then liken them to the now ongoing activities of the administration setting US up for the next false flag attack. The only way to bridge the Grand Canyon-like credibility gap characteristic of the majority of Americans is for a notable figure to just strongly state our government’s complicity in 9-11, providing justification for such accusations via the large array of physical and circumstantial evidence easily available thanks to the AM and this website. This must happen sooner than later. A stir has already been created by one notable, Patrick Buchanan, in his American Conservative magazine. Anyone familiar with the US Constitution, or one having read McCullough’s John Adams, knows the Office of the Vice-President has only one function: to replace the president when called upon. Yet now, under Bush, the vice-president has new and far-reaching powers, albeit all unconstitutional. Vice President Cheney now assumes the new role of commander in chief of Terrorist Attack Planning/Execution With Our Redirected Military, or simply TAPEWORM. And like the parasite the acronym describes, it destroys its host from within. And has we have all come to realize, a house divided against itself will not remain standing for long. ©2005 Ted Lang – All rights reserved Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer. — No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.344 / Virus Database: 267.10.16/83 – Release Date: 26/08/2005

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