Article on Mars Anomalies Published on Phenomena Magazine’s Website

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-09-05 09:16:22

Attachments : See www.phenomenamagazin… URL www.phenomenamagazin…)I started to write this about 6 weeks ago, but only just found time to finish it over the weekend.   The editor had some trouble using the pictures I sent (web site software problems), so I have attached these here. However, the links to the original NASA data are in the article, but you’ll need to copy them into the browser). If anyone wants to listen to Sir Charles Shults III describing his experiences, the audio is available for you here:   Sir Charles Shults III – Martian Fossils, Space Elevators – Coast To Coast – Aug 21 2005.mp3   This is 19 megabytes, 1 hour 50 mins playing time. As are those below:   Sir Charles Shults III – Space Research & Martian Fossils – Coast to Coast – Jun 06 2004.mp3 Sir Charles Shults III – Signs of Martian Life – Coast to Coast – Oct 16 2004.mp3   More info on request.

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