Canadian Friend of Mine Barred from Entering the USA

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-09-06 00:25:03

This seem to conform with the pattern of events now unfolding.I have been corresponding with Grant for about 18 months – 2 years and he is an experienced speaker who has lectured at many conferences in the USA over the past few years – mainly on subjects pertaining to the UFO cover-up. He has spent many hours at US Presidential Libraries and has published his research here, for everyone to look at, for free.www.presidentialufo…. is a truly marvellous resource. Grant was due to speak at a conference in Hollywood (yes, California)…., he was not permitted to go there: I got this message from him on Sept 4th.=============================I was to have spoken today at the National UFO convention in LA. I flew to Vancouver and at that point was refused entry into the United States by US Customs- Homeland Security.The officer was very ugly about the whole thing. The ruling was that I was lecturing for a fee and not an honorarium. I therefore did not have the proper work authorization required by Customs. This has never been imposed before. When I mentioned this officer # 2740 stated “We will not be making that mistake again!!”I flew around Canada for a day and ended up at home. A very expensive experience. Some tell me here I will have hard time getting in the States from now on.==================Today he added these details:==================The “notice of ineligibility for Pre-Flight Clearance” was issued by inspector 2740 with the United States Department of Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection.” The violation was listed as section 212 (a) (5) (A) You appear to seek engage in skilled or unskilled labor in the United States without having a US Department of Labor Certificate.When I mentioned I was being paid an honorarium he told me not to go there. It was only for professors and you’re not one.The presentation I was to give was64 Reasons why the Government thinks it has to Cover-up.    

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