Is this Alex Jones? No, it’s Prof Jim McCanney!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-09-24 19:01:57

The audio below is well worth listening to. I converted it to MP3 (the longer text below includes real audio links which are smaller to download (7 megabytes):…   (11 megabytes)   He says that Scalar Weapons do not exist. I wouldn’t be so categorical about it (his defintion of Scalar is right, but could be better. A Scalar Quantity in Physics is one which has no direction – speed and weight would be examples. Force and Velocity are Vector quantities – each has both magnitude and direction).   For more info about the concept Scalar Weapons, here is a Wiki entry:…   I liked the text below too – the sort of thing I would have written.   Hurricanes Steered To Bring About Martial Law?…1patriot@1smartisp.n… Steered To Bring About Martial Law?Wed Sep 21, 2005 14:1364.140.159.74Hurricanes Steered To Bring About Martial Law?FORWARDED:SCIENCE EXPERT ALLEGES KATRINA WAS STEERED TO DELIBERATE LANDFALLHurricane RITA, which threatens to become a category 5 hurricane, ison a collision course with the Texas coast and it could have a hugelydamaging impact on oil refineries around it does, our country could be thrown into economic turmoil andmartial law could be declared nationwide as our cities would descendinto chaos and rioting because our whole society is built on afoundation of oil. I hope this does not happen, but having justrelistened to an archived radio show that I originally heard twoweeks ago, this time to take notes, In light of Hurricane Rita nowbearing down on the Texas coast, I feel concerned enough to urge youto listen to what McCanney has to say NOTES FROM MCCANNEY’s RADIO SHOWFirstly, Jim McCanney, MS, is an expert on weather manipulation,having written numerous scientific papers and a book about it:www.jmccanneyscience…, he provided enough detail to convince me that he’s someonewe should pay attention to. He asserts that energy for hurricanescomes from the ionosphere, and that the eye of a hurricane isactually an electric field. He states that hurricanes can occur overcold water too, citing the “Perfect Storm” off the New England coastof 1991.Thirdly, he states very matter of factly, claiming to have helpeddevelop the science that makes it possible that satellite guidedlasers can be used to ionize the path in front of a hurricane for thepurpose of steering it to an intended landfall. He states thatoriginally this technology was intended to steer hurricanes AWAY frompopulated areas so as to MINIMIZE the damage they do, but he assertsthat with Katrina, it was horribly misused for evil purposes.He asserts that his scientific papers were translated into Russian byRussian scientists who then gave our government information aboutweather manipulation so that we could use it to PROTECT ourselvesfrom hurricanes since they don’t occur in Russia, but do occur in USwaters.He asserts that this technology makes it possible to drag hurricanesaround by the lip just as it would be possible to make a person gowhere you want if you put a ring through their nose or lip andattached a cord to it to yank on it.He asserts that just before the hurricane would have hit New Orleans,it made a 90 degree turn just before landfall, which steered itdirectly into oil refineries just EAST of New Orleans off theMississippi coast.He asserts that the pattern of levvy breaches around New Orleansindicates that explosives were used to blow them citing that theofficial explanation that theywere caused by a storm surge didn’t addup because of breaches occurring on theRiver side and on the Canal side of the city (away from LakePonchartrain). He states that when the levvy’s broke, the storm surgehad ALREADY OCCURRED the day BEFORE. He flat out accuses FEMA ofbeing responsible for blowing the levees. While there is no proof ofthat, it would be consistent with their OTHER actions which wereclearly more geared towards establishing government CONTROL over thecity than to save lives.He notes that people who have been saying that weathermanipulation “isscientifically impossible” are wrong, and points us to a UNResolution signed during the Carter Administration in 1976 as hardevidence of its… asserts that this UN Resolution only makes it illegal to useweather modification technology to attack ANOTHER COUNTRY but that itDID NOT make it illegal to use against YOUR OWN PEOPLE.He asserts that our own SPACE COMMAND at NASA has the ability tosteer hurricanes, and flat out states that this just happened withKatrina.He also stated that he feels it is highly likely that ADDITIONALcontrived events will occur for the purpose of triggering martial lawin the USA.At the time he did this radio show, Hurricane Rita didn’t yet exist,but it sure does now, and its heading for Houston Texas and all theoil refineries there.THE MOVIE “OILSTORM” AIRED IN JUNE-WHATS HAPPENING NOW SEEMS LIKEITS FOLLOWING A SCRIPT….Earlier this summer, a movie came out called “Oil Storm” that almostseems like it was a SCRIPT for what we’re now seeing unfold in REALLIFE. SEE SAMPLE CLIP FROMMOVIE:… this synopsis of this TV movie which aired in… I categorically stating that we’re soon going to be under MartialLaw nationwide?No, I’m not, but with hurricane Rita currently taking aim at theTexas coast, I can’t just pretend I didn’t hear his radio show incase he IS correct.Am I categorically stating that I agree with what McCanney is saying?No, I am not, I don’t know enough to know if he’s correct or not, andI emphatically hope he is WRONG, but I can’t dismiss what he’s sayingin light of the fact that FEMA actively murdered a huge number ofpeople in New Orleans by not allowing people to get bottled waterthat Walmart tried to deliver or to allow coast guard boats withdiesel fuel to be unloaded, and that FEMA cut emergency phone linesof the Jefferson Parish President forcing him to position armedsheriffs to defend them once fixed.This has been very well documented, so it seems to me like the NewWorld Order is making its move on America RIGHT NOW in an effort toDESTROY our country so as to usher in the New World Order- a globaltotalitarian state.”We have been abandoned by our own country.” (Jefferson ParishPresident) See NewsFootage:www.informationclear…, of course is just one small PART of this GENOCIDE AGENDA.WHAT TO DO:If you live in a big city, you may want to develop a contingency planfor getting out, in fact you may want to LEAVE NOW because we face avery uncertain future. Check out this website about intentionalcommunities if you’d like to quickly get to a self sufficientcommunity outside of a city:www.ic.orgLook what happened in New Orleans after martial law as declared: theywouldn’t LET anyone leave(!!) I saw footage of Geraldo Rivera insidethe Super Dome pleading for the government to let the people insidethe dome LEAVE the dome, and another reporter stated that FEMA hadsealed the city, and wasn’t letting anyone walk across the causewayto Gretna, and safety.Could this happen in OTHER cities if things degenerated via a hugeeconomic depression and or via suitcase nukes or dirty bombs explodedin one or more major cities?What do YOU think?I’m not trying to scare the hell out of you with this discussion, itsjust that its better to be prepared for any eventuality than to noteven think about what seems to be unfolding right under our noses.As far as CODEX goes- I am encouraging people to hold meetings offriends, family, health food store owners and staff to show themKevin Miller’s DVD “We Become Silent” and to let them listen to theAudio Tape of the talk I gave in July at the PANLA Conference. Bothwill help people see thru the spin against our mssg coming from thepharma dominated vitamin trade associations such as NNFA.IAHF is selling both the DVD and audio tape for just $30.IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USAUnless we amp up the level of awareness, we’re not going to kill FTAA(Free Trade Area of the Americas) which would force Codexharmonization upon us. (See this well written article by Paul Taylor,Board Member of the National Health Federation, consultant to theDr.Rath Foundation:THE GROWING THREATS TO DSHEA:www4.dr-rath-foundat… Hurricane Rita does slam into Houston, wrecking the oil refineriesthere, it could trigger a huge economic depression which could causerioting to break out in all our major cities which could easilytrigger martial law. It could be just like the movie OIL STORM.I SERIOUSLY hope I am wrong! I REALLY hope this does not happen. Ihope McCanney is wrong in what he’s saying, but thought you alldeserved the benefit of the doubt.Please listen to his show and decide for yourself what you think andplease forward this message. We could all be in for a very rough ride.—–For Health Freedom,John C. Hammell, PresidentInternational Advocates for Health Freedom556 Boundary Bay RoadPoint Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USAhttp://www.iahf.comjham@iah…-333-2553 N.America360-945-0352 Worldpatriot@1smarti…—————————————————————————————–“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but Ican do something. And because I cannot do everything, I willnot refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do,I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God,I will do.” – Edward Everett Hale__________________________________________________

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