Please sign the UK911 Truth Petition

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-09-27 08:52:40

Hi, As you may know, some of us are very concerned that the true picture on the events on 911 has not been given to us. If you agree, sign the petition, which we hope to use at a later date. If you don’t agree, or aren’t interested, don’t sign it. (Yes, I know all the comments about petitions, thanks – I still think it’s better to have one than not, however.) www.petitiononline.c… Please forward this link as appropriate. Join us on the UK forum… You’ll be in good company. Thanks for reading. Andrew — No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.344 / Virus Database: 267.11.6/111 – Release Date: 23/09/2005

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