Former Canadian Defense Minister Speaks Out ET Visitors & Governmen

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-09-29 22:19:03

Michael Salla wrote this in response to seeing the Video of the Speech of Paul Hellyer.(See this page www.checktheevidence…) Aloha all, I just saw the video of Paul Hellyer’s speech. This is a very important development so congratulations to all of you that made it possible. Here’s something I’ve written that hopefully helps build momentum. My feeling is that the veil of secrecy is finally being lifted.In peaceMichael Salla, PhDwww.exopolitics.o…****Source:… Comment # 38 – Former Canadian Defense Minister SpeaksOut on Extraterrestrial Visitors & Government SecrecyOn September 25, 2005, Hon Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Ministerfor National Defense gave a speech in Toronto at an event titled:”Exopolitics Toronto: A Symposium on UFO Disclosure and PlanetaryDirection” (www.exopoliticstoron…) . Hellyer described his timeas Minister for Defense from 1963-1967 where the occasional UFOsighting report crossed his desk. He claims to never have had time forwhat he considered to be a “flight of fancy”, but neverthelessretained an interest in the UFO phenomenon. While Minister forDefense, he was guest of honor at the opening of the world’s first UFOlanding pad at Alberta, Canada in 1967. He thought it an innovativeidea from a progressive Canadian community willing to pay for hishelicopter ride, but did not give much thought to UFOs as havingserious policy implications. He also describes a private UFO sightinghe later had with family and guests, but once again attributed it to a’flight of fancy’ rather than anything having serious policyimplications.Hellyer’s position on UFOs dramatically changed after watching thelate Peter Jennings documentary special, “Seeing is Believing” inFebruary 2005. Hellyer decided to read a book that had been idlysitting on his book shelf for two years. Philip Corso’s, The Day AfterRoswell, sparked intense interest for Hellyer in terms of its policyimplications. Corso named real people, institutions and events in hisbook that could be checked. Intrigued by the policy implications,Hellyer decided to confirm whether Corso’s book was real or a “work offiction”. He contacted a retired United States Air Force General andspoke to him directly to verify Corso’s claims. The unnamed Generalsimply said: “every word is true and more”. Hellyer then proceeded todiscuss the “and more .” with the general and claimed he was toldremarkable things concerning UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesisthat interplanetary visitors have been here since at least 1947.Finally convinced that the UFO phenomenon was real Hellyer decided tocome forward and speak at Exopolitics Toronto about some of the “mostprofoundly important policy questions that must be addressed.” (forspeech go to: www.checktheevidence… ). The policy questionsHellyer addressed in his talk are both profound and vitally importantfor citizens of every nation of Earth.First, Hellyer claimed that evidence concerning UFOs is the “greatestand most successful cover up in the history of the world”. Heconfirmed that senior political officials even at the rank of Ministerof Defense, a position he himself occupied, are simply out of the loopwhen it comes to information concerning UFOs and visitingextraterrestrials. From a democratic perspective, that raises manyconcerns about oversight, transparency and accountability of those incontrol of the information, technology and projects concerning theextraterrestrial visitors.A second profound policy question concerns the designation by the U.S.military of visiting extraterrestrials as an ‘enemy’. According toHellyer, this had led to the development of “laser and particle gunsto the point that they can be used against the visitors from space.”It is this targeting of visiting extraterrestrials that concernsHellyer, and he asks “is it wise to spend so much time and money tobuild weapon systems to rid the skies of alien visitors?” Hellyerpoignantly raises the key policy question: “Are they really enemies ormerely legitimate explorers from afar?” Hellyer’s question raisesprofound importance in understanding the relationship between visitingextraterrestrial civilizations and world peace.The third policy question arose from the recent decision by PresidentBush to build a base on the moon. Hellyer believes this is theactivation of a plan first launched by Col Corso’s mentor, Lt GeneralArthur Trudeau to build a base from which visiting extraterrestrialscould be monitored and possibly targeted as they approach the Earth.Hellyer outlined his opposition to the weaponization of space,something that the liberal government of Canada is currently opposedto. The weaponization of space remains a key policy issue clearly hasprofound policy issues from the perspective of extraterrestrialvisitors to Earth.Finally, Hellyer declared that the “time has come to lift the veil ofsecrecy” and to have an “informed debate about a problem that doesn’tofficially exist.” Understanding the evidence concerning the UFOphenomenon is vital to fully preparing citizens around the world forthe truth concerning extraterrestrials, despite official denial andsecrecy by those “in the loop”. He calls for major global initiativesto fully prepare global citizenry for the truth. He endorses aposition taken by key exopolitical researchers such as Alfred Webre toprepare for a “Decade of Contact” where humanity is prepared for thetruth about extraterrestrial visitors through informed debate andeducation.Paul Hellyer is the first senior politician to openly come out anddeclare the truth about the extraterrestrial presence. He is blazing atrail that many other senior politicians are destined to take. It willbe wise if the world’s senior politicians quickly learn more aboutthis remarkable Canadian statesman and heed his important advise aboutdata on extraterrestrial visitors and the “profoundly important policyquestions that must be addressed.”© Michael E. Salla, PhDSept 29, 2005http://www.exopolitics.orgd…***Note: The Hon Paul Hellyer has been invited to attend the forthcoming”Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference from June9-11, 2006, on the Big Island of Hawaii. For more information and thelist of confirmed speakers that include Brig General Stephen Lovekin; Alfred Webre, J.D. and Michael Salla, Ph.D. please visit:***Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among privateindividuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in fullin all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all otherrights, which are reserved.

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