9/11 Discussed on Resonance FM starting at 12pm today.

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-09-30 11:13:48

From Brian Coleman – sorry if you get this twice Last night I was asked to come on the Resonance FM radio show to discuss 9/11 ahead of the film screenings next week.  Can you pass this information on to the 9/11 list, Belinda etc?The show is the Foundry Late Breakfast Show and starts from 12pm and I think runs until 2pm today… people can listen at 104.4 fm in London or listen at:www.resonancefm.com The Film listings for next week are here:www.foundry.tv Fran from Culture Shock film distribution will also be there talking about it…We are also going to show my Nick Nack video on Wednesday before 9/11 In Plane Site…Thanks for passing on this info… gotta run to the Foundry now!Brian

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