We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-10-08 08:33:14

www.emofree.com/arti… By Gary Craig Hi Everyone,   I was just reviewing the transcript of our advanced seminars and came upon this phrase by Dr. William A. Tiller, Stanford scientist and expert on intuition and intention.   “There’s so much. We’ve hardly scratched the surface. I think we’re hardly babes crawling on the floor of the universe. There’s so much which we will unfold in time.”   Dr. Tiller was speaking, of course, of our true potential and all those abilities we have that transcend the capacities of conventional science to explain. I bring this up because I have a keen interest in the “next level” of delivering healing. While the energy therapy techniques have lifted the profession to a new level in proficiency (for those few who are using them) they are, I think, just the beginning. We are, indeed, “babes crawling on the floor of the Universe” and there is more, much more, ahead of us. As the next 10 years unfold, I suspect we will be required to question and requestion our paradigms. We are in for some major pounding of our sacred belief systems. Belief relief may, in the near future, be our most ardent need. Many are already kicking and screaming because the mere mention of energy meridian balancing (tapping) violates everything that has been taught for decades in conventional psychology. These well meaning folks will be left behind until they become open to a paradigm shift. Many reading this have already made this paradigm shift. For them, tapping has already been accepted as a wave of the future in the healing field. However, this is probably only the beginning. I suggest that there are many more waves of the future that are far grander than our current tapping paradigm. We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe. We have much to learn.   But we resist new paradigm shifts. They are uncomfortable for us. As an example, I’ve been reading with some interest our recent thread on the “100th Monkey” phenomenon. It was originally introduced as a topic for our forum by Dr. John Hilkevich’s article on EFT and Spirituality. He used it as a metaphor to make a larger point regarding the pervasive energy field and our ability to AFFECT IT THROUGH INTENTION. In my opinion (and experience) I think the use of intention (and intuition) will be the centerpiece of the next wave.   I find it interesting that few, if any, picked up on this larger point. Instead, a debate took place regarding whether or not the “100th Monkey” phenomenon was scientifically valid. This is of interest, of course. But to me, this may be a diversion from having to confront yet another paradigm shift. It is within our comfort zones to discuss/debate subjects such as this (100th Monkey) and it is perfectly understandable that we do so. The other stuff (intention), to many of us, is from woo-woo land and we become uncomfortable being open to something so dramatically beyond most of our beliefs. So, we discuss tangential issues instead. We stay within the comfortable and ignore the belief busters. I’m not saying that was the intention of our contributors. Indeed, their points were well made. I am, however, pointing this out as a tendency.   Here’s another example of the resistance to paradigm shifts. I had lunch last week with a gentleman wherein I brought up the subject of spoon/fork bending (with the aid of intention) as demonstrated by Dr. Marla Brucker in our second advanced seminar. Immediately my companion blurted out, “I’m not impressed!! That stuff is magic. Yuri Geller tried to foist that on the public years ago and it is a parlor trick. It is a magic act!!” I was instantly deemed a second class citizen (even though I paid for lunch :-)) by my friend because I so blatantly violated his beliefs. The fact that I was in possession of a fork that was dramatically deformed by Marla during the seminar was of no help. The fact that other participants (beginners at metal bending) in the seminar also easily bent their spoons/forks, was immaterial. It was still magic. I asked my friend how this supposed magic trick was done. He had no answer.   It was simply magic.   I said, “People have been using intention to help bend metal for decades. Surely, if it was magic, someone would have written a book, appeared on 60 Minutes or done something to expose/explain how this magic trick is done. No one has ever done this. Why not? Our society loves to expose phonies and does so at every opportunity. If it is really phony, why has no one been able to explain this other than it being the use of mind over metal?” But none of this mattered to my friend. If it is unexplainable within his belief system, it is magic. Period. Further, I am reminded of the many conversations I have had with “scientists” regarding our ability, with proper mental conditioning, to walk with our bare feet on blazing hot coals. It is often pooh-poohed by the scientific community and explained away with such answers as, “a thin layer of sweat appears on the soles of the feet which insulates them from being burnt.”   Nonsense.   Interestingly enough, those offering the opinions are not willing to walk on hot coals with their bare feet to prove their point. I have done this 7 or 8 times and the only time I have been burnt (big time blisters lasting two weeks) was when I fell out of my mental state during the fire walk. Where was my “thin layer of sweat” on that occasion? On all other occasions, it was like walking on my living room carpet.   We are babes crawling on the floor of the Universe and limit ourselves enormously by our own beliefs. If we are to progress we must stay open. We must stay open.  

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