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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-10-10 23:02:23

I agree with most of what Greer says, apart from his off-hand remarks about people like the Bilderbergers, which rail against the other remarks he makes about the oil and energy industries – but maybe he is just covering himself…. www.disclosureprojec… UFOs: What the Government Really Knows Exclusive Interview by Jean-Noel Bassior, published in Hustler magazine’s November 2005 issue. For more than 50 years, shadowy government agencies have supressed
information about extraterrestrials and the use of E.T. technology
In 1998 Dr. Steven M. Greer resigned his post as Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina to spend all his time and energy on exposing a massive corporate-government coverup of extraterrestrial contact that’s been kept under wraps for decades. Why does this matter? It’s not so much the dozens of deceased aliens secreted at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, Greer says, or even the supersecret radionic technology that took the life of his assistant and two collegues and nearly killed him. It’s not even the prototypes of UFOs that roam the Southwest’s friendly skies, looking so much like real E.T. craft that it’s hard to tell the difference. (Your tax dollars at work.) What’s important, Greer insists, is that if the government came clean with what it knows about E.T. technology, we could upgrade the planet. Not only would we wean ourselves off oil and other fossil fuels, but we could scrap nuclear power and implement clean, cheap, safe energy that any country or culture could afford. One problem: That might weaken or topple the corporate-government power structure that controls our fuel and energy systems, mass-produces war weapons and keeps a light rein on the global economy. So how to shine a light on a shadowy consortium that promotes war while fostering scarcity, making gas prices astronomic? Based in Crozet, Virginia, Greer’s Disclosure Project has convinced hundreds of insiders, including military brass and CIA ops, to defy nondisclosure pacts. They’ve coughed up documents (some still classified) and signed testimonials. Greer’s got it all — in fact, he gave Peter Jennings’s producers access to these bombshell revelations for the ABC special on UFOs that aired last spring. But, as the good doctor found out, you can’t give this stuff to the mainstream media and expect it to air on prime time. “They won’t let us do it,” a senior producer told Greer by phone. “I said,’Who’s They?'” Greer recalls. “And he said ‘Dr. Greer, you know who they are.’ And click, he hung up.” So why not get these documents to the President of the United States? Been there, done that. “Hillary and Bill spent hours poring over them,” Greer claims a close friend of the Clintons reported, adding that when Clinton took office, he wanted two questions answered: Who killed Jack Kennedy? and What’s going on ith the UFOs? It didn’t take long for Clinton to realize, says Greer’s friend, that he had a much better chance of completing his term if he followed his own “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. In 2001, Greer held a press conference at which many witnesses came forward, but it was eclipsed by 9/11. Since then he’s gathered more insiders willing to reveal what the government won’t. So if you’re tired of holding hands with the Saudis, or you think it’s time Earthlings had access to that cool, antigravity technology that allows UFOs to dodge our weapons (most of the time), check out DisclosureProject.or…. “It’s about your pocketbook, not about little green men,” says Greer, who wants to replace fossil fuel and nuclear power with the advanced energy systems used by E.T.’s. Where do you get that? “Just ask the government,”Greer replies. “They’ve had it for 50 years.” Washington may not want to listen, but we certainly do.   Hustler: When did you see your first UFO? Dr. Steven M. Greer: Back in the early 1960s, when I was eight or nine. Some neighborhood boys and I saw a disc-shaped, windowless object that hovered, silent, then simply vanished. May parents said, “That’s very nice” and ignored it, but I knew what I’d seen, and it was life-changing.” What made you leave medicine to focus on the UFO coverup full time? In 1990 I learned that NATO and the Belgian Air Force were tracking an enormous triangular craft — about 800 feet in diameter — and it reignited my interest. I went there and actually saw the F-16 fighter jet radar tape of a massive UFO hovering, then accelerating at several thousand miles per hour — way outside the envelope of what any man-made object could do. Have you seen a UFO at close range? My research team and I had one of these massive triangles come down right over our car. It was vibrating on top and sounded like an enormous transformer — a deep, low-frequency hum. The most dramatic thing we’ve seen is a near-landing in England, in 1992, where we had a 100-foot diameter disc in front of us about ten feet above the ground, signalling and communicating. There were people on board. Has your team ever established contact with an E.T. Spacecraft? In the early 1990’s a BBC recording crew picked up a series of beeping tones [from a UFO]. We recorded that, and we fed it back out. For all we know, it’s their trash compactor, bt we figure that if they see humans sending th eir signal back to them, they’ll identify it as communication. In Pensacola, Florida, we signaled [a UFO craft] with high- powered lights and lasers — and they signaled back to us! We have this on videotape. We go to areas where these objects have been seen; so we’re not just sitting in our backyard. Are UFOs hostile? There’s not a shred of evidence that these UFOs or the life-forms behind them are a threat or hostile to us. There is a lot of evidence that some rogue military projects have done foolish and dangerous things that have been agressive toward them. Has the government concealed E.T. vehicles and bodies? They have several dozen extraterrestrial vehicles and dozens of deceased [E.T.] life-forms of various races. Some are stored in an underground facility near Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Are secret programs developing E.T. technology? Yes. We can prove, through the testimony of dozens of witnesses, that there have been covert programs that have studied and figured out the energy and propulsion systems behind UFOs. We’re talking about a whole new type of physics that would enable humans to generate energy from what’s called the “quantum vacuum.” How does this energy work? There’s a baseline level of energy that’s in all the space around us — not outer space, but the space in this room. It’s estimated that every cubic centimeter of space here has enough energy to run the entire Earth for a day. This can be tapped. Some scientists are trying to fabricate motors that extract energy from the quantum vacuum, the energy that surrounds us. You mean the space between atoms? Correct. The “zero point” energy. I’ve actually seen one of these [devices] working. Of course, the inventor has been threatened. Dr. Eugene Mallove, who was murdered in May [2004], and I were working on this. I’m carrying it forward, but it’s high-risk. [for more on Dr. Mallove and cold-fusion technology, check out….] How close are we to harnessing this energy? We’re fairly close. There are people with “proof of principle” things, but no products for sale yet. Right now we’re working with an inventor who has created energy from this quantum vacuum in the hundreds of watts range — enough to run several things in your home. We can also demonstrate the antigravity effects of high-voltage systems under certain controlled experiments. An electronic field makes something fairly weightless. We’re working with a man who’s done very advanced antigravity work. The colonel who classified it is willing to declassify it for us to take forward. You’ve made an object weightless? We’ve seen this done in a lab. The techniques for tapping this energy have already been fully developed within rogue and covert programs. Lockheed Skunkworks has enormous ships zipping around that are [powered by] antigravity. A lot of the UFOs sighted in the high desert of California and Utah are actually manmade prototypes. Who else is making these phony UFOs? The companies involved are SAIC [Science Applications International Corporation], TRW, Northrop, Raytheon and EG&G. We have enormous intelligence on this. I know the buildings where this stuff is going on. This needs to come out so people know the truth. Does our tax money support these secret programs, or are they privately funded? Both. There’s private, corporate funding as well as what’s called “black budget” sources. I met with Senator Robert C. Byrd’s staff in 1994. His senior investigator and chief counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee, for which he was chairman at the time, told me that this stuff was real, [but that] they could not penetrate this black world dealing with UFOs. At that time between $40 billion and $100 billion a year was going into these projects, and they could not trace the money. Why are these programs kept secret? Fossil fuel and the nuclear power industries would be made redundant by these technologies that very elegantly extract energy from the quantum vacuum, or “zero point” energy field. We have a $7 trillion part of the world economy dealing with fossil fuels and conventional transportation. If this information comes out – aside from people realizing that we’re not alone in the universe – they’ll quickly see that we don’t need oil, coal or central utilities. It’s all about maintaining the homeostasis and status quo of the world macro-economic and power dynamic. How would zero-point energy transform the global economy? It would replace everything. You wouldn’t need oil, but the $30 trillion-a-year global economy would quickly grow to $200 trillion because there’d be clean, sustainable energy, and manufacturing and transportation would be very inexpensive. Eighty percent of the world’s population lives in amazing poverty, and it would lift that. It would revolutionize the planet. People talk about the “peace dividend,” but it’s time for a “space dividend.” Who’s hiding these advanced energy systems from the public? The entity that runs this stuff is the world’s largested RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization]. They used to be called MJ – Majestic – 12 – but the last term I heard was PI-40. It’s not one society. There are sweeping conspiracy theories about the Masons, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Counsel of Foreign Relations. I know people in all these entities, and most of them couldn’t find their ass in a well-lighted room. It’s much more prosaic and nuanced than that. Why do they feel threatened? It would decentralize power. Right now the centralized financial and oil system is so integrated with the way the world runs. We have testimony about what the agenda is from people who’ve been on the inside. Who’s in this covert group? There’s a committee of 200 to 300 people who are on the policy board for this issue. Admiral Boby Ray Inman, who went from head of the National Security Agency to the board of SAIC – which is one of the crown jewels of this covert entity – is a member. So is Admiral Harry Trane. George Bush Sr., Cheney and Rumsfeld are involved, as is the Liechtenstein banking family. The Mormon corporate empire has an enormous interest in this subject; they have much more power than the White house or the Pentagon over this issue. And there are secret cells withing the Vatican. Have you met with any of these people? There are factions within this group, and I’ve met with some of the “good guys.” People think that it’s a monolithic conspiracy, but they’re wrong. About 40% to 50% of people involved in these supersecret projects want this stuff out. They know we’re running out of oil, China is industrializing, and the polar ice caps are melting. And they know that if this [advanced E.T. technology] was announced today, it would take ten to 20 years to get it into widespread application to avert an economic, strategic, geoploitical and environmental catastrophe. They see that and want to fix it, but they’re still a minority. They’re more enlightened, but it’s the ruthless ones who rule. Was CIA Director William Colby involved at some point? Was his “accidental” death in 1996 connected to your work? Bill Colby was defecting from the supersecret group, and he was assassinated because he was going to transfer some hard technologies – operating devices – and $50 million in funding to us. He knew that with my kind of willpower and connections, I would have gotten that out to the world. He was found floating down the Potomac River the week he was going to meet with my closest friend. They made an example of him. In fact, Colby’s best friend, a colonel who set up the meeting, said it was absolutely a hit. Even his wife said on CNN, “You know, it was strange, because he would never go out canoeing in a flooded, rain-swollen Potomac River at night and leave the house open and the cofeemaker and the computer on. That’s not like Bill Colby at all.” Colby’s widow stopped short of calling it murder. Someone may have said, “Play along, or your children are next.” I mean, these people are thugs. Has your life been threatened? [Around the time] Colby was killed, my right-hand assistant, a member of Congress who was working very closely with us and myself all got a deadly type of cancer in the same month — different kinds. I don’t talk about this publicly much because people say, “Come on!” But it absolutely can be done, it was done, and everyone died but me. I as devastated, and it took me 18 months to recover. You’re saying the UFO-coverup conspirators can target people from a distance and produce cancer? Yes. Dr. Tom Bearden’s books about the scalar electgromagnetic weapons systems explain how longitudinal waveforms can be a carrier wave for this kind of thing. They can get it down to a cell, to your DNA. It’s all resonance. We’ve had this technology since the 1950’s. Do you have witnesses willing to step forward and reveal what they know about this massive coverup? We have about 450 military and government “insiders” who have been present during rather undeniable events, including the study of these energy and propulsion systems. ************************************************ Witness Testimony Overview – “The Greatest Secret in Modern History” – excerpts from Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History by Steven M. Greer, MD. ************************************************ Do you have documents? We have a number of smoking gun documents, including a wiretap of Marilyn Monroe the day before she died, which has never been declassified. She was threatening to hold a press conference to tell the world what Jack Kennedy had told her during pillow talk about having seen debris from an extraterrestrial vehicle at what the document calls a “secret air base.” She was murdered for this. Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this? The biggest problem is the media. If a congressman starts looking into this, they get pilloried and ridiculed by the media. There’s a CIA document [Click here for PDF file of this document.] from 1991 that clearly states that the Agency had contacts or resources at every major media outlet to kill, spin or stop stories. It’s a canard that we have a free press. Also, people can’t wrap their minds around it. A former editor at the Boston Globe told me, “This is just too far-out. And even if it’s true, we’d never run it because it’s associated with tabloids and the lunatic fringe.” And yet these people pout 24/ coverage on what I call “the blowjob heard ’round the world.” And I can say that in HUSTLER. The media will spend millions for satellite trucks and onsite reporters to cover freak shows like the O.J. Simpsons or Michael Jackson trials. Why is the UFO issue so urgent? It’s about how we live our lives. Aside from cleaning up the environment, it [E.T. technology] extricates us from our dependency on oil, gets us out of that Middle East mess and saves the average American household thousands of dollars a year in heating, utilities and gas for their cars. And, globally, it frees up enormous amounts of economic potential. This would be the tide that raises all ships. How do you keep going in the face of so much mainstream resistance? It’s a sort of Promethean challenge. Lawrence Rockefeller once told me, “It’s wonderful that you’re going to do this, and it’s so important. But I’m afraid you’re going to be the court jester, that people won’t take this seriously.” And I said, “Well, we at least have to try.” How will you publicize your information? We’re moving on two fronts. One is technology, working through SEAS [Space Energy Access Systems, Inc.] at That’s the corporate side for the technology and research we’re doing. The second is identifying funding support for the next phase – a much larger press and media presence with new witnesses, particularly those involved with advanced technologies. The limiting factor has been funding. If I were to claim aliens had raped me, I’d have a multimillion-dollar movie deal. Doing something serious, there’s hardly any money available. They talk about morality and who’s [having sex with] whom, but real morality is being concerned with these issues. What do our extraterrestrial visitors want? I think they’re waiting for us to grow up and quit destroying Earth and each other. That may be the entry requirement for joining the interplanetary club, and we’re just not there yet. That’s the biggest challenge for the human race. Are you hopeful about the future? I’m very hopeful. In fact, I have no doubt that the outcome will be peaceful, that these technologies will completely rehabilitate Earth’s fortunes and environment, and eliminate poverty. And it will happen in our lifetimes. But the question is, how much madness has to go on between now and then? Jean-Noel Bassior has written for Redbook, Parade and other publications. The lifeliong sci-fi fan’s book ‘Space Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television’ has recently been published by McFarland.  

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