[infowarsnews] Former Abu Ghraib General: Torture Is Continuing; Or

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-10-25 23:53:40

Attachments : This is upsetting. But remember what the plan is here: the Destruction of the USA. Alex Jones has been saying this for years. With the article below, you can see how this will create conflict within the US Military against the ruling administration. This could lead to Civil War – perhaps in the next few years. This intensely weakens the USA as a world power. So in my view, which anyone is free to disagree with, this fits the pattern – and Alex Jones is right – he looks at the evidence – which is what we have here. Former Abu Ghraib General: Torture Is Continuing; Order Came From Very TopGeneral says she was deliberately kept out of the loop and scapegoated to protect higher ups Steve watson, Paul Watson & Alex Jones

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