Another Excellent Analysis by Hufschmid

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-10-27 17:54:33…   To get away with crimes, pretend to be a crime fighter   By Eric Hufschmid 11 Oct 2005 updated 21 Oct 2005 Most people think I am exaggerating when I tell them that the 9-11 “truth movement” is dominated by wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Those of us who expose corruption actually face two problems: Convincing people that our government is corrupt beyond anything they dreamed possible   Convincing people that most of the “truth seekers” are trying to cover up the corruption, or they are rival criminals trying to take over while Bush appears vulnerable.   The 9-11 attack is not a gameThousands of people were murdered, billions of dollars worth of property was destroyed, and thousands are still suffering health problems from breathing the demolition debris. And wars are still going on because of the attack. The people who did 9-11 have a lot to lose if they are exposed, and they have a lot to gain if they remain in control.  Furthermore, 9-11 was not their first crime. Many of them were involved in other crimes that they must cover up. Do you really think these people are so foolish that they will sit idly by while people expose them? If so, take a look at some of the suspicious suicides and accidents during the past decade. For example, Gary Webb committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, twice. Mike Ruppert insists this is possible.  Other people suspect Ruppert is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is trying to deflect attention away from the Zionists and onto the CIA, vice-president Cheney, and Peak Oil. Some sites think Mossad killed Gary Webb.     Deception is the preferred weaponSetting up suicides and airplane accidents is expensive and risky, so they kill us only as a last resort. They prefer to pay hundreds, maybe thousands, of people to pretend to be 9-11 “truth seekers”. The best way to get away with a crime is to be the investigator of the crime. Since people have trouble understanding this concept when I explain how it applies to 9-11, maybe it will be easier to understand if you imagine how it could happen to you. So let’s look at how a gang of car thieves can get away with stealing your car. Let’s assume that you have a neighbor named Joe, who you assume is an ordinary, honest citizen. In reality, Joe is part of a gang that steals cars, and Joe wants to steal your car. What is the best way for Joe and his gang get away with car thefts?   Warn the victim ahead of timeJoe could tell you that he was browsing an Internet site where car thieves often send messages to each other, and he noticed a lot of chatter about stealing a car in your neighborhood. A few days later, Joe steals your car. Your first reaction would be, “Oh what a fool I am. I should have listened to my wonderful neighbor Joe, who tried to warn me.” Not many people would wonder, “Wait a minute… if you know where car thieves are talking to each other on the Internet, why not tell the police and let them identify the people?”     Offer to help solve the crimeWhen you tell Joe that your car was stolen, Joe fakes sadness. Joe then announces that he wants to rid the neighborhood of crime.  Joe offers to start an organization of truth seekers who will assist the police in their search for evidence. He tells you that he will collect information about the crime and pass it on to you and the police.  You would be grateful to Joe. It would never occur to you that Joe is sifting through all of the evidence that comes to him and discarding anything that implicates Joe or his friends in the crime. The only evidence he passes on to the police are the ones that send them in the wrong direction. By fooling people into sending him the evidence, Joe also finds out which citizens he has to watch, and possibly blackmail or kill.     Give false evidenceJoe could pay some of his criminal friends to pretend to be witnesses to the theft of your car. The news reporters and police would never suspect that these witnesses are actually part of the gang that stole your car, and that they are sending the police in the wrong direction. Joe could also pay his friends to call radio talk shows to spread the false evidence to the public.  Joe could also pay his friends to request the radio talk shows and newspapers to interview Ralph. This creates the impression that Ralph is a popular person, but in reality he is a member of the gang that steals cars, and all he really wants to do is spread false information.     Find naive people to pay for the cover-upAfter a few months Joe could ask for donations. He could complain that running the investigation is time-consuming and expensive, and he would appreciate donations of any type.  The naive people who donate money would not realize that they are paying Joe to cover up his crime. Few, if any, of the people who donate money will have the nerve to ask Joe how much money is being donated, or what happens to that donated money. The few who ask will be provided with deceptive answers. Asking for money has an additional advantage; specifically, it fools people into assuming Joe is an ordinary, honest citizen, not a wealthy criminal with secret sources of money.     Bury the truth with nonsenseSome people in your neighborhood might take it upon themselves to investigate the theft of your car simply because they are concerned about crime. They might discuss evidence on message boards and web sites. These independent, truly honest citizens are a threat to Joe’s gang because they might discover that Joe is involved in organized crime. They might even put up a web site that exposes Joe. To protect himself, Joe pays his criminal friends to join the honest message boards and pretend that they are honest citizens who want to uncover the truth about the crime. In reality they would post thousands of idiotic and deceptive messages. They would bury the few useful messages.   Give conspiracy theories a bad imageJoe could turn some people away from the few honest web sites by giving a bad image to the people who claim Joe is a criminal. Joe could pay his friends to post ridiculous theories in order to make the message boards look like they are dominated by people with mental disorders.  For example, one of Joe’s friends could post a photograph that shows a blurry, mysterious object in the sky above Joe’s car. The object is a bird that is out of focus, but Joe’s friend tries to encourage people to believe that it might be an alien spacecraft, and that perhaps the aliens stole Joe’s car for their museum of human technology. Another of Joe’s criminal friends could announce that he heard from a reliable source that your car was picked up by the police along the Polish-Austrian border. By flooding the message boards with stupid and deceptive messages, the honest messages are lost in the nonsense. Some of the honest citizens who look at the message board will be so overwhelmed by the nonsense that they ignore the issue.     Simulate discussions on message boardsJoe could pay his friends to join Internet message boards using false names and simulate discussions. They would pretend as if they were independent citizens. For a simplistic example of how a conversation might appear, assume that Joe inherited some money when his father died:   Ralph I think Joe is stealing cars. Bob Why do you say that? Frank You shouldn’t accuse Joe of a crime without proof. This is disgusting!!!! Ralph Well, Joe has a lot of money. How could he get so much from an ordinary job? Bob Yeah, Joe does have a nice house, and an expensive car. Frank You might be on to something Ralph. We should call the police! Jim Stop it, you idiots! I know Joe, and he recently inherited money when his father died. Ralph Oh, I feel so stupid for jumping to conclusions. Bob Me too. I hope Joe doesn’t read these messages. Frank We owe Joe an apology.   Find useful idiots to promote nonsenseIt is difficult to lie. The best way to spread false information is to find a fool to do the work for you. Convince the fool that the lie is actually the truth, and then the fool will spread the lie for you. Since he believes the lie, he will be sincere when he talks about it.     Make Joe appear to be a victimOne of Joe’s friends could post messages on a regular basis that make fun of the people who accuse Joe of crimes, such as  “Oh, yeah, we all know Joe stole the car. I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true!” When there is a serious traffic accident, or a severe rainstorm, Joe’s friends could post messages such as: “As we all know, the accident was Joe’s fault. It’s always Joe’s fault. Let’s blame Joe!”   “I suppose Joe will be blamed for the thunderstorm! Everything is Joe’s fault.”  These messages will fool a few naive people into assuming that Joe is always a victim, similar to the way Pollacks were the primary subject for jokes when I was a child.       Outnumber the honest sites Joe could pay his criminal friends to create thousands of “truth seeker” web sites in order to bury the few honest web sites. When honest citizens look on the Internet for information about car thefts, they will almost certainly encounter one of the deceptive web sites from Joe’s friends, not one of the honest web sites. The end result is that they get a distorted or unpleasant view of the subject.   Boast about honestyTo make his “truth seeker” web sites appear more honest, Joe could tell his friends to openly boast about their honesty. For examples of the possible remarks:  “The World’s Most Trusted Source For Truth”.    “Established Experts In Counter Propaganda”    “The World’s Only Established Experts In Counter Propaganda Science”.    “We Demand Honesty in Government”. If those silly statements fool a few people, then it was worth Joe’s money and time.     Give the honest citizens a bad imageWhen an honest citizen exposes information that Joe does not want exposed, Joe could pay his friends to find something about the citizen to complain about. For example, if a citizen creates a video that exposes Joe’s gang, the gang could try to give the video a bad image with such remarks as,   “That video looks like some amateur made it in his garage. You will embarrass those of us in the Truth Seeking movement if you show people such crummy video!” Or,   “That guy’s voice is terrible! You can’t show that lousy video to people! It will turn people away! Come on, he needs a professional narrator!” Even if only a few people are fooled into keeping the video a secret, Joe will benefit. Joe’s friends can also spread rumors about the citizen, such as he is anti-American, a Fascist, a Nazi, an anti-semite, or a communist. Lots of people are affected by those insults, which is why they are so frequently used.     Create a maze of links to all deceptive sitesJoe could tell his friends to link their web sites to each other. When each of the sites have a few links to a couple of the other sites, it creates the illusion that each site provides more information.  The honest citizen assumes that every time he clicks on another of the links that he is getting a better understanding of issue, when in reality every site he clicks on is from the same criminal organization.     Link to honest sites only when pressuredJoe tells his friends to include a few links to one or two honest sites only when people start wondering why they ignore those honest sites. However, they will put the link in an obscure place. This creates the illusion that they are aware of the honest sites, and that they support the honest sites, but in reality a couple links in an obscure location will not have any significant effect.     Make the honest sites appear controversialOne of the truth groups might write,  “There is no consensus among the truth seekers as to whether Joe actually committed any crime. However, in order to be fair, we provide all sides of the issue, and so we provide you with an article from Jim, who believes Joe is a criminal. ” This technique creates the impression that they are fair and unbiased. Unknown to the common people, Jim is one of Joe’s friends, and he deliberately writes his article in a manner that most people will disregard. Furthermore, by providing lots of compliments, they take advantage of the people who are suffering from low self-esteem. For example:   “Look over the evidence and decide for yourself. We don’t want to tell you what to think. The American people are intelligent, educated people. We provide the information, you make the decision.”  Accuse the honest citizens of being car thievesWhen a citizen exposes Joe or his gang, Joe could accuse that citizen of being a member of a gang of car thieves who is trying to fool people into thinking Joe is the criminal in order to hide his own crimes. Other members of Joe’s gang can accuse other citizens of being car thieves. If Joe’s friends create hundreds of these accusations, the ordinary citizen can become so overwhelmed with the complexity that they will not be sure who to trust.     Set blackmail traps for government officialsJoe and some of his friends could produce child pornography and arrange trips to Thailand to have sex with children. Imagine that your father purchases a trip to Thailand. One of Joe’s friends can then use blackmail to control what your father says and does, but your father would not realize that Joe is involved in this blackmail. Your father would be working for Joe without realizing it. If some of the news executives or police officials in your city purchase trips to Thailand, then Joe could influence the news and the police. Joe could also pressure these blackmailed officials into hiring Joe’s criminal friends. Eventually Joe could acquire a lot of control over your city. Another type of blackmail trap is to encourage people to profit from Joe’s crimes, such as buying stock in one of Joe’s companies that sells stolen car parts. Even if only a few policemen, lawyers, and FBI agents can be lured into this, those few people add to the officials that Joe can control with blackmail.       Become a victim of mysterious hate crimesTo further keep himself in control of the city, Joe could pay a friend to spray a swastika on his house. Some naive people will feel sorry for Joe; they will defend him when he is accused of being a criminal. Joe could also call the newspaper and television reporters to his house and announce that he is a victim of a hate crime, and that the city must pass hate crime laws to stop the attacks on innocent crime-fighters and truth seekers. He could use the hate crime legislation to demand the arrest of people who try to expose him.         Create organizations to arrest JoeJoe could pay his friends to create organizations that want to arrest Joe. For example, one of the organizations might be called ACT, which stands for Arrest Car Thieves.  The ACT web site is full of anger towards Joe. The organization demands that Joe be arrested. They also ask people to join their organization. However, in reality they want the names and addresses of their potential enemies.  Furthermore, Joe might also be able to use some of the ACT members as useful idiots. For example, Joe’s friends might be able to convince one of them to throw a rock through Joe’s window. That person could later be arrested, reinforcing the belief that ACT is a group of idiots who commit senseless acts of violence, and that the city needs hate crime legislation. Joe can also look through the members of ACT to see if any of them can be blackmailed, bribed, or threatened. You must be careful when you join organizations, and you must be very critical of the leadership, but very few people are.     Deflect attention to the governmentJoe could pay his friends to divert attention to the mayor of the city, who Joe helped to elect. The mayor is an idiot, so Joe hires people to create web sites and newspaper articles that ridicule the mayor and imply that he is responsible for the crime because he did not provide enough money for the police, or because the mayor is allowing corruption due to his stupidity. One of Joe’s friends might write an article that the mayor was warned that a car might be stolen, but the mayor ignored the warning. This implies that the stupid mayor is the reason cars are stolen. Another of Joe’s friends might write an article that implies that perhaps the mayor let your car get stolen so that he could use the theft of the car as justification for increasing the police budget. By writing hundreds of slightly different, idiotic theories, the public will be confused, and many people will not notice the honest articles.   Let your friends expose you as a last resortBecause it is possible that Joe will eventually be exposed as a criminal, Joe prepares for that possibility by arranging for lots of his friends to be truth seekers who expose Joe as a criminal. The way this deceptions works is if Joe decides that he can no longer cover up his crime because some citizens are about to expose some critical information, he can tell his friends to quickly expose him before the honest citizens do it. This allows Joe’s friends to become the honest crime fighters who expose a terrible criminal. His friends will be the center of attention, and they can then try to minimize the damage and punishment, and prevent the rest of the gang from getting caught.     See the similarity to 9-11, JFK, etc? My imaginary example of how Joe could steal your car is happening with the September 11 attack, and all of the other big crimes. However, the deception with 9-11 is much more intense and complex. For example, take a look at, a group of “truth seekers” in New York City. In their description of themselves they write:   911Truth.Org is a campaign to educate the public about the Sept. 11th coverup and inspire popular pressure to overturn the “incompetence theory” and expose the truth surrounding the events of 9/11; namely, that elements within the U.S. government must have been complicit, or worse, for the attacks to happen the way they did.  Since wants to expose the truth, you might expect them to show the evidence that the towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives. But they have the following remark about this issue:   The Case for Demolitions There is no consensus on this issue among staff or within the 9/11 truth movement, but here is a collection of articles, many of them by Jim Hoffman, arguing that the WTC buildings must have been demolished using explosives. Plus a few past milestones on the evidence. Judge for yourselves…  Can you see the deception? Nicholas Levis has a role of some sort with this group. That fact alone should make you suspicious of them. Since at least 2002 several people have been complaining that Nicholas Levis cannot be trusted. In 2004 Jimmy Walter allowed Levis to help set up a 9-11 meeting in New York City. During the meeting it became so obvious that he was a trouble-maker that security guards had to drag Levis out of the meeting.  Here is WingTV’s description of Levis.  And: Levis is War Criminal     “But most members of 911truth are honest!”After I wrote this article, some people complained that most members of are honest citizens. Most of the employees of the Enron Corporation may have been honest, but that doesn’t mean the executives of the company can be trusted. How many times do these 9-11 “truth seekers” have to behave in a suspicious manner before you ignore them? What if somebody commits suicide by chaining himself to a fence and then shooting himself with a firing squad, and what if Mike Ruppert announces that this is entirely possible? Would you continue to trust Ruppert, or would you ask yourself,  “Wait a minute, how can Ruppert be so certain it was a suicide? Why doesn’t Ruppert want an investigation? Why are we looking to Ruppert for guidance when he makes such stupid remarks?” The inability to select quality leaders is one of the world’s primary problems. Most people turn to whoever makes them feel good; whoever gives them praise, entertainment, and hope. The excuses people make for Tom Flocco is another example. I have heard some people say something like,    “Well, Flocco might make some dumb remarks about Barbara Olson, but some of what he says is true, so we should continue to look to him as a leader of the truth movement.” This is as ridiculous as somebody saying,   “Well, Bush might be involved in 9/11 and numerous other big crimes, but some of what he does is useful, so we should continue to follow him.” If you make excuses for idiotic and criminal behavior, how are we going to take care of our nation?     Watch out when they deflect attention to BushA lot of people realize that George Bush is a puppet, but who is telling Bush what to do? A “truth seeker” named Dr. Justin Frank has the answer. He tell us that George Bush is a puppet, but he is “A Puppet Who Chose His Puppeteers“. Dr. Frank is trying to convince us that there is no need to look at the people giving orders to George Bush because George Bush chose those people. Therefore, to understand the actions of George Bush, we only have to look at George Bush! Dr. Frank wants us to believe that if we look at Bush’s puppeteers, we will discover that they are following the orders of George Bush. Does this make sense to you?     Most of Bush’s opponents are liarsThere are a lot of critics of the Bush administration, but very few of them are honest about 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, the attack of the USS Liberty, or any other scam.  They claim to be “truth seekers” who want to get rid of the evil Bush government and replace it with an honest government. However, none of these truth seekers are being honest. Many of the truth seekers seem to be part of the group that gave us 9-11, and some of the truth seekers seem to be part of a rival group of criminals who are fighting with the Bush administration for control of America. You and I are just pawns in their game of world conquest.     Example: MoveOn.orgThe MoveOn organization encourages their members to get together and be exposed to videos and other information about corruption. This is a wonderful method to educate people. The organization has tremendous potential. However, the only information that their members are exposed to is propaganda that makes the Bush administration and the Fox news network look like evil organizations. The MoveOn members are some of the most ignorant people when it comes to 9/11 and other crimes. The most likely explanation is that George Soros and other people behind the MoveOn organization are a rival gang fighting for control of the American people. They are not interested in exposing crime; rather, they are interested in getting control of the people. They are deceiving their members with their particular propaganda. Some people suspect George Soros of being in the same criminal gang as George Bush, but for all we know, they are on different teams that work together sometimes, but fight with each other most of the time. As with Al Capone and other gangs, people such as Soros and Bush may be selfish beyond anything you have imagined, and both of them may fantasize about killing each other.     Example: The Air America radio networkAir America claims to be providing people with the truth, but just like Tom Flocco, Mike Ruppert,, and most other “truth seekers” who condemn Bush, they appear to be either working with Bush, or working with some rival group of criminals. They titillate their listeners with insults about Bush and corporations, but they suppress a lot of important books, people, and subjects.  When Mike Malloy had a show about the 9/11 attack (on September 30, 2005), one of the people who helped Air America get started, Steve Sinton, decided to sit in the studio with him. You can listen to the show at this site: www.whiterosesociety… Scroll down to the link:  Friday, September 30th, 2005. I suppose Mike Malloy knows a lot about the 9/11 attack, and the management of Air America were concerned that he or his callers might let out too much information. So they sent Sinton to sit in the studio with Mike, and Sinton tried to promote the idea that conspiracy theories about 9/11 are ridiculous. The people who listen to Air America are as deceived as the people who watch the television news. The naive citizens who provide Air America with money, advertising, or any other support are helping a group of criminals. Most leaders of the groups we call “liberals” are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are not exposing corruption, nor are they educating people. Rather, they are taking advantage of the anger towards Bush, Republicans, and corporate greed. The liberals condemn Bush for being stupid, and they criticize Republicans for having incompetent leadership, but the leaders for the liberals are just as corrupt. If the liberals had even 20% of the intelligence they think they have, they would investigate Soros, Sinton, and all of the other top ranking liberals.     Example: the Green PartyI was complaining to a member of the Green Party that the Green Party is worthless, and one of the reasons I gave was that they will not tell their members about 9/11. His response was that the leader of the Southern California branch, Mike Feinstein, was a psychopath, and that he is merely dishonest, not part of the 9-11 cover-up. He explained to me that Feinstein was accused by his fellow Green Party members of stealing money from the Green Party.  Why would anybody remain a member of the Green Party when they think their leader is a psychopath? Well, for the same reason millions of people followed the Kings and Queens of Europe, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and Bush. Namely, humans and animals have a strong tendency to follow, and most humans and animals are lousy at thinking. If it is true that Feinstein is stealing money from the Green Party, he may be part of the criminal network that gave us 9-11. Or the criminal network may have noticed that Feinstein is dishonest, and they are using his criminal background to blackmail him. Perhaps the reason that nobody can remove him from the Green Party is because he has a lot of support from a lot of criminals. Or perhaps he is honest, and the criminals are trying to make him appear to be a criminal in order to get rid of him! Regardless of whether Feinstein is an honest citizen, a psychopath, or a blackmailed criminal, the Green Party is not providing their members with any useful information, so what value does the Green Party have? Why are the members wasting their time and money with such a worthless organization? The Green Party is not helping America. It is of more use to the Bush administration and other criminals because it suppresses information about corruption. The same is true of almost every other large organization.       Example: The anti-war groupsMost of the organizations that claim to be struggling for peace refuse to provide information about 9-11 and other corruption. Worse yet, they stop attempts by their members to discuss these issues. The leaders of these groups have a lot of excuses as to why they will not discuss 9/11 and other crimes. For example, I have heard some leaders of Veterans for Peace insist that they want to support veterans, so 9/11 is not an issue that concerns them. However, the war is based on the 9/11 attack, so if they really want to stop the wars and help the veterans, they should expose the 9/11 hoax.  Are the leaders of the Veterans for Peace groups truly so stupid that they cannot see the value in exposing 9/11? Or are they afraid to expose it because they worry they will die in an airplane crash? Or are the leaders part of the criminal network that is trying to cover up these crimes? Or are they blackmailed or bribed into covering up these crimes? I don’t know what is wrong with Veterans for Peace or the anti-war groups, but I know better than to join or support a useless organization.     Which organization is of value?There are thousands of organizations and web sites that claim to be trying to help us. However, we must judge an organization and their leaders by their accomplishments, not by what they promise. If you belong to an organization, ask yourself, what has it done for you or the world? Be serious when answering that question. Be as critical of your organization as you are of President Bush. Don’t be a hypocrite by supporting a crummy or corrupt leader while you condemn Bush for corruption and incompetence. The world does not improve from hypocrisy; it improves when people develop intelligent suggestions and do some real work. Unless we raise standards for people in leadership position, nothing will improve. We don’t need a rival group of criminals and hypocrites to replace Bush. We need to get higher quality leaders.       Be more critical of message boardsNext time you look at an Internet message board, see if you can spot the simulated conversations. For example, the following is a real message from a message board. When people started doubting that man went to the moon. I remember then asking them to use HUBBLE to take pictures of the moon so we could see the flag and any other crap they left. They said they couldn´t use hubble to photgraph the moon because it was too close to earth. I just noticed this article that says the Hubble can look at the moon.  Now take some pictures of your blast craters After that message was posted, somebody else pointed out that the Hubble does not have the power to see a flag on the moon.  Is that a simulated conversation? It becomes easier to answer that question when you look through the other messages on the board. The above “discussion” appeared on 20 Oct 2005. On 5 Oct 2005 somebody else posted a very similar message, and on 23 Aug 2005 almost the same conversation occurred. Take a look now in case they erase or edit them. Although we will never know for certain, I think all three of those messages are coming from people who are trying to cover up the Apollo moon landing hoax.       Watch out for “fishermen”A technique that criminals use is perhaps best described as “fishing”. For example, somebody might post a message that he thinks George Bush was involved in 9/11. In reality he is hoping to identify people who agree with him, or he is trying to determine what percentage of the people on the message boards have this opinion. There are some sites on the Internet that appear to be “Nazi” or anti-semite sites. For example: From my casual observation of those sites, I would guess that they are operated by FBI agents or Zionists, and I suspect that they are looking for people who are angry at the US government or Israel. They post angry messages, such as “Kill all Niggers and Jews!”. The angry messages are like worms on a hook, and they wait for people to bite them. Even stranger, there are a lot of sites that are are registered to “Network Solutions”, a company located in Herndon Virginia. Some of them are angry sites, some are “truth seeker” sites that provide deception, and some of them offer pornography that is so extreme that most Internet service providers would not tolerate them. For example, the following web sites are all registered to Network Solutions: Why are all of these sites claiming Network Solutions is the registrant? Is there a connection between these sites?  I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I would consider the possibility that they are sites of a government agency (not necessarily the American government), and that they are watching everybody who contacts them. Most of the customers and employees of Network Solutions may be honest, but that doesn’t mean the company can be trusted.   More details about Network SolutionsUntil the late 1990s, everybody purchased Internet domain names from Network Solutions because they had a monopoly. Therefore, it is not surprising that lots of web sites show “Network Solutions” as the company the domain was registered with. I am not accusing Network Solutions of being a criminal organization. Instead, I am suggesting we consider the possibility that they and other Internet service companies have been infiltrated by criminals. There are many accusations that Israel was tapping American phone lines, spying on government officials, and blackmailing Americans. And don’t forget about the accusations of their involvement in 9/11, the USS Liberty attack, the JFK assassination, the Apollo moon landing, and numerous other crimes. There have also been many examples of organized crime getting involved with legitimate businesses for a variety of reasons.  So why not consider the possibility that Israel — or some other group — is infiltrating Internet service companies?  When you catch somebody lying to you or committing a crime, you should assume that you caught only a fraction of their total lies and crimes. Only a fool would think that he caught their one and only crime. And when you catch a nation lying to you hundreds of times, why not wonder if maybe they lied more than a hundred times? Here are just three examples of Israeli spies:  Israel Suspected of Tapping White House Phone Lines    Carl Cameron Investigates Israeli spies   Drug Enforcement Administration Expose Israeli Spies  We should not be afraid to look critically at business executives, politicians, FBI agents, and other people in positions of authority. Why would a criminal network, or a foreign government, would want to infiltrate Internet service companies? Lots of reasons. For example:   To observe government e-mail and data If a criminal network can convince government agencies to call their technicians to provide technical services for their Internet computers, the criminals will be able to get access to their e-mail and data without going through the Internet. This makes it impossible for anybody to realize that they are snooping. Also, if Network Solutions can convince a government agency to use the computers and phone lines of Network Solutions for web sites, that gives Network Solutions direct access to the email and data of the government agency.   To acquire blackmail material If a prostitute, pornography producer, con artist, or car thief were to make the mistake of letting a criminal organization host his web site, those criminals would be able to snoop through his e-mail and identify his customers.  To cause trouble for customers they don’t like In 2003 an employee at Network Solutions caused serious disruption to Al Jazeera’s web site. Different news reports explain it differently, but it is described as a “mistake”. Here is one account: John Racine hijacks Al-Jazeera And here is another: Hack attack on Al-Jazeera  Mistakes happen all the time, but it is possible that it was deliberate sabotage.   To upload videos from Osama Occasionally you will hear that an Al Qaeda terrorist posted a message or a video on the Internet. Have you ever wondered how they do this without being identified?  If Network Solutions is hosting a site that is owned by an Arab, they could put messages and videos directly onto the hard disks.  The Arab would have no idea how the Al Qaeda terrorist posted video onto his site, and neither would any of the honest FBI agents. It would never occur to anybody that a technician in Virginia transfered the video directly onto the computers from a CD-ROM. Even if Network Solutions does not have direct access to any Arab site, they could upload the video from their computers in Virginia, and if an honest FBI agent contacted them about it, the conversation would go like this: Honest FBI agent: It looks as if one of your customers uploaded a video to a web site in Iraq. Could you look into it for us? Network Solutions: Certainly! We are patriotic, honest Americans, and the last thing we want is a terrorist to be using our services. (Several days later.) Network Solutions: Sorry Mr. FBI agent. We carefully studied all of our records, but we could not find anybody posting to Iraq. You made a mistake. But don’t worry; we won’t tell your boss about your incompetence. We’ll forget you ever suspected such a stupid thing. You can return the favor in the future.     To disrupt other people’s web sites In 1997 an employee at Network Solutions was reported to have caused a computer to send corrupted files to 10 servers around the world. The mistake caused messages to be returned to senders and cut off access to US web sites for some European users.  Note: It is the 7th paragraph down in this document Certainly this could be an accident, but it could also have been deliberate sabotage, or a test of whether they can bring down the entire Internet.     To spread viruses and spam When a group of criminals are in control of an Internet service provider, they can spread viruses, spam, and spy programs without worrying about somebody calling the FBI. This is especially true if the criminals work for the FBI. If an honest FBI agent traced some of the viruses to the criminals, he would be told by that he must be mistaken. Most of us (or all of us?) get spam messages every day. How could somebody possibly spread so much spam without the FBI figuring out who is doing it? And how can people possibly spread viruses without the FBI figuring out who is doing it? For all we know, the viruses are coming from government agencies, and virus protection companies have been infiltrated by these same agencies in order to secretly send back information about how the virus protection software can be defeated. Perhaps the FBI arrests virus producers only if they are not part of their criminal network. Why would any government want to produce viruses? To waste our time and money. If the goal is to destroy America, everything that hurts America is another nail in the coffin. Viruses, spam, and junk faxes may seem insignificant, but they waste a lot of time, money, and resources.   As I learn more about Network Solutions I may discover that they are wonderful, responsible people. Perhaps I will discover that Christopher Bollyn is correct that the company Tucows is the company we should be investigating.     It is not difficult to solve these crimesCriminals have a dilemma. Specifically, if they try to cover up their crime, they risk giving us clues about who they are and how they did the crime. But if they remain hidden, they risk being exposed by those of us who are investigating. The FBI could figure out who some of the criminals are simply by watching the message boards for suspicious activity.  The FBI could also identify the criminals by watching the honest citizens to see who contacts us via email, phone, and in person. Some of the people who contact us are criminals who are trying to fool us with false information. If the FBI was interested in solving crimes, it would not be difficult for them to identify thousands of suspects. These crimes are occurring right in front of our faces. The criminals get away with them because the government is covering them up, and most people cannot figure out who to turn to for guidance, not because there is a shortage of evidence.

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