Former MI6 Head: Don’t Rule Out Nuclear Terrorism In Britain

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-11-03 21:08:41

Attachments : Infowars Update, then information I was sent recently underneath that: Former MI6 Head: Don’t Rule Out Nuclear Terrorism In BritainBlair’s former spy bosses are trying desperately to help him in the face of a Commons revolt and personal scandals derailing his policestate agenda by bullying the British public into submission. Full article at  Further Headlines From Infowars/Prisonplanet Visit the sites for the full articles: Experts dismiss scare over bird flu Australian Prime Minister Plays Terror Card The RFID crystal ball: Will the chips eventually talk to us, too? Bush OKs Nuclear Reactor for Venezuela Clarke in retreat over detention Law would make Cherie criminal Flu Threats Could Restrict Travel Bush’s Job Approval Hits New Low Flu doctors to get police guards Liberals and Faux Conservatives How To Resist Propaganda Why Most Americans Don’t Care About Gitmo (and Why They Should) Is President Bush Hyping the Avian Flu? I have received a message suggesting we could see something happen this weekend (Nov 5th) due to various symbolic signifcances. I include here for information – again, you decide.
.   Another London 7/7 ‘False Flag’ Looming!
Blair Orders ‘FALSE FLAG’ Mini-Nuke to Bomb Houses Of Parliament, at 4.00 PM, on 5th November, 2005
Almost Top Secret: Operation Delta – an alternative Parliament building has recently been set up at Bramshill House Hampshire.Please take sensible precautions on Saturday the 5th November 2005 Issued on 27-Oct-05 by James Stewart – Time, Place & Methed Updated 31-Oct-05 – and  member of UK 911 Truth Group & www.financialoutrage….uk

Almost Top Secret:  Bush is NOW able to use pre-emptive nuclear strikes under a revised “nuclear operations” doctrine.
Through one of my contacts I have been informed that on Friday 21st October, 2005 the US army, after initial skirmishes along the border with Syria, has actually invaded Syria.  This was confirmed later by 2 further contacts – one from Germany and another from the USA.  Remember when the US invaded Iraq, it came to light that they were already bombing strategic targets for quite a while before the official invasion, so it’s highly likely that a similar thing could be happening again.  Regarding an invasion of Syria or Iran, now that the US has completed their 25 Square mile military base in Israel, which was completed at the end of Aug-05, the media is now getting full of propaganda against Iran and Syria.  However, it is widely believed that there will have to be another False Flag atrocity in the US to gain the backing of the general public for a war on Iran or Syria.  Similarly in the UK, after the now proven Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction lies, another False Flag atrocity, would have to take place, to allow Blair to have any chance of leading us into supporting the US against Syria or Iran.      Another ‘False Flag’ 7/7 on the 5th November 2005! – My contact at the MOD says from information that he has gleamed that the most likely date will be on Saturday the 5th November, 2005 (5+1+1=7) and (2+0+0+5=7), which he says seems to fit into the criteria that the international bankers, the financial elite, who control our governments require.  As is so often the case, the timing of the event seems synchronised with occult significance. For November 5th is a MASSIVE & POWERFUL Masonic/Illuminati symbolic date – on the 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes was caught in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament with several dozen barrels of gunpowder.  EXACTLY 400 years of Black Ops.  Just as 9/11 was EXACTLY 60 years after the opening ceremony at the Pentagon.  And 7/7 was the mid date of the Ministry of Defence week of celebrations (4th to 10th July) to commemorate EXACTLY 60 years after the end of World War Two.       Secret Societies warn each other on Pages 16 & 17 of the Mail on Sunday “Time will stand still on Big Ben for 33 hours.”  33 is one of the most important occult numbers – e.g. the 33 levels of masons etc.  This is to draw attention to the secret society members that a secret message is hidden in what to the rest of us would otherwise be a very long and very detailed boring article about a subject that is not really newsworthy.  Prior to the 22/7 bombing in Egypt (and the failed bombing in Chicago) Big Ben stopped at 22.07 and restarted at 22.20 about a week before the atrocity.  Although this article supposedly details all the previous times Big Ben has stopped it has deliberately ignored this one – Why? – the Egypt bomb went off at 22.07 GMT on 22/7 and was one of the significant items that led to the previous forecast of ‘False Flag’ atrocities on 22/7 which was subsequently sent to over 650 UK national media journalists.  Included in the article are: A/  …..including the clocks 5 (5=5) foot, 47 stone  (4+7=11) pendulum – a reference to the 5/11.  B/… 14 (1+4=5) tons Big Ben is the biggest bell ever cast……on the 146 (1+4+6=11) year old clocks mechanism – a reference to the 5/11.  These are clearly two separate hidden references to 5/11 – the 5th November.  If anything really drastic did happen on November 5th, the London stock Exchange is closed until the following Monday morning, thus minimising the effects that a major atrocity would have so soon after London 7/7.  I have no information regarding when the false flag atrocity is going to happen in the US, but 5th November could be for both.  With the proven lies of Bush and Blair, many many people are now wakening up to the fact that their supposed trustworthy Government leaders, are anything but honest. It’s an exciting time to be alive. We just need to ALL waken up a bit quicker. I previously sent letters to over 600 UK national media journalists a week prior to 22/7 giving them advance warning of the Masonic/Illuminati signatures about that date and that it was highly likely that an atrocity would take place that day – Egypt bomb at 22.07 GMT on 22/7. The papers never warned anyone nor did they print anything after the event. I also sent them letters 7 days after the atrocity and did not receive any replies apart from a postcard acknowledgement from a BBC department and being rubbished in a few well hidden lines in the local evening paper on 22/7 – when they thought that nothing would happen. On 31st July I Was Then Offered £50,000 Pounds a Year To Stop Telling People What They’re Up To!
By a
This is quite obviously WHY no-one prints anything but the official ‘Pack of Lies’
On Saturday the 31st July at 12.42 PM I was offered £50,000 a year in a telephone call received from a man called Angus Cleary, purporting to be from the News of the World, to “stop writing to people to tell them what we’re up to” and you’re one of the few who know, but suddenly you know you’re writing to everyone telling them all about it, just please stop, all right, we can, we can cut you in” – “fifty grand a year, what do you think” – call recorded and transcript authenticated.  See Transcript and listen to the Audio.      Supporting documents are on www.financialoutrage….uk where you can also download this NOTICE BOARD POSTER, print and distribute to all your family, friends, relatives, neighbours, workmates & acquaintances.  Please also give a copy to all local shops, pubs, clubs and company premises.  Please also hand out at bus depots, train stations and shopping centers.  You can find the REAL TRUTH being suppressed from you on  www.whatreallyhappen… Issued By: James Stewart: UK 911 Truth Group & www.FinancialOUTRAGE….ukDURING AN AVERAGE LIFETIME THE FINANCIAL ESTABLISHMENT ARE STEALING £180,000 FROM EVERYONE WHO HAS A PENSION & A MORTGAGE-And The Victims Don’t Even Know-Eliminate Yourself From Being a Victim NOW
MASS ADVANCE PUBLICITY IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS ATROCITY HAPPENING       Note:  The sources and research of the information pointing to the 5th November are the same as those which correctly pointed to the 22nd July.   Should you want your web site to be added to the list on the above web page and/or one page A4 Notice Board Poster, as a source for the real truth, please advise me.   I have previously thoroughly researched the 7/7 Luton to Kings Cross train times which prove beyond any doubt that the London 7/7 police story is a Pack of Lies.   I am also in contact with the families of the ‘alleged’ London bombers and hope to issue details in the near future..   My credibily can be checked with Rixon Stewart at or with or with the UK 911 Truth Groups, or with Mike James in Frankfurt, Germany or with David Shayler ot with Ian Crane or with Dave Starbuck at Revelation Tapes, and of course I correctly advised over 650 National media journalists in advance of the 22 July ‘False Flag’ atrocities.   To me this is an opportunity for us all to really join together and push our ‘Alternative Media’ to get the truth out and to massively increase the number of people who take notice of us – and together we can stop it. 

NOTE:  Even though Chicago was stopped there was still ample evidence ‘On The Internet’ that it was stopped.    Any queries, or anything that requires clarification, please contact me ASAP.   James Stewart 00 44 1253 398300 UK 911 Truth Groups and www.financialoutrage….uk  

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