Disclosure Project related Event in London

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-11-15 12:48:39

Brian Coleman has managed to get permission for us to put on a showing at a good London Venue. Thanks to Brian and Jonathan at the Foundry (www.foundry.tv), the following will be taking place. Please forward to interested contacts. A VIDEO PRESENTATION OF
OUT OF THE BLUEAward Winning UFO DocumentaryFollowed by Disclosure Project 2001 Press ConferenceINSIDER WITNESS TESTIMONY CALLING FOR CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGSON UFO AND ETI EVENTS, THEIR IMPLICATION AND THEIR COVER UPFriday 25th November, 7pm – 11pmAND 1 WEEK VIDEO/DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS INSTALLATION IN THE VAULTSTHE FOUNDRYBASEMENT86 Great Eastern StLondon EC2A 3JLAdmission Free”There is a serious possibility that we are being visited – and have been visited for many years – by people from outer space, from other civilizations; that it behoves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want.  This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation, and not the subject of rubbishing by tabloid newspapers” Admiral Lord Hill-Norton Former Chief of Defence Staff, UK”A few insiders know the truth . . . and are studying the bodies that have been discovered,”Dr Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the moon.FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.disclosureprojec… contact Andrew Johnson at ad.johnson@ntlworld….  01332 674271or  Brian Coleman at Brian.Coleman@zen.co…  079 1421 5954

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