NY Times Bosses Crack and Call Cops on Jimmy Walter’s Protest!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-11-15 15:39:49

This is from Jimmy Walter (who set up www.reopen911.org and has supplied 100’s of thousands of free DVDs). He has been protesting outside the offices of the New York Times, at their failure to properly cover any elements of the 9-11 Truth campaign. Please write a letter of protest to: letters@nytimes.com Today was my fourth day of protesting in front of the NYTimes and the bosses cracked! I had been carrying a sign that read,”NY Times Prints Millers Lies. Censors $1,000,000 challenge. Cowards and Traitors! Free DVD, Reopen911.org“Today they called the cops to have be harassed for standing in the same spot I had stood in every day.  Everyday, I had been overly courteous and backed away from anyone who came close. I helped invalids and delivery men through the door. I never said any curse words or harassed anyone. I told the other security guards, who were all nice and polite, that I would cooperate and did not wish to block anything. They had told me that the position I was in was ok for three days. Many, many employees had taken my free DVD and contest sheet, giving me a wink! Many said they already had it! Others had turned away in shame. Some were angry.Today the bosses cracked. They sent this grossly overweight security guard to intimidate me, yelling and lying that I had been sticking my sign in people’s faces when it had never been more that 6 inches from my body and I had never been closer that 3 feet from anyone. He threatened the black guy talking to me, telling him to “Shut the f- up!” I talked quietly and calmly to him, but that just made him madder. He stalked off saying he was calling the cops without any further explanation. Remember that I had been in the same spot for three days.The cop finally came and he was an upright, polite guy. He asked what I was doing and replied, “Protesting the NY Times.” He said, “Exercising your first amendment rights, that ok by me.” and went inside. He came back out and said the letter of the law was that I had to be 20 feet from any active door and at the curb. He helped me find a legal place and reminded me to watch the traffic so as not to get hit. Please give a cheer for this really good NYPD officer who did not bend to the will of the puppet masters, the traitors, censors, and propagandists who run the NYTimes.To quote my former governor of whom I am ashamed, “I’ll be back” on Monday with a sign about this.Think about it, The New York Times suppressing freedom of speech that would right the wrong that Judith Miller’s lies about WMD’s did. The lies that got us into the Iraq quagmire and has killed 2000 of our boys! Shame, shame, shame on another icon gone bad!Jimmy Walter”Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts.” – Quaker Advices and Queries

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