Lloyd Pye on Coast to Coast

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-12-14 14:58:49

Audio:   www.checktheevidence…   Info:   Intervention, Evolution & CosmologyAlternative knowledge expert Lloyd Pye returned to present his Intervention Theory and weigh in on the intelligent design/evolution debate. He also updated his Starchild and Bigfoot investigations. In contrast to apes, humans are not native to this planet, said Pye. He believes our species was genetically engineered by a race of super beings that probably used an indigenous group such as the Neanderthal to alter. There is no sign of evolution in the fossil record and new species just suddenly appeared, fully formed, and then changed a little bit from “microevolution,” he contended. Earth has been terraformed from the beginning and continues to be, he added. Pye presented the work of Damon Elkins, who has shown through ancient evidence, of an outside presence informing humanity of knowledge they wouldn’t otherwise have, such as Earth’s placement in the galaxy. Pye also touched on cosmology, arguing that Newton and Einstein’s notions of a gravity-based universe are wrong, and that an “electric” or “plasma” universe makes more sense. Such theories are generally suppressed, he noted, because this would indicate that the universe is actually infinite (rather than started during the Big Bang), and mainstream science doesn’t wish to acknowledge the implications of this. Related Articles Images from Lloyd PyeLloyd Pye has sent us two pages of imagery to accompany his presentation tonight. Page One explores the research of Damon Elkins, while Page Two takes a look at the ‘Electric Universe.’

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