From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2005-12-26 18:06:17

YOU GOT VISITORS Andrew Hennessey Today I came across another ET contact story that relates an all too familiar conversation. No matter how tall or small or human or non- human like the visitors, the encouragement that the contactee receives is the self-empowering or encouraging idea that its up to them to make changes in the geopolitical paradigm. i.e. Their future is in their hands. I would contend that that’s naïve BS. Although its nice to hear these encouraging stories from our brothers and sisters from beyond this planet all of these stories have one thing in common – namely that they in no way allude to the known established order of Reptilian interstellar culture and bloodline or the reportedly massive detuned cities in our skies and oceans or indeed underground etc that belong to an interstellar controlling or management system for the endless spiritual challenges for the inmates of this planet. These conversations with rebel ETs are valid in only one way – that they encourage the individual to shine – changing self to change the world though some of these conversations seem to incite broader changes. They do not directly empower social revolutions – though they may talk of them. In my article `the prisoners of earth’ www.offtheplanet.blo… I discuss a hypothesis that in a world full of invisible ships and drones, invisible and telepathic ETs, overhead airtraffic control we appear to be in a surveillance matrix not unlike a prison or intensive care unit. There are though two versions of Earth: the pre-stellar technically dysfunctional Disneyland with its thematic desolate cartoon that appears to be following an apocryphal script or recipe AND the interstellar corporate Earth with its fully functioning people with no prelife amnesia and full of prelife skills and encyclopaedic knowledge who as a matter of routine appear to be making up the crews on these many flights out. Several sentient blonde races have appeared to make contact but that the promised human technologies never materialised in public use – indeed its still up to us allegedly. Other telepathic channelling doesn’t dictate the technical spec for free energy generators either. And it can be seen from my academic article `talk to the hand’ at my blog that ET social engineering to keep us retarded does seem to give us all plenty time to work out our long term issues that have accumulated in various dysfunctional lives. If we all got into spaceships right now we would all carry our feelings of insufficiency and amnesia with us. The artificially preserved social cul de sac although sabotaged of technology gives us all an opportunity to relate and struggle with issues and relationships. Although perpetually pre-stellar, it has themes of dark and light to facilitate choices vices and virtues though at this time it may be winding down to a close. Whenever interstellar contact with the controlling interests on this planet are described – we appear to be dealing with the Bogeymen. Dark wet cold worlds full of hard evil logicians and heartless cruelty. For all that though it does appear that all those nice blondes are co-operating. Good Guy, Bad Guy, Mutt and Jeff. Our status quo has been immutable for millennia. Against this background of underperformance from our alleged ET neighbours who are `fighting’ the dark controllers their real contribution is consistent with a policy of non-interference in the human pre-stellar status quo. We are indeed subject to spiritual treatment and healing in the sometimes cruel and painful game of life and that we are perceived to be needy of remaining for a while to enact the full consequences of our choices from various previous lives on our biological bodies. The fact that `rebel’ Ets are here at all in my opinion reflects a need for there to be a credible social hope and effort in a social simulation such as pre-stellar Earth from ETs who appear to be going against the authorities. This honourably reflects interstellar civilisations perpetual battle also – which incidently appears to have kept our skies well free of large scale dogfights and missing continents and numerous independence days over the millennia. Rebel ETs on Earth [and there have to be large scale intergalactic wars] are different as they create the carefully maintained illusion of interstellar politics and sound a fairly realistic contribution to a fairly static human social simulation. Rebel ETs on earth are very unlikely to be rebels at all – have you seen the stuff in our skies when it detunes ?? We hear of individuals and institutions being approached and that lots of evidence for social changes are presented – but that Earth’s controlling influences will not allow humanity – the biologically straightjacketed inmates their interstellar rights. A seeming anti-human and anti-life cull fomented by the old technologies of combustion are given precedence as the dark and painful faerie tale that plays devils advocate continues. We get to choose though. Non performing human social institutions linked to nation state politics and finance levels continually fail to serve human evolution and in that respect if we look at the unusual brakes e.g. on the use of the heavy plough and the horse, it might take a similar 500 years before free energy is harnessed too at this rate. The misuse of Ox harness postponed the urbanisation and scientific revolution in Europe by 500 years. [Chant C and Goodman, 1999, Cities and technology, [Contact Me Ref-1] Press] I don’t think that one of these `revolutionary ETs’ that land here ever gets to dock or scout without pemissions and whilst they fly their UFOs in our skies – they do so under the temporarily non- visible docking bays and cities that abductees such as Jeffrey Morgan Foss and Barry B have seen. Our skies are technically the insides of a detuned semi permeable technological envelope. Talking generally, the absence of anti-zeta and anti-Reptilian themes, is marked in these contact records excepting e.g. the Epsilon Eridanni torture story and this is the similarity between channelled and physical conversations. Contact themes are generally devoid of the truth behind the status quo on this planets surface. The legends of the Fall and wars of Atlan are embellished all over our culture and the creation of a more dysfunctional reptilian hybrid – a human is discussed in my ebook Monkeys of Eden… The main thrust of encouragement in the ET rebels best bedside manner helps us adjust as individuals to further our personal struggle with hardship that comes from the failure of global rhetoric. It may be true that the contactees are meeting again friends that they have known before they came or were sent here to test or heal their spiritual issues and problems. It’s just that these friends are all reading from the same contact protocol sheets – every time – or else .. Maybe matron or the big night nurse-in-black would have an objection. No free-energy reactors, ambassador xorg’s embassy or ferry ticket – no checking out from this strange hotel California – but I’m sure that we all wont be here for much longer if the earth changes come around. The ETs that seem to be of different races and who seem to be rebels such as Blondes from Lyra etc etc probably send many of their kind here to try themselves out in the social challenge to either heal or strengthen themselves or indeed to chastise and I’m pretty sure that whatever we have on galactic good guys and bad guys is pretty controlled for the purposes of healthy social simulation and good opportunities to heal. Earth is probably the Last Resort. A painful holiday workshop. It may be that we have a health insurance contract and that we may even get to phone home for our visitors and friends should our hospital suffer a geological collapse. Some of us may even have an interstellar social worker or parole officer on our case. It may also be the case that many of us have completed our programme of rehab and are ready to find that which we lost before we came. It may be that we don’t even need those memories or some of our skillsets anymore and it has become time for us all to put a beautiful Hollywood ending to the millennia of the human romance. Some of us may have fond memories of our old hospital, Earth or good memories of having been steeped in greatness from distant epochs but its pretty certain that all of us have friends awaiting our discharge from the states of incapacity in which we are currently wrapped and in which we socially live. I think therefore that the numbers and frequencies of contact will increase and that even though our visitors still have the pantomime of a non-interference protocol from the racial custodians to negotiate – its getting nearer and nearer visiting time. — No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.1.371 / Virus Database: 267.14.7/214 – Release Date: 23/12/2005

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