Nice Photo – Canary Islands UFO

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-01-03 10:09:46

Attachments : from   www.coasttocoastam.c…   A few days ago, whilst looking back through our recent honeymoon photos, I noticed something very strange on one of them. I have attached a crop of the photo, concentrating on the area in question. The photo was of a beautiful sunset. Many people from the hotel had gathered to take pictures of the stunning colours and textures in the sky. As you can see, there is a man in the photo taking pictures. Upon closer inspection I found what could only be described as two UFOs. I didn’t notice either of them at the time I took the photo as my eyes were fixed on the setting sun. Perhaps the man in the photo was taking a picture of the UFOs? Here are my conclusions after detailed study of the image… UFO A:The object has a strong three dimensional form. Notice the dark shadow underneath and the highlights on top. It’s the classic ‘saucer’ shape, complete with what looks like a small protruding dome at the top. The shutter speed was only 1/25 sec so that rules out anything like star trails as these need much longer exposures, and it’s too well defined to be a cloud formation. I believe this to be a physical object in the sky, unlike any known aircraft I’ve ever seen. UFO B:This does NOT appear to have three dimensional form. It’s quite flat and ‘washed out’. There are no defined shadows present underneath. This leads me to believe it could be a reflection from a ceiling light in the hotel lobby. If this is true then it strengthens the case for ‘UFO A’ being a physical airborne object as they look completely different. To download the original unedited full size JPEG (1.8MB) click here. –Mark Paterson  

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