Show Videos on Your Mobile Phone

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-01-05 15:19:29

Sometime ago, I bought a Nokia 9300 mobile phone, as an improvement over the larger 9210i which is a great device. Both these phones are combined PDA’s and have a video playback facility. I sometimes use them as “tools” to show people information. I have just bought a 1GB card (now about £35) for the phone so can now store 100’s of hours of audio and video on it – so I can carry some key video and MP3 audio clips around with me.   With this in mind, I have converted and uploaded a selection of clips and shorter videos to this folder:   www.checktheevidence…   The total playing time of these clips is about 1.5 hours!   These are in 3GP format and so should play on at least some of the latest phones. Obviously, you need to know how to transfer the clips to your phone after downloading. (MP3 audios should work without modification on phones which play them.)   Please contact me if you need help with this. I have a video converter which seems to support various formats, so I might be able to get you the format you want, if the above clips don’t play.   Please share this link with other people and forums you may post to.

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