Brief Responses from UK Police Forces re 9-11 Truth

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-01-17 00:29:02

A couple of weeks ago, I mailed the letter below, along with a DVD to all 52 UK Police Forces. So far, I have had 5 responses. See what you make of them:   www.checktheevidence…   858 KB   Do you think I am a bit of a trouble-maker? Hmmm. I’m sure…. e-mail: ad.johnson@ntlworld….
2 January, 2006 Re: Terrorism, re-opening Investigation into the 2001 September 11th Tragedy. Dear Sir/Madam, Though I have addressed this letter to the Chief Constable, I doubt he/she will be the first person to read it, or whether they would even read it at all. In putting together this mailing, to obtain the postal addresses, I visited all of the UK Police force Websites and was interested to find a link on many of them labelled “Countering Terrorism” or something similar. I am writing regarding this same issue, which seems to be the defining one of our time, and I am questioning its most basic assumptions. I have been researching the issues related to what really happened on 9-11 for about 2 years, but it was only just over 1-year ago that I realised what really happened to the WTC Twin Towers, for example. It seems I am one of a growing number of people (collectively known as  the “9-11 Truth movement”) who are asking harder questions about the official story of the 9-11 tragedy. Many people incorrectly refer to these questions as “Conspiracy Theories” – we try to focus on evidence. Some of the key questions we are asking are: Why did World Trade Centre (WTC) Buildings 1 & 2 collapse at near “free-fall” rate, with many witness reports of explosions? Why did WTC 7 also collapse at free-fall rate, when no plane hit it? How were the towers pulverised to powdered debris? Why did the WTC’s owner, Larry Silverstein, state that WTC 7 had to be “pulled” by the fire department and yet the FEMA report said “[how the fires caused the collapse] remain[s] unknown at this time”? Why, when requested, was no clear film released of the supposed plane that hit the Pentagon?   Why did none of the 19 hijackers appear on the passenger lists? Why didn’t jets intercept the airliners since they had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks? Why were the flights Black Boxes never recovered, but many bodies were? How is it the case that at least 6 (probably more) of the supposed hijackers have now been reported as alive? Just over a year ago, a BAFTA award winning BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares”, came to the conclusion that the notion of Al Qaida as an international terrorist organisation is largely a fantasy. This then begs the question, “if Al Qaida does not really exist, then who did perpetrate 9-11”. I have been quietly campaigning regarding this issue for over 1 year now, and have written a number of letters to Erewash MP Liz Blackman, who has forwarded 2 of my letters to the Home Office. I have received responses from them, and 2 letters from the Counter Terrorism Policy Office, following a letter I wrote to the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke (see enclosed copies). Recently, I hired a local cinema (at a relative personal cost of considerable size) to show a film called Loose Change. Thanks to the support of David Shayler and Annie Machon, and a balanced article in our local paper, we ended up with a good attendance of about 100 people.   In the last year, there have been a number of significant developments in the 9-11 Truth Movement. A loose association of people have set up the UK 9-11 Truth online forum (…). This  now has over 200 members (and a number of off-line ones) and presentations and talks have been given in several places other than Derby such as London, Cork, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol, Brighton and the West Country. Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan’s “Book 9-11 Revealed” has also been published. The only coverage this seems to have had in the mainstream media was in an article in the Daily Mail (www.financialoutrage…) In June 2005, a former Bush Administration official, Morgan Reynolds, stated clearly that he thinks the official story is wrong. He is a Professor Emeritus at Texas A & M University. The President of the University, himself a former CIA director, moved quickly to make a statement disagreeing with Professor Reynolds’ position. Dr Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan Administration Official, has made similar remarks  to those of Morgan Reynolds. Also, on Oct 15th & 16th, 2005, Professor David Ray Griffin, a Theologian (he was a professor of philosophy of religion and theology, at the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California until 2004) gave 2 presentations in New York regarding 9-11 Truth. He said: ‘It is already possible to know, beyond a reasonable doubt, one very important thing: the destruction of the World Trade Center was an inside job, orchestrated by terrorists within our own government.” He also said : “The evidence for this conclusion (that 9/11 was an inside job) has thus far been largely ignored by the mainstream press, perhaps under the guise of obeying President Bush’s advice not to tolerate “outrageous conspiracy theories.” We have seen, however, that it is the Bush administration’s conspiracy theory that is the outrageous one, because it is violently contradicted by numerous facts, including some basic laws of physics.’ In the last few months, Physics Professor Steve Jones of Brigham Young University (USA) has presented a paper for peer review which discusses the demolition of the World Trade Centre buildings using explosives. He also appeared on MSNBC (USA) to describe his analysis. There has also been a wonderful new development – – Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth. We are hoping that more people will be willing to join us in our campaign of education, once they have checked and validated the evidence for themselves. As the Police will be “on the front line” of implementing any further legislation that is passed relating to terrorism, following the already significant loss of certain basic freedoms, it seems to me that it is imperative that Police personnel are included in our campaign of education. So, now you have read this, perhaps you might ask yourself a few more questions. Why would a Florida Millionaire (Jimmy Walter) spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns and the distribution of over 300,000 free DVD’s? Why would he organise events in London, Paris and other European Cities? Why would he be ridiculed on prime-time US TV? Why would student Dylan Avery make a high quality film called “Loose Change” and give it away for free? Why would 3 Professors publicly criticise elements of the official story? Why would a person from Borrowash, Derbs, UK, a graduate of Computer Science and Physics, feel it necessary to spend nearly £300 hiring a cinema and then later send out 52 letters and DVD’s to all UK Police Force Headquarters? Answers to all these questions can only be found by studying the evidence, which I hope the Police – everyone, in fact – will do for themselves. The question of evidence also arises in relation to the July 7th London bombings, which share many similarities to the events on 9-11. Our research suggests that a similar set of “stories” has been “put out” about 7-7, by someone.  These stories have now entered the public perception as being true, despite them being based on flimsy or non-existent evidence. The denial of a public enquiry now behoves people like us to present the evidence we do have, so that people question the whole basis of what has been shown on the regular media. I personally question, for example, Mr Blair’s announcement at 3pm on 7-7 that the incident “bore all the hallmarks of an Al Qaida attack”. BBC news reports focused on an Internet rumour of an Al Qaida link (this claim was later shown to be a hoax). As far as I am aware, all but 1 of the witness accounts described “bombs under the train”. Most people didn’t notice this. We did. It seems likely that I will receive no replies to this letter, because what it is suggesting is rather shocking in itself and also diametrically opposed to the view on which “counter terrorism” policy has been dictated and imposed. However, what I have written is based on verifiable evidence. A response to this letter in itself does not matter at all to me personally. What does matter is that whoever reads this takes time out – or even makes time to check the evidence mentioned and come to an informed opinion. It also matters that they share and discuss this evidence with other people and decide what, if anything, they wish to do about it in their own sphere of influence. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and review any of the information included. Time will show that it is valid and of the utmost importance. Bet on it. Yours Most Sincerely, Andrew Johnson

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