Ex High Clearance Gov. Spook Speaks to Informant News

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-02-02 23:44:44

As ever, make of this what you will – it could all be nothing – or it could be “everything”… Ex High Clearance Gov. Spook Speaks to Informant NewsTop Secrets Revealed by Joseph Held   Copyright Joseph Held – Informant News I was recently contacted by an older gentleman around the age of 70 years old that had contacted me by my personal cell phone, which not a soul knows the number to except immediate family and friends. This gentleman told me he had information regarding secret technologies and Alien cooperation with various governments of the world. He wanted to meet in person and tell me of this information if I was willing. I asked how he had gotten this number and was told it was not important, but if I wanted to learn some of the secrets I had been seeking, he would be willing to share some inside information with me. I agreed, and I was immediately frightened to the bones. I will now reveal some of the secrets he has told me when I met him in an isolated area in the Ozarks woods. I pulled up to the agreed upon meeting area and found him sitting on the hood of his car smoking a cigarette. I’m not going to reveal the type of car he was driving, but I will say he was dressed in a grey suit and tie, with black polished shoes. He introduced himself as John, and that’s all he would tell me of his name and said that is all I needed to know for both our safety. I’m sure that wasn’t even his real name. He then informed me that he had been a reader of my site and was impressed by some of the material he’d seen there. He explained he was getting along in age, and didn’t expect to live much longer and really didn’t give a shit anymore anyway. His words. He said he liked the “Cut of my Gib”. He also told me that the information he was about to give me is old information, but still highly classified. He said he was a very high clearance agent for the government who had retired a little over 20 years ago. He didn’t mention any specific department, and I didn’t think to ask. At the time he was employed by this agency, he said he had a license to kill, literally, he could kill anyone, at anytime, and no questions would be asked. He said he would give me this information, but that I must realize that I would be jeopardizing my own safety and to use my own discretion whether or not to print or circulate this information. In other words, he’d tell me, but it would be my risk and decision whether or not to use it and make it public. I will now pass on what this kind, but hard old gentleman told me. 1st, the SR 71 Blackbird, first flown in the early sixties for the most part and the top speed is still classified. He told me the top speed of that bird is mach 14 and that is the main reason that one had never been shot down. He said there wasn’t a missile in the world that could catch that bird, but by the 70’s we had things that were even more advanced than the current B-2 and the F-117A Stealth Fighter. He told me he had been to Groom lake and Area 51, was not allowed in many areas which were above even his clearance, but that back in the 70’s he saw a plane there that would make the B-2 Stealth look like a toy, both in size and speed. He then told me that the B-2 is an anti-gravity assist vehicle, and that this was highly classified. He also said, though he saw no extraterrestrial vehicles, or entities, he saw technology as early as the early sixties that could have only have come from some sort of agreement between an alien race and ours, and also that some of his buddies had actually seen the extraterrestrial craft, technologies, and entities that were working with our own scientists as early as the mid to early 1950’s. He told me of the story about the exchange of human abductees in order for corroboration and technology was true, and that it did indeed get out of hand, but the government in it’s greed for weapons and technology allowed it to continue anyway, and that it continues to this day. He said that the information he had gained about the experiments was not entirely to do with genetic experiments, but that he had learned that many children are and have been abducted for one certain species of the alien race purely for feeding and nutritional purposes, and that this was the biggest secret to be kept, but that he could not tell me more about this at this time. He again warned me if I were to tell of this, I could be in grave danger and I am frightened to say the least. He said it was incredible to him that so many people could not to this day see the connection between the rapid growth of technology since the late 50’s and early sixties to present day, and how fast in just a short amount of time we had come. He said it would be obvious to some, but most just take it as good ole American ingenuity. He then told me that even 30 years ago, we had a laser type weapon, computer controlled, that could sense the firing of a Nuclear missile, or even a large cannon type weapon and in milliseconds, calculate for curvature of the Earth, and destroy the incoming before it even got a thousand feet away from it’s firing point. But he said even to this day, they have not been allowed to use this and still keep this tech under wraps. He told me the amazing part was that this weapon could actually bend the light, or laser. He also confirmed that we have had technology capable of projecting holographic images in any area of the sky, and that they could project any thing they wanted people to see. As we spoke, he reminded me of the Morley man on the x-files as he chained smoke the entire time of our conversation. He said some of the insiders are just itching to use some of this weaponry, but are still under strict orders by the higher ups to keep everything under wraps. We continued talking for about two hours in which time he told me some other secrets, which I will post in part two of this article soon. Including Aliens on the moon, the Apollo program, cloaking technology, sentry probes, invisibility and other weapons developed years ago that are still kept secret, and not used. Let’s see if I survive long enough to do this first. So, take it or leave it, this was a true conversation with a man that seemed to know more than the average Joe like me, and if he was pulling my leg, really had no reason to at all. This was a very serious, slightly frightening individual for me to encounter, but everything he told me had a ring of truth to it. I would swear in any court of law that the story I tell is the absolute truth as I was told the information, and that it is recollected to the best of my ability. Stay tuned for part two. Please repost this in as many places as possible to help me get this out, but also to help insure my safety. This article is copyright material but may be used under the fair practice applications for non-profit only. To use this article, place the link that follows, and post the story in its entirety. Copyright By Joseph Held – Informant News – www.informantnews.co… Informant News
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