From: etherwarrior

Date: 2006-03-02 10:57:32

Just before the CIA-Military Remote Viewing Program at SRI was shut down, over 100 citizens were tested for Remote Viewing abilities. Now you can take a similar test. Do you have mental abilities that have gone untested until now? Do you have premonitions, do you seem to know things in advance? Maybe you have Remote Viewing abilities… In the 1970’s during the Cold War, the Pentagon and the CIA began using a unique way to spy on the Soviet Union. Today it is called “Remote Viewing.” Teams of trained military and professional “psychics” were assigned to remotely view what was happening inside secret Soviet military buildings and bunkers. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was discovered that the Viewers had done an exceptionally accurate job. But how was it done? Was it scientific? The end of the Cold War also brought the end of the Remote Viewing program. In the 1970’s, two of the founders of the SRI group which ran the CIA program, Puthoff and Targ, published a journal article examining the use of the mind to control machines and computers. For some exceptional psychics it seemed to work way beyond just chance coincidence. But how did it work? In 1989, the Stanford Research International (SRI) Remote Viewing Program did an experiment to test the abilities of “average citizens.” The group they selected was not exactly average. The 100 subjects were from San Francisco Mensa, the high-IQ group. This test, for the first time would investigate if “psychic ability” was related to intelligence. Because the SRI project was then still a CIA “black ops” operation, the results of that test were never released nor published. Now for the first time, you are going to find out what experimental tests were done and what the results were. And I know, since I and my friends were among the 100 subjects of the SRI-Mensa Remote Viewing Tests. The following experiments which you are going to perform are based on my firsthand experience of those tests. Marshall Smith Editor BroJon Gazette. Source:… The Brojon REMOTE VIEWER APTITUDE TEST… From:

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