From: etherwarrior

Date: 2006-03-04 15:08:21

THE BROTHER JONATHAN GAZETTE Yes, there is a “trick” in the Remote Viewer test, but it is not the card trick. That is there only to fool you. It is a straight “mind control trick” typical of what is used in most news stories in today’s mainstream press. In the Remote Viewer Test, there are 5 pages. There is some information on page 1 about remote viewing programs, such as the old secret CIA-SRI remote viewing program 20 years ago. I “dressed up” the story on page 1 with the additional true facts that I participated in the SRI remote viewing experiment. This leads you to believe that I have “special knowledge” which I am going to tell you. The news media does exactly that same thing by claiming that because they are journalists and have investigated the news that they have “special knowledge” which they are going to tell you. What is on pages 2,3,4 and 5 of the Remote Viewer Test is simply a very crafty Internet version of the old 3-Card Monty missing-card trick. But the card trick has absolutely nothing to do with Remote Viewing. What is on page 1 has absolutely nothing to do with what’s on the last 4 pages. But by implication and misdirection, if I convinced you to “believe” what is on page 1, then you will probably also believe what is on page 5 — that you might be psychic or be a remote viewer. But they are in fact, NOT connected nor related at all. By focusing your attention on finding the “card trick” you completely missed the primary “mind control trick” that the transition from Page 1 to Page 2 was a complete non sequitur, and that Page 2 was not related to Page 1. More… tinyurl.com/emwue www.remoteviewer.nu/

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