You Approve of Domestic Spying?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-03-08 17:04:50… You Approve of Domestic Spying? Then Start With Skull & Bones!  A TvNewsLIES Proposal – Jan, 2006 Let’s get it straight, you actually believe that the government has the right to spy at will.  You really think there’s nothing wrong with listening in on domestic phone conversations or intercepting personal e-mail or cell calls. You really have no qualms about bypassing the courts and warrants to spy on Americans who might have expressed opposition to the invasion of a militarily castrated nation? You bought into the idea that secret government spying will keep Americans safe. And you have no problem with spying on grass roots peace organizations whose members walk around with signs demanding a safer and friendlier world? All right then, if spying is the way to go, why not snoop in the right places? Do secret societies and organizations with great power and hidden agendas make you at all nervous?  How do you feel about covert private groups that wield enormous power, if not direct control, over your own political system and on governments around the world?  If you don’t believe they really exist, how about using your super spy technology to see if you’re right, or if – just if – you’re absolutely and frighteningly wrong. Heck, if you’re going to spy, why not go after the bad guys. Here’s an idea: a new Cabinet Department: the DDGI – the Department of Domestic Good Intentions. Let’s set up a branch of government to investigate – spy on, if you will – the secret organizations whose agendas are never allowed to be exposed, and whose meetings are held behind closed doors with no media coverage whatsoever.   The DDGI could be charged with discovering whether these groups secretly formulate policies or illegally usurp powers constitutionally reserved for elected representatives of the people. If you don’t think that’s happening, why not be certain? These folks are far more of a threat than the people being spied on right now. Go for it. Face it – you walk around claiming that 9/11 changed everything! You’re prepared to tread on some very precious constitutional guarantees so that the nation can be safe. Okay, let’s play along with that for the moment. If you buy into the spying game, answer this: Should secret organizations be exempt from the changes you say were brought on by 9/11? To follow your line of thinking, let’s go one step further: What if Al Qaeda is smart enough to figure that out? What Al Qaeda realizes that peace organizations are under the watchful eyes of our government yet secret societies are not? What if they are using the cover of organizations such the Skull & Bones organization to plan the next 9/11? What nonsense, right?  But are you absolutely sure?  Do you have a single clue about the activities of Skull & Bones and other secret societies?  They may very well be doing things that are much more dangerous than any terrorist organization on your watch list.  Are you ready to find out what that might be?  You should be. All right, then…get that Department set up to do some productive spying. First move is to check out all the organizations that have operated in complete secrecy so we can all rest assured they are not fronts for terror organizations. In fact, you never know what might be uncovered; they might be doing things that are far worse. You can start with a thorough surveillance of Skull & Bones. Then you can mosey on down and spy on the lodges of the Freemasons. After that you can install hidden cameras and microphones at the next meeting of the Bilderberg group. And let’s not stop there…let’s continue on and take a peek behind the insanity that takes place at BOHEMIAN GROVE! Damn it, if you’re going to spy, go after the big fish; the ones who have hidden their agendas so expertly all these years. Once you’ve thoroughly checked out these guarded cabals, your next project must include the clandestine agendas of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Both of these groups are cleverly disguised as reputable institutions concerned with public and international policy. We hear these names all the time. Members of these groups are everywhere. They can be found in all branches of our government, including the executive. They are in the media. They are members of many other political think tanks. But we know almost nothing about them: who they are, who pays their salaries, where they get their money and why they have such close ties with our “elected” officials! Get on it. If spying is the way to go, get those wiretaps and bugs away from the administration’s political opponents and put them where they belong!  Isn’t it time to find out who is really running our government?  Isn’t it time to do something to really protect the American people? In closing, here is a message to those of you who are doing the domestic spying and to your supporters. You claim that you want to protect us; you want to make sure no one out there is planning to harm the nation.  If you’re going to break the law, get out there and protect us for real. Stop wasting your time and our money checking up on retired grandmothers who spent their free time knitting peace signs on sweaters. Start looking into the organizations that have unlimited resources, access and direct connections to highly placed officials in all of our governmental institutions. Expose how they have operated for decades shrouded in secrecy while enjoying complete privacy from public scrutiny. Show the American people how their government has been surreptitiously controlled and manipulated with the direct involvement and support of the American corporate news media.   If you must abuse your powers, at least use your tactics for the common good So spy away, those of you who would obliterate the Constitution. .But at the very least, spy on the suspicious secret societies who seek to run the show. Help to make them household words instead of protected and privileged ones. And while you’re at it, keep away from the rest of us. Be especially respectful of those who are trying to make the world a safer and more peaceful place.  They are not the enemy.  

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