NWO Master Plan – Nuke Texas?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-03-28 10:41:54

Useful to be aware of – so it makes them less able to get away with it.

www.rense.com/genera…   NWO Master Plan – Nuke Texas? A Rense.com ExclusiveBy Douglas Herman3-27-6        Many months ago, after I wrote my column for Rense, Dead Pool – Pick The Next City Attacked, I received a lot of suggestions about possible targets. Recently I read an interesting theory about a nefarious but brilliant plan to nuke a Texas city, terrorize Americans, suspend all Constitutional rights and possibly blame the black deed on “Islamo-Fascists.” At the time I wrote my column, Houston did not seem like a high visibility or likely target. Now it does. I will give seven good reasons why an upcoming “terrorist” attack makes perfect sense there. From an Illuminati perspective of course. I will attempt to focus on a small historical town in Texas that once suffered a horrendous explosion (see photos)  which may portend an eerie reoccurence.  Located near Houston, the town offers the Neocon/Illuminati master planners a low risk and high rewards incentive to detonate a small but impactful nuclear device and blame the attack on terrorists. But why, you rightly ask, would our leaders do unthinkable deeds against their own citizens?  Because those in power serve other masters, other agendas. Consider: the US government scatters toxic depleted uranium in the Middle East and has for 15 years ( Depleted Uranium For Dummies) , which not only poisons Iraqis but slowly poisons US military personnel serving there. All of this is historically and scientifically verified. By doing this they serve their own diabolical agendas and allow millions of people to be poisoned (Not even the Nazis were so draconian as to slowly poison their own troops). So the unthinkable becomes thinkable, and then doable, as long as the action favors their agenda and they feel they can get away with it, which they have so far. Why Houston? The environs of Houston, according to author and local resident Ken Welch, present a perfect target for a false-flag nuke attack. In Welch’s scenario, which reads like an episode form the defunct but prescient Lone Gunman TV show, Texas City, an industrial satellite of that megalopolis of Houston, will be nuked on Easter Day, April 16, 2006. Let us examine the seven good reasons why Welch may be onto something. Reason # 1. Houston is home to the global oil industry. What better way to jack up the prices (again) than a terrible nuke attack on our oil infrastructure? I mean, if two hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, were sufficient to boost oil prices up enough for Exxon-Mobil to earn $36 Billion in net profits, think what a mini-nuke near a Texas refinery could do? Reason # 2. Houston is the undisputed Capitol of BushCo. Whatever happens in Houston is well known beforehand to Carlyle and KBR and Halliburton and Dick Cheney and the Neocons. Thus if anything should get damaged there in Houston, all those global profiteers stand to make hundreds of billions in no-bid contracts to repair the problem, right? And guess who would award them? Reason # 3. Houston is part of Texas, and Texas is seen as the Bush family home state. Although the BushCo Dynasty is actually Connecticut Yankee, most Americans falsely believe The Lone Star State is George W. Bush’s beloved home. Not so. Just because a man buys a ranch, does not make him a rancher. Yet an attack on Texas is perceived as an attack on the American president and the American people. The resulting hysteria will evaporate any talk of impeachment. Reason # 4.  Impeachment. If the Democrats regain control of either house of Congress in late 2006, impeachment is a very real possibility. The Neocons cannot let that happen; some of them might face prison terms. What better way, to alleviate troublesome talk of impeachment, than a massive “terrorist” attack? Reason # 5. Since only about seven or eight percent of containers are inspected in US harbors and ports, any terrorist could theoretically send a device to America. A port attack-long predicted here on Rense-would result in another government bureaucracy: Department of Container Inspection (DCI). The end result? More taxpayer money to the government and another “security” organization in place. Reason # 6.  To further the suspension of our Constitutional rights, what better catalyst than a bigger, more spectacular 9-11? Indeed, General Tommy Franks already predicted as much (Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack). Franks said: “The worst thing that could happen…a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world ­ it may be in the United States of America ­ that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event. Which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution. Two steps, very, very important.” Reason # 7. April 16 marks a historical anniversary, the anniversary of an explosion (see photographs) that nearly destroyed Texas City almost 60 years ago. The Illuminati love numerology and anniversaries. Wasn’t the date of the Pentagon attack exactly 60 years after the building was begun-September 11, 1941? I have outlined seven good reasons for a brilliant but diabolical master plan, the ultimate, NWO Northwoods-style black operation, the first nuke terrorist strike by a nation against itself. The incremental, globalist agenda that has eroded America in the last several decades always requires innocent people die. Why not a town in Texas?     “As for the bomb itself,” says Houston resident Ken Welch, “it is (already) south of Houston, and the obvious choice is Texas Citythere is simply no place to dock a freighter for an extended stay until you get down to Texas City and Galveston.  I’ve driven down to Texas City twice to see what I could see, and it’s an interesting situationOn the map it is an area that shows no roads, only water channels.  In fact, the area is closed off and you simply can’t get in there on your own.  Nor can you see anything. “From a long jetty that extends out from Texas City itself you can look into the sea entrance of the port, and all you can really make out is what appears to be an oil terminal up front.  Ships not stopping at the terminal go in, make a turn, and simply disappear from view.  The whole place seems kind of run down, and with the exception of poorer parts of the city to the north it is surrounded by worthless scrub land.  It’s the perfect place for a baby nuke to cause significant damage, but then again not too much damage.  My bet is that the bomb ship is tied up in there.” Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and believes eternal vigilance is the price a citizenry must pay to guard itself against its own government. 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