A Pyramid in Bosnia?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-04-15 10:27:47

sciencepolitics.blog…   A Pyramid in Bosnia? There is no resolution to this story as of today, but it will be interesting to watch as this story unfolds. For now, let me say I am a bit skeptical, and I invite the readers with expertise (archaeologists, for instance) to chime in.From BBC, comes this (a couple of months ago): Bosnia’s leading Muslim daily Dnevni Avaz writes excitedly about “a sensational discovery” of “the first European pyramid” in the central town of Visoko, just north of Sarajevo. Excavations at a hill site above the town have been going on for several months and initial analyses “have confirmed the original claim that this is Europe’s first pyramid and a monumental building, similar in dimensions to the Egyptian pyramids.””The pyramid is 100 metres high and there is evidence that it contains rooms and a monumental causeway … The plateau is built of stone blocks, which indicates the presence at the time of a highly developed civilisation,” the daily explains.”Archaeological excavations near the surface have uncovered a part of a wall and fragments of steps,” it reveals.”Visocica hill could not have been shaped like this by nature,” geologist Nada Nukic tells the daily. “This is already far too more than we have anticipated, but we expect a lot more from further analysis,” she concludes. Note the wording “there is evidence” about the structures inside the hill. Also, note Nada’s Mt.Rushmore analogy. Also note that the name of the discoverer is not mentioned.UNJOURNALED blog adds Pyramid found – in the heart of Bosnia!!: Near the city of Visoko, 30 km north of Sarajevo, there is a stone pyramid of monumental size, claims the Bosnian archeologist Semir Osmanagić, who lives and works in the USA. After several months of geological and archeological research, Mr. Osmanagić concluded that under the present hill of Visočica hides a stairs-like pyramid, about 12,000 years old. Osmanagić, who intensively researched on pyramids in Americas, Asia and Africa for the last 15 years and wrote several books on the subject, says he’s quite sure he found the first pyramid in Europe, which is quite similar to ones in the Southern America.He believes that the project would completely change Bosnia’s significance in the world of archeology. On the top of “Bosnian pyramid of Sun” was a temple, built by pre-Illyrians, people who lived, according to Osmanagić, 27,000 years ago. Mr. Osmanagić thinks he will solve the “Bosnian pyramid of Sun” in the next five years, but also prove the existence of “Bosnian pyramid of Moon”, lying under the neighboring hill of Križ.

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