Letters Published in UK Observer from UK 911 Truth Forum Members

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-04-16 11:51:41

observer.guardian.co…,,1754549,00.html   They published Annie Machon’s letter more or less in full – as it was shortish! Mine was edited (full version below the published one – it would’ve been too long to include in full anyway. You can decide how selective they have been).   At the bottom of the page: Crash course In response to Mark Kermode’s ill-founded comments (‘Chaos and cock-up always trump conspiracy’, last week), the rapidly growing body of academics, scientists, celebrities and members of the public questioning the events of 9/11 take the view that the basic laws of physics mean that the events of that day could not have happened in the way described by the US government. There are three key points that question the official story: 1) There was no air-crash investigation to examine the fate of Flight 93, as required by both US and international law. 2) The debris found at Shanksville, which was scattered over an area of many miles, was consistent with a plane exploding in midair and falling out of the sky. If the aircraft had crashed into the ground, the debris radius would have been much smaller, recognisable segments of the plane would have been visible, and the engines would have left large craters. None of this was seen at the sight of the crash. 3) Col Donn de Grand-Pre of the US military has publicly stated that he and his colleagues made the executive decision to shoot down the plane heading towards Washington. His comments can be found at Prisonplanet.com.Annie Machonby email Loose with the facts I think the ‘Loose Change’ DVD to which your article referred (‘Chaos and cock-up always trump conspiracy’, last week) was burned by me, and possibly a friend of mine sent it to you anonymously. A new group has formed (of which I am privileged to be a member) called Scholars for 9/11 Truth. I would be glad if you would check out the people involved (Scholarsfor911truth….), look at their biographies and then decide whether they are ‘weak-minded conspiracy nuts who lack credibility and intellectual rigour’.Andrew Johnsonby email FAO: Mark Kermode,   Dear Sir,   I read the online version of your article “Chaos and cock-up always trump conspiracy” with some interest. Actually, it may just be the case that the “Loose Change 2” DVD to which your article referred was burned by me and possibly a friend of mine sent it to you anonymously. You can check to see if this is correct by looking on the disk to see if it has this e-mail address on it (ad.johnson@ntlworld….).   In any case, I believe you may have had some e-mails from fellow members of our British 9/11 Truth Campaign. I am not sure whether your article was intended to be light-hearted, nevertheless it is clear that some very significant facts were omitted (á lá Kean Commission Report). Here are a few:   1)      In September 2004, an event, organised by Florida Millionaire Jimmy Walter called “Confronting the Evidence” was held in New York City where researchers presented to the public some of the facts which were not addressed by Kean Commission.   ·        Facts such as the collapse times of the World Trade Centre Towers 1, 2 & 7 being close to those for “free-fall”. ·        Facts such as the collapse of WTC 7 happening at 5:30 in the evening when no plane had hit this building. ·        Facts such as the WTC Owner Larry Silverstein saying building 7 had been “pulled” by the FDNY, even though the FDNY do not “pull” buildings. ·        Facts such as the FEMA report about WTC 7 saying (essentially) the cause of the collapse was “unknown” (despite the *owner’s* comments above)   2)      In November 2004, a group of people presented a Citizen’s Complaint to the Attorney General of New York (Elliot Spitzer) regarding the Unsolved Crimes committed in New York City on Sept 11th 2001 (including those committed by the EPA stating that the air was safe to breathe). 3)      In May 2005, Jimmy Walter organised a number of public hearings in London and other European cities discussing the evidence raised above. 4)      A new group has formed (of which I am privileged to be a member)  called Scholars for 9-11 Truth.   These facts are all easy to check and have nothing to do with Elvis being alive. As regards our Scholar’s Group, I would be glad if you would check out the people involved (www.scholarsfor911tr…), look at their biographies and then decide whether they are all “weak-minded conspiracy nuts who lack credibility and intellectual rigour”. It doesn’t really matter what your opinion is, however, because it will not change any of the facts mentioned above.   And people do want the facts – I have now sent out about 500 copies of Loose Change and other disks – people have sent me the money to cover the cost (I sell them at cost price or give them away). People are giving them away – because they *know* how important the information is and they now have realised that our mainstream media is unwilling or unable to print the truth about these issues. So we now choose to take on ourselves the mantle of what the media should be doing – giving people raw information, without spin or gimmickry. People are making their own minds up. I think the momentum is building up.   I have been campaigning regarding the 9/11 Truth issue for over 12 months. I could write an article for you, if you like, and you can claim all the credit for it – and even get paid for it – I won’t mind. I am even available for interview for free just about any time you like, so that we can discuss and debate specific points of evidence. No mainstream media people have yet taken any of us up on this type of offer. I wonder why.   Thanks for reading this message.   Yours Sincerely,   Andrew Johnson  

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