Exxon Mobil’s quarterly net climbs to $8.4B, up 6.9%

From: clive.denton

Date: 2006-04-27 16:49:27

Hi all, Seems someone is getting really rich from all these Oil price increases. It’s almost as if it is the oil companies themselves are deliberately driving the prices up to make bigger profits. One thing that gets me is they say the price of a barrel of oil is now $71 because of fears of disruptions to the supply with the troubles over Iran and Iraq, but not all the worlds oil comes from there, do the oil companies not have vast oil reserves in oil fields in Alaska, the US, South America, Russia, UK and other countries outside of the middle east?   Clive ———————————————————————-   Exxon Mobil 1st-Qtr Profit Rises as Oil Prices Surge Source: www.bloomberg.com Exxon Mobil’s quarterly net climbs to $8.4B, up 6.9% 27 Apr 2006 Exxon Mobil Corp., the world’s biggest oil company, said profit climbed 6.9 percent to a first- quarter record of $8.4 billion as output rose for the first time in a year and a half and increasing energy demand lifted prices. Revenue climbed 8.4 percent to $89 billion.   www.bloomberg.com/ap… avast! Antivirus: Outbound message clean. Virus Database (VPS): 0617-2, 26/04/2006Tested on: 4/27/2006 16:45:43avast! – copyright (c) 2000-2006 ALWIL Software.

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