Ahmadinejad not the Mahdi; suppression of Holocaust inquiry

From: Briseis Gatto

Date: 2006-05-24 18:18:09

Hey Andrew, Just wanted to let you know I’ve been fighting the good fight over at you-know-where. We’ve been talking about the connection between the overall denial of not only the conduct of Israel, but the situations surrounding its establishment, in connection with the current rage against Ahmadinejad–Over here in the US, he’s constantly being referred to as imbalanced, without a peculiar avoidance of saying WHY he’s being referred to as imbalanced– which I believe in the great part is because he is questioning the very questionable figure of 6 million Jews exterminated in the Holocaust. There *was* a terrible crime perpetrated against the Jewish citizens of Germany, and a huge number of them died, BUT, that does not answer the question of to what extent the Nazis motives and methods where distorted and whether this had anything to do with generating PR for the creation of the state of Israel, which occurred a short period after World War 2 concluded. Another question is, if that were not the case, why have basic concepts of freedom of inquiry been disregarded for so long in Europe, in *only* the area of Holocaust studies? According to my recent researches, its pretty definite– AN IMPORTANT PIECE OF CURRENT EVIL PR IS WRONG– Iranian president Ahmadinejad does NOT believe he is the Islamic savior, “the Mahdi”. He believes IN the Mahdi as a concept, and hopes for his arrival. He made a public speech to the UN to this effect only last year. This belief would have been exacerbated by recent US actions, as Islamic lore suggests Baghdad being destroyed will be a sign of the Mahdi’s coming. I’m going to be leaving to do some work in Tampa for a week– looking forward to reading your response next weekend when I get back.

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