Snopes and The Pentagon

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-06-12 08:41:51

Snopes site is good for debunking viruses and those “outraged e-mails” about people that have got lost or have survived bizarre circumstances etc of set their Motor Home on cruise control and gone to make a cup of coffee in the back, while the thing has crashed (these ARE largely made-up stories).   However, I noticed the had an article about Thierry Maussan’s “Hunt the Boeing” book and thought I would straighten them out….   Send them comments here (it’s a popular and authoritative site)…:…   I often visit Snopes to check out urban myths and legends etc.   The page above is out of date and also not entirely fair in its status designation of “false”.   There are number of problems with the official Pentagon story:   1) Conflicting Witness Accounts2) Many Professional pilots have gone on record to say that the required manoeuvres of the plane which hit the Pentagon are impossible for even experienced pilots to have achieved.   www.whatreallyhappen…   3) There simply isn’t enough debris at the site to categorically say a 757 hit there. (The ridiculous argument that the plane “vaporised” belies the ridiculous statement that enough DNA survived to identify victims).   4) Not enough film of the plane hitting has been released (over 80 tapes – including those taken from the Sheraton Hotel – are still under lock and key).   5) Your page does not mention objections raised about the official story by members of the group I have joined “Scholars for 9/11 Truth”. Please see our Website for more information – including scientific analysis of the destruction of WTC 1,2 and 7 – all 3 buildings underwent controlled demolition. This is especially obvious in the case of WTC 7, which collapsed into its own footprint in 6.6 seconds. Some people make specious arguments about it being felled by a 20 story “gash” from flying debris (and what exactly ejected this debris about 200 feet, pray tell, with such force?) Or perhaps it was a few thousand gallons of diesel fuel? What nonsense.   So it’s time for Snopes to sort out and post the “wheat from the chaff” of 9/11 Truth and stand shoulder to shoulder with the other sites out there – such as, – and so many others.   Thanks and regards   Andrew JohnsonST911UK

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