US World Cup Team Security

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-06-13 10:57:50

Re Soccer, from Europe From Someone in Germany Subject: US Soccer Team Well they are here in Hamburg staying at the XXXXXXXXXX on the main shopping street. Whoever put them there is an idiot. Four times a day the town shuts down just for the Americans as they travel to the practice field. Wouldnt it have been easier to find them a hotel closer to that area? Apparently not because then there wouldnt be an armoured brigade. The US team travels in an unmarked blue bus while the other teams all travel in buses with their national colors. It is well known that the blue bus is the Americans so why not just have a bus like all the other teams? The are also alway apparently in the middle of the convoy followed and headed by armoured Humvess with Marines positioned with machine guns, and each of those is backed up by German police. Local residents are treated much like the Mainzers during the Bush Presidential visit. In other words no being out on the street. No other team has such requirements. Im just glad I live at the other end of the city.

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