FBI Now Advised about available 9/11 Evidence

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-06-13 22:48:31

FBI tipped off about 9/11    Since the FBI has now openly declared that Usama bin Laden has NOT been formally indicted and charged in connection with the 9/11 attacks because of a lack of hard evidence, it seems clear the real perpetrator(s) of this crime is/are still at large.

Therefore, the following tip-off was submitted to the FBI via their website at 6.40pm GMT yesterday, Monday 12th June, 2006 by a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Sirs, This is a tip-off insofar as it draws your attention to publicly-available, corroborated, and incontrovertible (or, I believe in your terms ‘hard’) evidence, which could form the basis of an important investigation. I have reason to believe that such an investigation would in no way be a waste of the FBI’s valuable time.  I refer you to respected physicist Prof. Steven E. Jones’ paper on the subject of the collapses of the Towers on 11th September, 2001 (reference: www.physics.byu.edu/…). If you read Prof. Jones’ paper, you will extract the following information which, in my opinion, needs to be investigated: 1)    As a result of the collapses, pools of molten metal were discovered. You will also read approximate temperatures, indicated by colouring. It is well-known that as metals are heated their colouring changes, rendering (visibly) an approximation to their temperature. You will also find accurate infra-red temperature measurements obtained by means of satellites. Added to this aspect (i.e. the existence and temperatures of these pools) is their persistence, at Ground Zero, for weeks following the events. 2)    Neither the original FEMA Investigation, nor the Independent 9/11 Commission, nor the National Institute of Standards and Technology (nor, indeed, articles in Popular Mechanics, etc.) have addressed this incontrovertible evidence in any way whatsoever. Consequently none of these prior investigations has created a scientifically-conclusive description as to why the Towers collapsed, how they collapsed in the manner we all saw on television, and (most importantly) how these residual pools of molten metal could have been formed. And, furthermore, how the molten metal could have persisted for up to six weeks following the events. I suggest that you should apply resources to create a definitive explanation, which takes all aspects into account, and considers all possibilities. I believe that the American people, especially the bereaved, deserve your fullest attention to this. In addition to the foregoing, I understand the Mayor Giuliani was instrumental in arranging shipment of the metallic rubble, from the crime scene to overseas locations, before a serious and stringent forensic examination could be performed. I understand that the removal of evidence prior to a complete investigation is a Federal Crime. I presume that permission for this was given, and that it was done in order to facilitate rescue operations. However, in concert with others, I fail to understand why the rubble was not relocated to a secure location, so that it would remain available for forensic analysis. I repeat, I believe such an investigation would in no way be a waste of the FBI’s valuable time. I would not have sent this tip if I believed to the contrary. I am firmly convinced that a stringent investigation would elicit the following benefits: a)    As of June 5th, 2006, the FBI is on record(*) as admitting there is insufficient evidence to link Usama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda with the 9/11 atrocity. I believe that a scientifically-consistent explanation would conclusively rule out any such link once and for all.(* Reference link: www.teamliberty.net/…)    I firmly believe that a scientifically-consistent explanation would point the FBI clearly in the direction of the true perpetrators. These are my reasons for supplying this tip. All that is necessary is to start with the evidence and work backwards, in the same manner that any crime is normally investigated. I believe I am in possession of documents that indicate this crime to be perfectly solvable, in particular the paper to which I initially referred you. To the best of my knowledge the City of New York has made no effort to investigate on the basis of the evidence I bring to your attention, and five years have passed in the meantime. If this tip-off is not followed up it might suggest to many, both inside the USA and elsewhere, that your organisation has been specifically directed NOT to solve these crimes, regardless of widespread awareness of these facts. For example, mainstream Italian TV is now debating the collapse of Building 7, and showing side-by-side comparisons with a known controlled demolition. Here is a reference:www.911podcasts.com/… look forward to a positive response from you in this matter. Yours faithfully (in the hope that justice is done, and seen to be done), Veronica ChapmanMember, Scholars for 9/11 Truthwww.st911.org #########################################################To be excluded from this group, please reply with “DELETE” typed in the subject line.

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