Donald M Ware – General Assessment of Extraterrestrial Life

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-06-18 17:46:38

Attachments : This is long, but very interesting. The referenced “Amoco alien” pic is at the end General Assessment of Extraterrestrial Life By Donald Ware Lt.Col USAF retired Nov 12, 2005, 22:53   Introduction   In 1952, at age 16, I developed a strong curiosity about flying saucers after observing seven of them over Washington, D.C. They were in the restricted area over the White House. Lt. Col. Don Ware, USAF retired  I later attended Duke University, and the greatest lesson I learned was how to think. I read all I could find about UFOs throughout my 26 years as an Air Force officer, and I came to know six people in the service who had seen alien vehicles up close. In 1970 I earned a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering with the idea in the back of my mind that it would help me to understand the advanced science of our visitors. After exploring much of the world, I retired at age 47 and became a UFO investigator. With more time to use as I chose, I soon realized that man’s greatest invention is the book, any non-fiction book. Books allow us to condense the knowledge gained during a lifetime and then to pass it on to seekers of that knowledge.   In 1989, after studying and learning more about the non-physical aspects of the universe, I was used by a higher intelligence to send a message to the generals at Eglin Air Force Base. I had worked there for three years as a test manager. I did not understand what the message was about, because it was slightly garbled by the channel through which it came. However, I chose to act upon it. The message was apparently of considerable significance to those for whom it was sent. I now see that that choice of mine was the passing of a test that allowed me to have further participation in the transformation process. I then received 15 messages through seven different sources that appear to have come from a higher intelligence, each using one of three telepathic processes. I started to pay attention. One of the messages said, “…Individuals such as Donald Ware have a mission whether they have yet fully recognized it. They are to show that science and spirituality are two sides of one coin and cannot be separated…” This is quite a challenge, but I chose to accept it. I think that many people, some in important positions, have been given similar challenges.    General Assessment   I see a connection among the various “UFO” stories that have survived through the millennia, stories often recorded in religious writings. Some involve transformational issues. I accept the idea that intelligent life is abundant throughout the universe, in both incarnate and discarnate forms. We continue to live after shedding these physical bodies. Our true being is the spirit within us, rather than our bodies. For example, we do not become less of a human being if we lose an arm or a leg. Evidence from thousands of “UFO” cases and related phenomena indicates that the normal means of communication by higher intelligence is telepathic, whether that intelligence is an alien in physical form or an unseen spiritual teacher. The direct projection of thought allows communication between beings with different physical form.   A higher intelligence that chooses to read our thoughts can do so. Communication with higher intelligence now involves many people around the world. Millions of Americans are participating in a hybridization program with short beings from Zeta Reticula. The resulting hybrid has a larger brain and greater telepathic ability. The new body is being developed to house our souls as many of us Earthlings join a galactic society. This same body will house some Zeta Reticulan souls. This is a joint human/Zeta program. I think that communication with some world leaders long ago led to alien liaison.   I think that galactic societies have a “prime directive” that limits interference with lesser-evolved species such as we. This concept is fed to us repeatedly on the Fox network through the Star Trek series. The main reason alien liaison is increasing now is because our planet is being transformed to support a new world order. This process involves the evolution of the soul. The new order is destined to support a learning process that is one step beyond the human experience of free-will choices. It is the experience of learning to develop unconditional love of others.  I think this outcome is unlikely unless the selfish or negative souls stop re-incarnating here. I hope, for the sake of our stressed environment, that we will get this kind of divine assistance. If this happens, then the new world order can become what Jesus described as heaven on Earth.   Many of the above ideas have inspired secret societies. For centuries the secrecy has been required for self-protection. I think the Bilderburgers, the Tri-lateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations in America is influenced by alien liaison. I think some of their members have accepted a challenge to help bring about a new world order just as I accepted a personal challenge in 1989 to help bridge the gap between science and spirituality. I think many members of these groups recognize that having a government that can speak for all of the people of the world is a prerequisite to joining a galactic society. However, because of strong nationalistic feelings, there is strong resistance to establishing a world government. This resistance is driven primarily by greed, hate or fear. I think these are feelings that we can overcome, given some divine assistance. Fortunately, I see progress being made. We now have only one super-power in military might. Economies are coalescing into three major economic blocks, and advanced communication and transportation systems are allowing a great inter-mingling of societies.   I think the US government did recover an alien vehicle in 1947. I think the aliens flew around in the restricted area over the White House in 1952 because they wanted to make us aware of their presence. I think President Eisenhower did have a meeting with aliens after being given a demonstration of their technology at Edwards AFB in 1954. Most people did not accept this story, because the widest exposure was in the National Enquirer. (I wonder who put it there.) MJ-12 must have existed in the 1950s much as described in Admiral Hillencoetter’s briefing document [1]. I think MJ-12 continues to exist in some form.   In 1953 the Robertson panel found, in essence, that it is in the national interest to keep the public from getting too excited about our alien visitors. While some people insert disinformation into major “UFO” cases, others are covertly raising our awareness of a larger reality through a variety of means. The disinformation provides a control lever for our covert agents to influence public reaction to major “UFO” events and to covertly released documents. And the educational programs are carefully designed to mold our thinking about our visitors without forcing us to accept any ideas, without violating the prime directive of the aliens with whom some people had liaison.   The Friendly Spook Letter   In February 1989 Wendelle Stevens, well-known UFO investigator and publisher received a letter from someone he has chosen to call a “friendly spook,” a government intelligence agent [2]. The letter concerned the US government’s investigation of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland that Stevens had investigated. It also had much to say about the development of government policy on “UFOs”. Following are a few paragraphs from that letter:   “…In 1945, when it was first proven that UFOs were real, from space, operated by intelligent beings, most of whom were in human form, the American Government did a soft touch check to see what the great unwashed public would say, and how the public would respond to UFOs, and space people, if the President informed the public over national radio.   “…The public’s response was all bad. Ninty-seven percent of the public took one of two approaches. Shoot first and ask questions later. Or call the UFOs agents of the devil, the prince of the power of the air, the anti-Christ, and set up an even worse situation, where UFOs would become a real negative religious issue. What was surprising was the response of the religious leadership, which was by far worse than the general public’s response. It could only be called grim news.   “The science community showed no leadership at all, just a super case of stupidity, and prejudice.   “As you might guess, the original investigations were by military men, under orders from General Marshall, under the direction of the President. And if you know your military men, finding one who wants to get into a fight with the preachers, over what is or is not the anti-Christ, when neither the military man nor the preacher knows a hell of a lot of factual information, about either the anti-Christ or the UFOs, would be like sending a blind person out to spot UFOs…   “…To say that the military community successfully avoided a fight with the religious community over UFOs would be an accurate observation. To say that the military was real damned sneaky about how they informed the public about UFOs would also be an accurate observation.   “…The military mind drew one conclusion. The single most important thing to do, in the situation it was in, namely sitting on some hot, highly controversial information, was to keep the general public from getting a bad response by controlling the public’s response to UFOs. In other words, keep the damned religious mentality out of the issues involved, as long as possible.   “But, do not ever say that the military never did anything about informing the public about the existence of UFOs. That will mean you have not figured out the methods used by the government to spread the word about UFOs. You might say the military took the Bible’s advice about not to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.   “The military pulled the very same trick Moses pulled, when he did not like the attitude of his troops after crossing the Red Sea. He took the time to grow a new batch of troops, whose response and thinking was more to his liking. And that is what the military did about UFOs…”   I think the concept of educating a new generation has merit, and is supported by history. Consider how alien vehicles and aliens have become a part of our society with minimal adverse impact. Cartoons have included them for decades, and now Ghostwriter is influencing the young, and some older folks too. Advertisements of all sorts show alien interaction with us. Even our most commonly reported aliens have beer parties with Miller Lite. I was told that Bob Oeschler knows an individual, apparently in some government service, who visits CEOs around the country to encourage such advertisements. And Jamie Shandera said he was told that government agents influenced the making of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, and “ET” to help shape public perceptions.   Educating Leaders of the DOD   While taking the time to change the thinking of the public about our alien visitors, those few people who were managing the educational program apparently found it necessary to change the thinking at the top levels of the Department of Defense through covert means. The following story describes one event in that program.   In 1988 a friend brought a recently retired lawyer from New York to my home so he could tell me about his personal UFO experience in 1959. After listening to his story, I asked him if he had had any other encounters. He said no, but his neighbor, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, told him about an intriguing experience. His neighbor said he flew large aircraft (I don’t recall if it was C-135s or C-140s) out of Peterson AFB, Colorado in 1968 when he got a strange mission. He flew a large group of high-ranking generals and civilians from the Pentagon to a TACAN/DME position over the southwest desert and was told to listen on a certain radio frequency. When he got there three alien vehicles appeared, and everyone on the plane was able to see them. Then over the assigned channel came this message, “There are many concepts of God in the universe.” The alien vehicles departed, and the Air Force plane returned to base.   Now consider this mission carefully. If it really happened, and I have no reason to believe it did not, someone at a very high level in our government either coordinated that mission with the aliens or accepted the coordination of a known non-government individual. And why did this happen? I can only presume that someone wanted the top levels of our Department of Defense to associate UFOs with that message. I find this believable, considering all the other data I have collected. This event also made me wonder if the Pentagon Working Group that Howard Blum wrote about in Out There was another covert educational program for lower-ranking officers [3].   Educating the Troops   In the August 1992 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal, Bob Gribble described an event that occurred on Tulagi Island in the South Pacific in August 1942. According to Stephen J. Brickner of the First Marine Division, a flight of 150 disk-shaped vehicles flew over the troops who were expecting Japanese bombers. They were in straight majestic lines of 10 to 12 craft each, one behind the other. The gleaming objects seemed to “wobble slightly, and every time they wobbled, they would shimmer brightly from the sun.” The formation disappeared swiftly, leaving the excited witnesses open mouthed. Was this a demonstration by some alien folks to raise the awareness of the soldiers?   I vaguely recall several stories from the mid-fifties where airmen on various Air Force bases reported to the base theater for “Commander’s Call” and were shown about 30 minutes of slides and film clips of alien vehicles. When the show was over, an officer came on stage and said, “Don’t talk about it! Dismissed.”   I also know a prominent, well-educated civilian named George Gaines who had a UFO sighting in 1955. He was 12 years old, and he reported it in a letter to the “UFO Office, Eglin AFB.” A few days later, at 0900 on Saturday, he got a call and was asked if he reported the sighting. When he said yes, he was told to stay right there, rather than go to swim practice at the YMCA as he had planned. Five minutes later a new white Cadillac arrived with a colonel and a captain in uniform. They spent hours questioning him and showing him UFO film clips and albums full of UFO photos. His parents were asked to stay in the next room. There was one album they did not show him before they started to leave. He asked what was in it, and they asked if he had seen any aliens. He said no and was told they only show that to people who report seeing aliens. He insisted on seeing it, and they complied. George said it was full of alien photos. Some were dead, and some appeared alive.   I have also heard reports of highly skilled people, such as SR-71 pilots, being taken to a set of bleachers in a desert by a bus with blacked-out windows. A squarish object without wings rose up to the desert floor on an elevator and was entered by a human-looking pilot. It ascended silently and “flew” away. Again, they were told not to talk about it. I wonder how many other people are now willing to talk about similar experiences.   More recently, the MidOhio Research Associates found at least two sources that talk about a “UFO” demonstration given to the troops of Desert Storm. A retired US military officer, using the pseudonym “Frank”, said it happened two days before the start of the ground war. This must have been a time of boredom and nervousness for the ground troops. “Fran” said he learned from reliable sources that about 8000 soldiers saw a huge “UFO” over their four tank battalions in Saudi Arabia. It was oblong and bluish-green. Its size was 1/4 mile long and perhaps 200 yards wide. It suddenly appeared and hovered silently over the troops for a long time. Then “the light show began” as it rose upward and quickly disappeared. Many soldiers took pictures with their privately owned cameras. The next day security people arrived. They formed everyone up into small groups for a de-briefing, and they confiscated the film.   If some group had a mission to change the thinking of the public without causing too much excitement, what better way is there than influencing military troops? They can most easily be restricted from going to the media where the audience could be an unmanageable 50 million. The timing of the above event indicates they may have even known the planned date of the start of the ground war.   The WWT Letter   On 18 Oct 90 Gary Schultz, a California investigator, was sent a letter from Wackenhut World Technologies, Inc. signed by “William F. Hines, III”. The letterhead reads, “U.S. Government Data Correlation Office, Office of Foreign Relations, Frances Perkins Bldg., 200 Constitution Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20210.” Mr. Schultz had been taking vanloads of people on tours to Area 51 in Nevada to see strange lights in the night sky. He felt that knowledge of the alien vehicles rumored to be there should not be kept from the public.   The letter states:   “According to our representatives, you have expressed an interest of late in a particular geographical region. We understand fully the concerns of ordinary citizens such as yourself, but rest assured, Mr. Shultz, your focus is quite unwarranted under the circumstances. It may put your mind at ease to know that our elite panel of scientists, politicians and educators is very much on top of this situation. At the same time, however, it s the consensus of these top flight personnel that your ongoing visits to the southern Nevada region can serve no useful purpose, and may in fact subvert the common goal by disrupting the delicate matters at hand.  [Exopolitics? – DMW, July 2005]   “Therefore, we must ask you kindly to please refrain from making further visits to the region in question. Most assuredly, we are doing everything possible to support the general welfare and achieve the interests of the community-at-large. Your continued presence will only complicate matters and possibly sabotage the productive inroads made so far. In any case, Mr. Schultz, we feel – and we’re sure this is something with which you will agree – that this matter is something clearly best left to professionals. With the cooperation of loyal citizens, we feel confident that the United States can stay the course.”   The Wackenhut Corporation has a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to provide security for many of our government’s most classified facilities. Humans and aliens have been reported to be working together at some of these facilities. After receiving the above letter, Gary Schultz continued his visits to southern Nevada. He also planned a UFO seminar starting 30 Apr 93 at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada, near Area 51. Prior to the seminar, Schultz received a copy of the letter that the Wackenhut Corporation sent to all of their security guards in the area. I presume this was done to avoid any misunderstanding by seminar attendees that might result in an incident.   The Warwick Research Institute Letter   In 1992 John Schuessler, a Deputy Director for the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., received a large package of information from an anonymous source. This package included the following letter:   TO: Policy Committee, November 1990 Subject: Observations on Public Acclimation Program   The metered release of information to the public through various  unofficial channels continues to generate much interest and an  increasing level of awareness, with few if any observable  side-effects, other than healthy skepticism on the part of some  people.   We respectfully suggest continuing the present approach, as it is making information available to those who are psychologically  ready for it, without causing undue stress on those who are not ready.   The present approach is also proving helpful to those who are  having first-hand encounters. It is providing them with  a context in which to put experiences they cannot other-  wise explain or understand. Having some conception of what  has happened to them is an enormous psychological relief to  these people — and helps them get on with their lives, as  best as possible. Providing information which helps people  to cope will become increasingly important as the percentage  of the population having these encounters continues to rise.  As you know, some assistance in this area is being rendered  by interested parties.   Over time, it may be appropriate to increase the accuracy and  the consistency of information in circulation. The very good  groundwork laid over the last few years has made it possible  to acclimate the public at the current accelerated rate. As  the public becomes more comfortable with IAC and other sightings, “crop circles,” etc., additional types of information might be released. It appears most of the research community is running one to two years or more ahead of the mainstream media. This  gives some timeframe for possible disclosures to the general  public — while providing advance details to those who are ready for it now.   Having a certain number of informed citizens among the population could very well prove to be an invaluable resource in the face of unpredictable future events. Indeed, history may record that it was these aware people who set aside their differences and  worked together the most to help humanity, their country and  their government in the changing times and challenges ahead.   WARWICK RESEARCH INSTITUTE [signed] WRI   MAJIC Attn: MJ-8   I think the content of this letter is the result of a sociological study conducted by the Warwick Research Institute, associated with Warwick University in Warwick, England. I think the incomplete date and lack of a proper signature are part of the disinformation that should be expected in such releases. This allows people who are not ready for the truth to continue living with their comfortable, narrow perspectives. A MidOhio Research Associate questioned the Institute receptionist about their clients and was told they are primarily the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund [4]. The package received by Schuessler, and apparently a number of other prominent UFO investigators, that contained this letter also contained a list of names and addresses that included a Christian Warwick. This was done, I believe, to help keep inquisitive investigators off the back of the Institute in England.   AMOCO Advertisement and the Alien   In November of 1989 AMOCO placed a full-page advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine headlined “Technology so advanced it will help you answer some big questions.” On the back was a full-page color photo of an alien head and shoulders with his four-fingered hand raised in a gesture of friendship. Spokespersons for AMOCO said this is a photo of a ten-inch model. One NASA employee who received a copy of the photo in the mail said he thinks it is a photo of an alien taken by another alien with a camera provided by a NASA source. High quality copies show moisture in the corner of the left eye and thin hairs on the neck. Many people think this is not a photo of a ten-inch model. I asked the lady on the advertised 800 number if this ad sold much of their product. She said no, but they got a tremendous number of inquiries about the alien picture. This ad was repeated in Aviation Week and other aerospace magazines, some in even larger format. While I was in the Air Force we knew this as “Aviation Leak” magazine; because, much information, when declassified, reached the public through its pages without being released at a press conference. This insured responsible and accurate reporting.   What I find most interesting is that on 23 Dec 89 a lady named Renee photographed her daughter on a hobbyhorse next to a 19-inch TV. She saw nothing unusual; but, when she got the picture back there was a full-screen head of an alien on the TV. The TV was not on. This appears to be a case of instrumented transcommunication (ITC), a phenomenon studied by several groups in various countries and written about recently in The Quarterly Review of the Institute of Noetic Sciences [5]. This is alien technology. Both images look like they could be the same alien species. The lighting on each picture emphasizes a circular area on the side of the head above the area where we have ears. Perhaps this circular area is an organ associated with the direct projection of thought. It makes me wonder. These images seem to be influencing our thoughts. I wonder it they could be a part of a joint human-alien program to do so.   Star “Treknology”   A Knight-Ridder Newspapers article was published in Fort Walton Beach on 3 Sep 92. The title was “Star ‘Treknology’. What’s possible, what’s not?” It listed many technologies that large numbers of people have become familiar with through Star Trek and follow-on TV series. These shows have been appearing on Fox and other networks almost nightly for many years. The technologies listed are; Two-way Video, Medical Scanner, Faster-than-light travel, Holodek, Matter-antimatter propulsion, and a Transporter that assembles molecules to specification. The article describes each technology and then the prospects for us acquiring it. The prospects range from “almost in our living room” to “way out there”. Some of the technologies that seem less attainable are technologies that our alien visitors appear to already have, as reported by people who have been on their vehicles or communicated with some higher intelligence.   On 16 Aug 92 another Knight-Ridder article was in the Northwest Florida Daily News. The headline was, “Are alien abductions common?” This was a highly informative article that listed phone numbers for experiencers seeking support. It won the second-prize Journalism Award from the Fund for UFO Research. If I had an interest in raising people’s awareness of such on-board experiences and providing support where needed without getting the public too excited, this is the kind of article I would write. It is interesting that in 1992 Knight-Ridder Newspapers was a growing organization at the same time many other newspapers were struggling to avoid deep reductions in manpower.   Are Tabloids Used to Introduce Us to Reality?   Supermarket tabloids have almost-zero credibility among thinking people, because many of their stories are embellished with fiction. They are written in a manner that prevents follow-up investigation. If you were MJ-1, and you wanted to slowly condition the public to the fact of alien liaison, what would you do? Perhaps you would arrange for a tabloid to publish pictures of an alien with the President on the front page so that everyone who bought food would see it. This method would fairly well assure that you would not get an invitation to a national press conference. Then you might follow up with pictures of presidential candidates and perhaps a president’s wife with a not-so-threatening-looking alien. Most people scoff at such “revelation”, but the subtle conditioning of the mind is real.   In 1988 the World Weekly News published a photo of a crater on the Moon with an apparently fake US Navy PB4Y-2 Privateer nearly filling the crater. The story indicated the picture was taken from a Soviet orbiter in 1970. In 1990 the same Toronto-based tabloid published another photo of the same crater with a real-looking PB4Y-2. However, this time the aircraft was rotated about 10 degrees and moved back from the center uncovering more of what appear to be constructions. A diligent researcher, John Anderson, found the crater, named Daedalus, in Fred Steckling’s 1982 book, We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon. The photo of the crater was made from Apollo 11 in 1969, and it is 48 miles in diameter. Both photos are fake. So why would two different aircraft photos be superimposed over a crater on the moon in a manner that calls attention of the researcher to the constructions in the crater? Perhaps, using a tabloid seen by many millions of people plants a seed of thought not only about an alien presence, but also about constructions on the Moon, a seed that had only reached a small audience through Fred Steckling’s book.   Statements by Our Leaders   The Louisiana Mutual UFO Network newsletter for Nov-Dec 1992 contained an article, “Authoritative Quotes Hint at UFO Secrets Government Can’t Tell.” The article said that in 1950 President Harry Truman is quoted as saying, “I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth.” Dr. Herman Oberth, father of modern rocketry, is quoted as saying in 1954, “(UFOs) are conceived and directed by intelligent beings. They probably do not originate in our solar system.” Years later he was quoted as saying, “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied, “The people of other worlds.” Then Dr. Wernher von Braun, reflecting on the deflection of the US Juno 2 rocket from orbit in 1959, stated, “We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with some precision on the matter.” Both President Ford and President Carter spoke about UFOs before being elected but failed to shed further light on the subject after becoming president.   Chapter 11 of Brad Steiger’s book, The Philadelphia Experiment and Other UFO Conspiracies is called “Government UFO Coverups– A Summary.” It says that in June of 1982 Stephen Spielberg screened his soon-to-be released film “E.T. the Extraterrestrial” to President Ronald Reagan at the White House. After the movie had ended and the lights had been restored, Reagan confided to Spielberg, “You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know just how true that really is.” Before the President could elaborate, their conversation was interrupted by well-wishers.   I have heard from a credible private source that in 1985 two “Ascended Masters” appeared in a meeting between Soviet leader Gorbachev and his top advisors. They said he was personally responsible for the nuclear threat to this planet, and he must change his ways. Before they “disappeared”, they said just to make sure he understood how serious they were, they were going to cause an accident to happen at Chernobyl. Less than a year later an “accident” did happen at Chernobyl and Gorbachev did change his ways. This story sounds ridiculous to most people, until they understand the concept that a nuclear fireball can blow apart a soul. It can affect things beyond this planet, as many of the 1950s’ contactees were told. I find it interesting that now Gorbachev, along with Carl Sagan, are leaders in establishing Green Cross International to help save our planet from destruction. Also, Gorbachev is reported by the Associated Press to have had his movie debut in Munich where an angel appeared to him and spoke to him about the meaning of life.   Later in 1985, in December, while addressing high-school students in Fallston, Maryland, President Reagan recalled his recent conversation with Gorbachev. Reagan said, “I couldn’t help but say to [Gorbachev], how easy his task and mine might be if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all the little local differences…and find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this Earth.” Again, in September 1987, in a speech before the entire UN General Assembly, Reagan said, “Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize the common bond that unites all humanity. How quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not an alien threat already among us?”   More recently, according to USA Today and other newspapers, Henry Kissinger, in an address to the Bilderbergers meeting at Evian, France on 21 May 92, stated, “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all the peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing that every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” It seems evident to me that some of our leaders know a lot that many people are not ready to hear. Perhaps our alien visitors can decide who is ready for the truth and who is not. Perhaps it is a matter of individual choice.   Carl Sagan – Skillful Writer   Those who appreciate Stanton Friedman’s research into the Majestic-12 briefing for President-elect Eisenhower will realize that Donald Menzel, an astronomer, was the member responsible for managing public opinion about our alien visitors. In those days the use of ridicule and the spreading of bunk about the subject was effective in keeping the public from getting too excited. Menzel wrote three books debunking the subject, and he countered responsible magazine articles by scientists and researchers. He bought time for people with secrets. When Menzel died in 1976, who do you think replaced him in carrying out the policy codified by the Robertson panel? I think it was Carl Sagan. When I was flying my first combat tour in Vietnam in 1966, I recall that Sagan was head of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. For a very long time he has been serving our government in highly responsible positions. Perhaps he also serves those concerned about the planet on an international level. After Menzel died, Sagan established himself in the public mind as the authority on space with the highly popular Cosmos series on TV. In 1985 he wrote the novel, Contact, about man’s first contact with alien beings. I think it is meant to be educational. On page 142 he makes a statement that I consider very important: “There were many interpretations of Scripture and many interpretations of the natural world. Both were created by God, so both must be mutually consistent. Wherever a  discrepancy seems to exist, either a scientist or a theologian – maybe both – hasn’t been doing his job.”   Now Sagan is using the widely distributed Parade newspaper magazine to make us think about what’s going on. His 7 May 93 cover story asked, “Are They Coming For Us?” It included intriguing photos from three movies that evidence indicates had government support; “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, and “E.T.”. The first movie was designed to help us overcome the shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later attitude. Jamie Shandera told me that he was told two government technical advisors helped “Close Encounters…” dramatize historical events, and “E.T.” showed our children that an “ugly” extraterrestrial can be adorable and should not be feared. This article on UFOs and alien abductions is written in a manner that can appear to support those who want to believe that the millions of Americans who, polls indicate, have been on board alien vehicles were just hallucinating. Yet, Sagan’s last sentence, “There is genuine scientific paydirt in UFOs and alien abductions – but it is, I think, of distinctly terrestrial origin,” seems to support my opposite view. My 41 years of UFO research has provided ample evidence that aliens have been here for thousands of years, and our government has been secretly working with some for several decades. This article is full of questions that should make us think. Sagan is a very skillful writer.   On 6 Jun 93 Parade magazine published another article by Carl Sagan, “Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?” He compares signs of intelligent life on Earth as seen from space with our knowledge of other planets. One bold-print excerpt says, “Some signs of intelligent life are readily detected – but almost none of our art, literature, science and compassion. It’s a parable for our time.” He says, “Something has gone wrong. They’re destroying the forests and ozone layer, eroding the topsoil, altering the climate.” He closes with these questions; “Haven’t they noticed what’s happening? Are they oblivious to their fate? Are they unable to work together on behalf of the environment that sustains all of them?”   The Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control   The Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control by William M. Kramer, Ph.D. and Charles W. Bahme, J.D. is a totally serious book found in fire and police department libraries across the nation. In June 1993 a new chapter (pp.458-473) was added to this book. Bahme saw the “UFOs” over Los Angeles on 26 Aug 42 that were attacked by ground defenses, which killed nine people. During the Korean War he was Security Coordinator for the Chief of Naval Operations, The Guide is published by the Delaware State Fire School and made available through the Fire Engineering Book Service, (800) 752-9768.   The first half of the chapter is about, “The UFO Threat – A Fact”. There are sections under the following headings: UFO Discussion – Why Now? UFO Background Information, UfOs – What are They?, UFO Classification System, Shapes of UFOs, History of UFOs, UFO Organizations, Why the Secrecy?, and UFO Missions. The second part is on “Adverse Potential of UFOs:” with sections on: UFO Hazards, Force Field Impact, Communications Disruption, Regional Power Blackouts, Fireballs Over Syracuse – The Blackout Connection, UFOs – The Panic Hazard, and Personal Hazards – Physiological. Prior to the “Conclusion” there are some comments on “UFOs – Emergency Action.”   This document appears to me to put a lot of pertinent information in the hands of “regular folks” in communities around the country, Are we being told just what we need to know when we need to know it?   Promoting Better Thought for a Better World   Is there any doubt that this planet is facing tremendous change? Most of our problems are the result of too many people, too many people making selfish choices. Consideration for the well being of our planet and our fellow humans too often does not drive our thoughts and our actions. I think we won’t have a better world until we have better people on it. If it is true that we are what we think, perhaps we should change our thoughts.   The changes taking place on this planet are easier to understand if you have a spiritual perspective that includes reincarnation. Although this is not part of the reality taught in the most popular churches in America, thoughts on consciousness and the many lifetimes of an evolving soul are rapidly expanding among those seeking answers to our many mysteries. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) was founded in 1973 by retired astronaut Edgar Mitchell with the twin aims of fostering research on human consciousness and exploring its relevance to world affairs. The word noetic is derived from the Greek word nous, meaning mind, intelligence, or ways of knowing. Groups of members are creatively finding ways to link our social, ecological, and spiritual visions through action. IONS is one of the most effective of the various groups consciously promoting change toward a better world.   The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence headed by Steven M. Greer, M.D. is a civilian group promoting friendly liaison with our alien visitors. Their methods reflect a spiritual understanding that has led to phenomenal interactions with the higher intelligence in vehicles that appear in our sky.   The Human Potential Foundation (HPF) headed by Dr. C.B. Scott Jones, and funded by Lawrence Rockefeller, is doing a great job of promoting a better understanding of our alien visitors. Dr. Jones has had a long history of government service. His 13 May 93 “UFO” Briefing/Bibliography [written with Dick Farley] includes eleven pages of very thoughtful commentary. The 18 book titles are listed:   UFOs in the New Age, extraterrestrial messages and the truth of Scripture  Extra -Terrestrials Among Us  Report on Communion, The Facts Behind the Most Controversial True Story of our Time  Encounters, A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials  Angels, God’s Secret Agents  Above Top Secret  Intruders, The Incredible Visitation at Copley Woods  Secret Life, Firsthand Documented Accounts of Abductions  UFO Crash at Roswell  The UFO Encyclopedia  Communion, A True Story  Transformation, The Breakthrough  Angels and Aliens, UFOs and the Mythic Imagination  Into the Fringe, A True Story of Alien Abduction  Revelations, Alien Contact and Human Deception  UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union, A Cosmic Samizdat  The Gulf Breeze Sightings  The Alien Agenda   The first book summarizes concerns of some in the Evangelical Christian community. In the commentary on that sector of society, Dr. Jones points out that, “In analyzing the effects of such phenomena as UFOs, ‘ETs’, and ‘abductions’ on society, and in attempting to assess potential impacts of any new information about them on social and political processes, it is axiomatic to remember that ‘Truth is what is believed,’ in social-control exercises.”   The Human Potential Foundation programs are carried out through a series of Centers. Those Centers operating and planned are the: Center for Innovative Problem Solving, Center for Thanotology and Survival Research, Center for Inter-Species Communication (CISC), Center for Energy Abundance, and the Center for Independent Cr(Message over 64 KB, truncated)

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