Revelation of the Method and the Murder of Spirit

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-06-25 14:46:08

www.revisionisthisto…   A Page from the Cryptocracy’s Psychological Warfare Manual by Michael A. Hoffman II No, this isn’t a column about ectoplasm or the Fox Sisters; but the epistemology of mass suppression of spirit, soul and mind; in other words, a page from the Cryptocracy’s own psychological warfare manual. In the June 5, 2006 edition of the New York Times, there appeared on one-third of page A19, an illustrated report on the concept that the 9/11 terror attacks were US government-sponsored. The article was titled “For 9/11 Conspiracy Buffs, A Chance to Compare Notes.” It was reported by Alan Feuer. If we were not in the alchemical “Must Be” stage of the “Making Manifest of All that is Hidden” era, then this NY Times report would have never seen print, or the reporter would have merely poked fun, or suggested that 9/11 conspiracy investigators are fit mainly for the booby hatch, in the American tradition of what Richard Hofstadter sneeringly termed “paranoid style.” Nothing of the kind in this report, however. The New York Times graciously called the 9/11 investigators  “skeptics and scientists.” Even the website of these dissenters was provided: The anomaly that is the collapse of World Trade Center building 7, which was not attacked in any discernible manner, but mysteriously fell anyway, was cited rather than avoided. Also noted by the Times are incendiary topics such as the collapse of the World Trade Center towers through “controlled demolition,” and the fact that “the military command that monitors aircraft ‘stood down’ on the day of the attacks.” This is just the sort of sensitive, hidden data that ought to make the Cryptocracy squirm, unless the Cryptocracy itself approved its release for purposes of Revelation of the Method. Physics Prof. Steven E. Jones is recognized by the NY Times as the antidote to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Report, which claims to debunk the notion that the collapse of WTC building 7 was any kind of anomaly. A long URL is furnished for Prof. Jones’ rebuttal paper. The tenor of the New York Times report is mostly respectful. It all but affirms that there’s a good case for believing the US government did this to its own citizens. That’s quite an astounding concession in the nation’s “newspaper of record,” in an article taking up one-third of page 19 in the paper’s first section, under the headline “New York Report.”  The June 5 Times report is unprecedented; it should have made huge waves: Bush’s press secretary should have been asked about it, Ann Coulter should have been confronted; Prof. Jones should have been on all the news networks. The New York Times should have editorialized. Instead, just a few tiny blips of reaction on the media screen and then, flatline. I promised at the beginning of this column to take you on a foray into the control epistemology of the Cryptocracy, so here goes. The “Revelation of the Method” is a deadly weapon in the hands of the enemies of the Establishment, in those times past when the American people were possessed of an alert mind, an awakened consciousness, concentrated will-power and not too many distractions. Today, amnesia, apathy and distractions both digital and consumer cornucopic, are all-pervasive, except when people are cued by the Establishment to become outraged, as in the outrage generated on behalf of Darfur and a few years before that, for Kosovo. This is official outrage. Unofficial, spontaneous, grassroots outrage is harder to find.  When the New York Times, an organ of the System itself, strongly hints that the US government is complicit in the murder of thousands of its own citizens – – and as a result of this revelation there are no sustained street protests, mass rallies, riots, pickets, lawsuits, televised hearings, booing and hissing of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush and Ashcroft whenever they attend public forums; no special investigations by the newspaper and television journalists – – then murder of our spirits is taking place on a mass scale and the Cryptocracy’s gamble in revealing this information, is paying off. It is risky to reveal to the people what has been done to them by the gangster class that lords it over them. Patently, in the wake of the revelation, the risk is one of reprisal, retribution and rage by the people. But where there is little or none of that, then the Cryptocracy has tripled its hold on the minds and hearts of Americans: it has strongly hinted about the mass murder it committed on Sept. 11 and yet, there are few significant repercussions. This non-reaction tends to demonstrate that the people of the US accept, at the subliminal level of their consciousness, that their own leaders are mass murderers of their fellow citizens, and mostly what they do in return is shake it off and head to the mall. If the Federal government succeeds in another big attack on America by means of its Islamic patsies, it could well tip our country over into military rule. Bringing the behind-the-scenes perpetrators of the first 9/11 attacks to justice, prevents the state’s orchestration of a second attack, the one that most likely would lead to martial law tyranny and the eclipse of the American dream of liberty. But even after revelations in the June 5 New York Times – – replete with directions to web pages that give strong evidence of an official role in the terror attacks – – Atlas shrugs.  This is a less-than-human response, a result of the alchemical processing of humanity, the devolution from angel to beast. There you have it, a page from the real-time psychological warfare manual of the Cryptocracy. Copyright©2006 RevisionistHistory.o…  For further research: SECRET SOCIETIES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE by Michael A. Hoffman II

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