bad news-Pharmageddon; good news-Natural cure for diabetes

From: Briseis Gatto

Date: 2006-06-26 22:37:10

Hi Andrew and all, I deeply sympathize with all the tragic loss which people are going through now through the abuse of psychiatric medication by professionals, not to mention the unhealed psychiatric problems that hurt us all through drunk drivers, family abuse, etc. Those directly affected by medications may find some useful information in the book, “Medicine out of Control?” (reviews available on net) At the same time, we personally should take some responsibility– how much have we participated/acquiesced in the breakdown of family and community relationships which lead to folks running for a pill when they should be running for an elder who can help them sort out emotions they can’t sort out themselve or a friend who really cares? How much have we faced and repaired the breakdown that perhaps we didn’t cause, but merely inherited? Despite the seriousness of the real psychopathology in our society, it is important to realize that there are many easy to learn techniques that can help people recover from traumas without resorting to drug- prescribing professionals. Since many people do not have access to adequate levels of responsible professional care, we must take a hand in disseminating the knowledge of how people can help themselves. presents one combination of memory and acupuncture, which although overhyped, nevertheless works quite well. The info can be learned in an hour, and is free, for use on both self and others. Gendlin’s Focussing technique is also very helpful for problem solving and easy to learn. SomatoEmotional Release is aided by a professional, but should nevertheless be understood as a powerful alternative to psychiatric drugs. Your Inner Physician and You, by osteopathic physician John Upledger is a good introduction. Extremely improper diet is also contributing to the mental imbalance currently plaguing our society, and this is also reflected in our epidemic of degenerative diseases such as diabetes. Recently, a dramatic demonstration of something that has been known for a long time but denied, ie. the reversibility of insulin-resistant diabetes through diet and exercise, took place at the Tree of Life medical center in Patagonia, Arizona. A video trailer of the documentary of that project is available here:… Thanks for all the news, Andrew. Remember to look on the bright side,too, though we “live in interesting times”- Briseis

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