The Israeli Moles

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-07-06 13:35:30

The Israeli Moles The Israeli connection to 9/11 keeps coming up again and again (it was even discussed on Channel 4’s “The 9/11 Conspiracies” in Sept 2004). Here are few more items from Chris Bollyn    The Israeli Moles Who Controlled U.S. Defense Computers on 9/11Christopher Bollynwww.thetruthseeker.c… an investigative reporter working for American Free Press, I have spent many hours digging into the criminal network behind the 9/11 terror attacks. What I have found leads me to believe that Israelis are behind these “false flag” attacks on the United States. Today I participated in a round table discussion on the RBN radio network with Eric Shine and others, including Michael Collins Piper and the “Israeli” journalist Barry Chamish. I put “Israeli” in quotations because Mr. Chamish is actually and originally a Canadian citizen. Finally, I had to ask Mr. Chamish about his position on the role of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu in the “war on terror” and the abundance of evidence that Israel was involved in the terror attacks of 9/11. Chamish said that Netanyahu is basically an agent of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and added that he was not personally convinced that the criminal Zionist gang was behind the terror of 9/11. I followed that response with a question about the relationship between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Menachem Atzmon, the man who oversaw passenger screening and airport security at Boston’s Logan Airport on 9/11, as owner of ICTS, the parent company of Huntleigh USA. Mr. Chamish seemed quite surprised that I knew of this relationship and said that if, indeed, Atzmon was responsible for security at Boston’s airport on 9/11, then it was worthy of being followed up, because Olmert and Atzmon are truly very close political allies and co-defendants in old Likud crimes: No duh, see “Ehud Olmert’s Ties to 9/11”. But there is much, much more to this Israeli crime… As RMN readers know there is the very bizarre and suspicious Israeli link to the security of U.S. military computers that goes back to the early 1990s. (Remember the reports of Ptech and MITRE engaged in the basement of the FAA before 9/11?) One must also keep in mind that 9/11 was primarily a computer crime, just like the stealing of our elections. Long before 9/11, a germ was planted in the U.S. defense computer system which allowed for a “super-user” to control the network and create the miscommunications that prevented the U.S. military from defending New York and Washington on that terrible day. As I have written earlier, the members of the YORAN family from Israel are among the key suspects, along with Michael Chertoff and others. I consider the YORANS to be high-ranking Israeli moles who infiltrated the most sensitive computer networks in the U.S. government and military – Zionest agents who facilitated the terror attacks of 9/11. The YORAN family includes, Dr. Chaim Yoran (a.k.a. Elad Yoran), his wife Ruth Lubelski Yoran, and their three sons: Amit Y. Yoran, Dov Yoran, and Naftali Elad Yoran. There may be others. Note to Law Enforcement: The Yorans should be considered as prime suspects in a crime of mass murder; as Israeli nationals the risk of flight should be considered as highly likely. The Yorans should be arrested on sight for suspicion of being involved in a conspiracy leading to the mass murder of more than 3,000 American citizens. The Yoran sons, Amit and Naftali Elad, are graduates of Westpoint. From this U.S.-based launching pad they went on to take over computer security for Dept. of Defense computer networks. For example, Forbes Magazine, in December 2001, wrote this about Amit Yoran: “Yoran, 32, earned degrees in computer science from West Point and George Washington University before joining the U.S. Air Force (?), where he took a job overseeing the emergency response team at the Defense Information Systems Agency (??). DSIA runs all military networks (!!!).” A search of the U.S. Public Records Index indicates that Amit, Dov, Naftali, and the 69-year old Dr. Chaim Yoran (a.k.a. Elad Yoran) have an office at 5568 General Washington Drive, Suite 209, Alexandria, Virginia.#########################################################To be excluded from this group, please reply with “DELETE” typed in the subject line. 

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