John Kerry Thanks Kevin Barrett

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-07-16 19:57:11… (scrolll down)   John Kerry Thanks Kevin Barrett  John Kerry thanks Kevin Barrett! This came from Subject:      The Difference You Are MakingDear Kevin,  Over the last 19 months, when you could have walked away, you dusted yourself off, got back on your feet, dug deeper, and you have fought even harder.  [it goes on like this and finishes:]  Thanks so much for all of your help, energy and commitment. I’m proud of what you do, and I hope I live up to your values and convictions in the way I fight by your side.  Sincerely,  John Kerry  Kevin Barrett Replies to John Kerry, Subject:      The Difference You Are NOT Making Dear John,   You, my “war-hero” friend, are a feckless yellow-bellied WIMP. 19 months ago, when you could have walked away…you did! You let the Bush crime family and their 9/11 perp friends the neocons steal the election you won in a landslide 53%-47%. If you had the slightest shred of guts or integrity, you could have had us all out in the streets taking back the country. Instead, you tucked your tail between your legs and fled like the coward you are. Unless, of course, the two candidates from Skull and Bones had the whole thing fixed in advance. Either way, it appears that masturbating in a coffin in front of your sick Yalie frat buddies doesn’t do much for your intestinal fortitude. As far as I’m concerned, you’re history. But hey, prove me wrong. Get onboard with 9/11 truth NOW or condemn yourself to historical irrelevance.  Sincerely,  Kevin Barrett 

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