The WTC smoking gun?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-07-21 21:34:47

Attachments : The WTC smoking gun? Via Nila Sagadevan   Dear friends and colleagues,Several months ago I distributed the following photo of a fireman at Ground Zero standing in front of a massive central-core column that has clearly been cut at an angle.You might recall that the angled cut clearly visible on the column (middle of photo) was the cause of vigorous discussion amongst many of us. We generally agreed at the time that the case for Thermate was not quite watertight based on what’s visible in the photo. It was argued by some — experienced welders included — that the cut could have been the result of a wrecker’s cutting torch. It was argued that while the melted iron residue along the cut-line could have been produced by a Thermate reaction, it could just as well have been slag from an oxy-acetylene cut. Well, I now believe we have photographic evidence that could constitute very strong proof that that cut was caused by pre-positioned explosives. The two photos below are screen-captures from a videotaped interview of a professional controlled-demolition crew at work setting up a steel-framed high-rise building for a pull. Note the carefully calculated angle of the shaped-charge positioned on the column in the photo below. I am currently in possession of a segment of the interview that shows a technician actually setting up shaped charges on several massive steel columns.  In the video, the man goes on to verbally explain that the charges are positioned at an angle for a very specific reason: when the explosion causes the beam to sever, gravity loads assist separation by forcing the upper section — now cleanly severed — to laterally “walk” away from the stationary lower portion down the angled “slope”, thereby initiating collapse of the mass above it. A straight cut, on the other hand, would simply cause the upper section to drop straight down onto the lower thereby arresting any further movement.I think it should be clear to anyone who carefully compares these two scenarios that the beams at the WTC and those shown in the video were setup in similar fashion for like purpose (albeit with possibly different types of explosives). I believe this very significant new information could well hold up in a court of law when these criminals are tried for murder AND treason.Please distribute this information widely. NB: Credit for these new photos should be given to the producers of the soon-to-be-released movie, 9/11 Mysteries ( I feel privileged to have been invited to watch a rough-cut of this new movie. It is simply outstanding. Look for it online line in early August.Kind regards,Nila

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