Weaving the Cosmic Paradigm

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2006-07-30 16:46:38

This ahem, seems to me, to be what it is all about… It’s 1 hour 21 minutes long.     video.google.co.uk/v…   or download as WMV from here:     www.cosmicparadigm.c…   Weaving the Cosmic Paradigm [presented by Mark Kimmel]   In this acclaimed presentation Mark Kimmel presents his transformation from conservative businessman to a ‘knower” of the Larger Reality.  all » Specifics include his UFO sightings, messages from extraterrestrials, and a discussion of the current world situation. More importantly he presents the case for how individually powerful each person is and what each of us can do to assist our transformation to a higher dimension. Mark‘s presentation is both well-grounded and inspirational.  «  

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